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    Undead Rescuer Fragment Summoning Event - EVENT EXCLUSIVE Character

    Every basic Rare Soul you use gives you additional fragments, with guaranteed Legendary Soul Fragments and a chance for fragments to earn an event exclusive Magus Undead Rescuer!

    From Sept 7th, 5 PM PT to Sept 16th, 5 PM PT, every Rare Soul you open in the Book of Souls, regardless of where you earned it (Skull Quests, bought from Store, earned from Sacrifice, etc) has a chance of rewarding Rescuer Soul Fragments. When Rescuer Soul Fragments are rewarded, they will appear in bundles of 10, 20 or if you’re really lucky, 50! Once you get 200 Rescuer Soul Fragments, you can get a Rescuer Soul, which guarantees the new Magus Undead Rescuer!

    The Magus Undead Rescuer joins the expanded roster of Brave New World characters as a new 4* Magus in Legacy of the Beast. It is a magic attacker which Curses all enemies at the start of battle, along with doing extremely high magic damage and will gain Invincibility if it has Regen at the start of any of its turns.

    Additionally, every Rare Soul is guaranteed to give you 5 Legendary Soul Fragments. That means for every 20 Rare Souls you open, you’ll be able to trade in 100 Legendary Soul Fragments for a Legendary Soul, which guarantees a 4 to 5 star character of ANY class!

    Important: The event’s fragments are only earned from using “Rare Souls”. Rare Magus Souls, Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, Event Souls, etc will not yield fragments when used. Additionally, please note that after the conclusion of this event, collecting more Rescuer Soul Fragments will not be possible, but any extras you have can be converted to Precious Soul Fragments. Finally, this character is not available in any other souls, so if you miss the opportunity to summon the Magus Undead Rescuer, it may be a very long time until you get another chance!

    The Magus Undead Rescuer debuts in Legacy of the Beast today! Check out the Undead Rescuer’s key information below:


    Bane (Passive)
    Curse enemies for 2 turns at the start of battle. Gain Invincibility if Regen is active at the start of your turn. Cursed enemies take increased damage from all sources.

    Wreck (Basic)
    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    35% Chance to grant Magic Penetration to all allies for 2 turns.
    LV 2/3/4/5 DMG+ 15/20/25/25%
    LV 4 Effect Chance +25%

    Raze (Power)
    Deals magic damage to a single target.
    45% Chance to Remove Beneficial Effects.
    Inflicts Permadeath for 2 turns.
    Damage dealt increases based on your Missing HP.
    LV 2/4/5 DMG+ 15/20/25%
    LV 3 Effect Chance +10%


    3 Open / 3 Magus

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    Well luckily the first soul I opened gave me the last 10 fragments I needed for this soul. So far he's about halfway maxed at 4 stars and he already does pretty decent damage when you pair him with holy talismans. His passive is pretty great when you have someone who does big aoe damage to do even bigger aoe damage (e.g. Navigator with chance talismans) The invincibility part activates AFTER the first turn of battle, so he doesn't start with invincibility should you give him life talismans. Overall he has great team potential.
    Finished Toons:
    Grim Reaper Eddie.
    Navigator Eddie.
    The Clairvoyant.
    Corrupt General.

    Works in Progress:
    Cyborg Eddie.
    Eternity Eddie.
    Vampire Hunter Eddie (Current Champ)

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    I like that this event is running a full week. It gives me some confidence I will be able to get it done.

    My one complaint (honest) is that the lack of notice we're given in advance (though this time we were since the whole kerfluffle) is encouraging hording behaviour.

    For us poor FTP players, knowing a unique character is tied to opening rare souls, and knowing that it could happen at literally any moment only tells us that we should never open rare souls, or at the minimum keep 20 on hand just for such an occasion.

    I can earn them fairly quickly - i'm up to 11 sitting around since the "event", but if it were not for the fact I knew it was going to be relaunched, I would have opened them as I got them.

    Maybe in the future give us a quick sneak peak as to what the event is going to be around next time, so if it is soul-based, we can start hoarding them in advance?

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    You're kidding me, right? Buying souls for a CHANCE at a new character? Learn to program your game before you even try that kind of s***. F*** you.

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    Am I losing my mind or does this blue buzz actually have buzz lightyears face behind that polarized mask in the splash screen?

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    I had a bit of a rant earlier today and not really interested with this event.

    But then I did a tier VI sacrifice which yielded 50 rare souls, cashed them, and jobs done!

    1 rescuer soul
    3 legendary souls (added by previously collected fragments)
    Leo-0280 (INACTIVE)

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    Well, had enough ironite to buy a 10-pack on all 3 devices.
    On my first account it gave me enough fragments to get a legendary soul, which dropped me the purple valkyre. Nice.
    My second account i'm sure i will get him, as i'm now 160/200.
    i had nearly all characters (all devices combined, some sacrificed), only missing:
    Coalgiver Eddie, Corrupt Rescuer, Valkyre Ragna, Valkyre Val, - none - got all mages, Golden Pharaoh Dog, Valkyre Eda, CotD
    main: satani-7954 - Pharaoh
    second: satani11ce-5461 - Vampire Hunter
    mobile: satani666-5224 - Samurai

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    Timed a purple vortex fill very well with a tier 5 and 6 which game me what I needed to get this one plus a pile of Legendary Souls too - mostly dupes but I did get another Warrior Undead Rescuer (Dupe), Assassin Undead Rescuer (New) and an Assassin Harpy (new). Quite a few other decent 4* dupes to sacrifice too - still no AoF (I did a few red souls separate to the event too) - pretty sure it's the one I will never get, along with Cyborg Ed.

    So good timing meant nothing spent on packs. Glad to get this one and the two new assassins as well.

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    It would be nice if souls were half off. Or even if they spawned more than once a month from the GOld and Soul horde.

    Also, does anyone else feel a tad depressed when they open a big bundle of souls and the eyes don't go red?

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    Do these events drop a lot then? Only started playing less than a month ago and didn't realise I should hoard rare souls. Still trying to build my team. Have a few 4 star toons now, but mostly 3 star and lower. Can't even generate enough essence for a decent sacrifice (and I've reached my limit for spending real cash!) Today was the first time I've had a 4* character from a rare soul! Doubt I have any chance to get this guy.

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