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    I tend to note my badges number at reseat each night - I can then see if my daily badges are dropping in any noteable fashion - I then pay a little more attanetion to who is logging in or not - I not e the names and after a week ot two of intermittant in and out badges I drop them unless they have said they are doing this on here.

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    Hmmm I am currently seeing something happen that has never happened before, I have a personal record 6 x trooper requests none of which I can take....
    If any of you see this post I am sorry! I have had a third of my troopers for over a year now and recently picked up some more quality troopers, taking me to 50. It's not cool or smart to drop troopers doing a good job! If something changes I'll place it in the Troopers and Badges Forum threads.

    Cheers rags

    But keep searching there must be thousands or at least hundreds of potentials out there!
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    My thoughts on that topic:
    - I never noted down who used my champ - too stressful and buggy notification
    - I prefer Eddie troopers aswell
    - I recommend AoE hitting Eddies, especially Navigator, for quick play
    - I recommend to change your champ during specific events with the need for a certain class and/or effect
    - up to 8 non-Eddie troopers are ok for Skull Quests
    - up to 10 days inactivity is "ok" for me (holiday)
    - if you plan a longer break or holiday, feel free to post it here in the forum
    - helping others with the talsiman combo missions is great, but please ensure that your Eddie is still capable to survive Powerslave at least
    - if you decide to quit, please leave a statement here in the forum and/or set your champ to a lvl1 char or something stupid to show that there is something happening. Additionally, sacrificing your full roaster is also a good indicator that you quit the game
    All together it is not that big thing. Even if you have some players that don't play every day you should get enough resources to get the weekly souls plus one skill shard (or even two, if needed).
    Have fun!
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    The only time I check my troopers is if I have a new request notification. Then I just go down the list and anyone who is more than two days out I axe but I keep always 50. I only change to a non-eddie during events that require certain abilities that I hope will help other troopers. I was sent an inbox request once to change my champ to an eddie and I have always kept that except for events. Most of my troopers are daily players and sadly only a couple are from the forums..and I thought we were all friends

    Yup did you type all those "swipes" or did you macro? lol
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