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  1. Does Ironite drop in Powerslave Madness???
  2. Possessed Mines
  3. Indeed it's the darkest day, I'm somewhat back...
  4. character duplicates to keep for gauntlet
  5. Starlight Relics show up in arena
  6. Game suggestion
  7. Woody-0350 Looking for troopers that are regular forum readers
  8. Community PVP/Arena general tips & Strategy Thread.
  9. generic soul fragments
  10. arena rotation idea
  11. December events
  12. Soul drop rates is SHIT
  13. Free Ironite
  14. Isle of Avalon
  15. New Eternity Eddie + Sehkmet gived you infinite turns lol
  16. Silent Planet Dungeon Speculation
  17. Quick question about new characters
  18. Introducing
  19. Killer Prime basic not granting perfect hit
  20. It's god time...
  21. The Prisoner - For those that don't know...
  22. Merry Christmas to me from Iron Maiden!!!
  23. message to troopers
  24. Krampus Lair issue
  25. How to get my screen name to match my playing name?
  26. Christmas souls
  27. Character have vs have nots
  28. Best God to buy
  29. January Events
  30. Night City difficultly
  31. I need help
  32. January Tuning Notes
  33. Help with NC basic attacks
  34. 2018 awards
  35. spending blood fragments
  36. Struggling with Night City
  37. Hear the Ryme of the Hallowed Navigator
  38. Reverting the past...
  39. Skulls in NIght City
  40. We need a way to help our troopers
  41. 18-Jan-19 Anyone else having problems getting in?
  42. Bloodstained Arena Event Rewards
  43. Talismans for killer prime
  44. 3rd Party server fix/update?
  45. Night City-Banshee Help
  46. Does anyone have the ancient mariner yet?
  47. Longwinded rambling idea
  48. Help
  49. Problems Logging In
  50. contest idea
  51. Where are the upgrade items for charicters?
  52. I'm losing PvP matched to a SINGLE, LONE, Wicker Eddie.... seriously???
  53. What relics to max out first
  54. To the Troopers of Patrice-1201
  55. February Events
  56. Leveling talismans
  57. Can not beat the new content! "Gates of Dawn" or beyond...?!?
  58. Ferryman's abilities are kind of backwards.
  59. 20k
  60. Casual
  62. Wrong Gauntlet Rewards AGAIN!
  63. Taking applications for forum members for new guilds
  64. Need a few Troopers
  65. New Fragments from souls
  66. Fortune talis are supposed to cleanse silver debuffs ?
  67. Assassin Banshee pretty much makes the guantlet unplayable. Oh well, it was fun
  68. Welcome to Ruby_LOTB
  69. Perdí el Eddie Guerrero :(
  70. Gauntlet Help
  71. Servers still down?
  72. Special edition Eddies..
  73. character fusion idea
  74. Is assassin banshee available
  75. Elephant in the room.
  76. Iron Maiden's gonna get ya...
  77. Don't do the arena.
  78. A little help please...
  79. Eddie Concept-Paschendale
  80. Forum Issue/Inconvenience
  81. Any chars that prevent max hp effects?
  82. Is Passive Disable bugged now
  83. Relics question
  84. Saint Talisman-Sacrificial Event bug
  85. News Banners
  86. Soo.... Where's the news?
  87. Holy s**t!!
  88. How to get the best out of FFE
  89. Heal reduction
  90. Devs and team appreciation post
  91. Need an advice
  92. Pharaoh Ed crazy rework
  93. The beginning of the end...
  94. Lower power generation
  95. What does def/mr charge actually do?
  96. Fortune talismans
  97. Souls question—newbish question
  98. Eddie Concept-Paschendale (Finished Repost)
  99. purchase confirmation needed
  100. Hallo? Where is LoL dungeon?!
  101. So...no daily rewards?
  102. Frontier coins where to obtain?
  103. Unusual Anubis frag amount
  104. Gauntlet NIGHTMARE team--HELP
  105. Hell yeah!!!
  106. Viking Eddie?
  107. I am searching for specific characters.
  108. Gauntlet different rewards
  109. Number of the Beast Eddie
  110. return the game in a good path
  111. Iron coins
  112. No hell and fire rewards after update
  113. Arena - one shot kills most of my team
  114. Game up to 2.9GB
  115. Farming 2-star rainbow evo
  116. Virtual XI Eddie coming???
  117. April Events
  118. Virtual XI Eddie
  119. Fools talisman speculation?
  120. Arena defense not saving
  121. Team sorting in Gauntlet
  122. Is there any way to counter block or geteway?
  123. Night Ciry
  124. Night City
  125. Problem with the change of the talisman set
  126. For those of you wondering...
  127. "Collections" tab in Book of Souls
  128. GameDevs: New permadeath animation
  129. Ayuda
  130. Grim reaper eddy needed
  131. F.f.e and the ferryman , talisman set?
  132. Grim reaper eddie needed can anyone help ?
  133. Is The Prisoner sacred??
  134. Angel of Death Exploit
  135. Reaper talismans do nothing.
  136. Do not purchase banner packs
  137. Devs deleting posts about broken talismans
  138. Happy Easter LotB!
  139. Detuned characters??????
  140. So...Gangland Eddie?
  141. LOTB Gaming Clubs
  142. Frontier characters...which one?
  143. Viper talismans
  144. KP/KB Talisman slots
  145. I got Necropolis again 😫😫😭😭🤬🤬🤬
  146. May Events Theories & Predictions
  147. “Remove beneficial effects” missions NOT working
  148. Speechless
  149. New Event
  150. true burn?
  151. How much are The Angel and The Gambler Eddie worth?
  152. Which stats affect true damage?
  153. Just my luck.
  154. Mid Year State of the Union Discussion
  155. Tomb Talismans
  156. Eternity Talismans
  157. Duplicate Edward The Great
  158. Vipers Vipers everywhere ...
  159. Crashing constantly
  160. Idea for Gauntlet Management
  161. Shogun and S.E.E. Soul Frag Stacking
  162. Necroplis talismans - worth it?
  163. How cosmic evo items work
  164. Other games available, which don’t constantly disappoint.
  165. Ancient mariner frags no longer available in arena store
  166. Suspicious ratio in the arena
  167. My first Eternal and 10k+
  168. Is Executioner Eddie a good toon?
  169. The new Eternity talismans/what do they do? what is their use? shawl of styx passive?
  170. Gauntlet issues killing the game
  171. Those were the days!!
  172. Crashing in new dungon
  173. Strong natural 3* characters
  174. 10 Power Skull in Code of Morality
  175. Killers Eddie soul fragments
  176. Frontman Eddie Speculation
  177. Servers Offline?
  178. BNW bug or what?
  179. Ben Breeg Arena Visual Glitch
  180. Knowledge needed please
  181. Thank you thread.
  182. Heroic decision
  183. Most useless characters created.
  184. Good talis for witch doctor
  185. Cosmic talismans relevance
  186. Unusual Gauntlet Difficulty
  187. Cosmic Talisman Dungeon
  188. Gold and souls vault Magus only
  189. lotb fan created resource site
  190. Vacation notice to my troopers
  191. Regarding Guilds
  192. No option to trade frags for viral frontier keys