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  1. What's with the never-ending Beast attacks
  2. What do you think about this.
  3. Relics or Eternity Frags?
  4. Hey devs, where's the Artifact drops?
  5. "Gatekeeper" effect in dungeons, gauntlet, etc.
  6. plague doctor vs assassin derby demon
  7. Damage reduction questions
  8. February Events
  9. February Events
  10. The description for this talisman is very difficult to read
  11. Nature's Wrath Event Bugged
  12. Fast Airstrip dungeon team
  13. Airstrip Dungeon-Pics/Rewards/Strategy/Teams/Achievements
  14. Any tips on the 'Inflict freeze' achievement (use freeze 800 times)?
  15. noob-ish
  16. Skill shard achievement glitch?
  17. Samurai Dungeon-Pics/Rewards/Strategy/Teams/Achievements
  18. final awakening shards
  19. Charlotte Fragments
  20. trade
  21. It should have a fair draw in the Gauntlet.
  22. infernal&cosmic talisman
  23. About to reach 3.500 FC
  24. Endless extra turns?
  25. Looking for long-haul troopers
  26. executioner eddie
  27. 1st time in SSS
  28. Didn't get Gauntlet reward.
  29. WTF is this....?
  30. Add Tali Slots (Colors) to the Compendium
  31. Hell awakening shards?
  32. Missions section still stuck?
  33. Faster, Higher, Stronger
  34. Faster, Higher, Stronger
  35. Any open trooper slots
  36. I killed 6 characters with one attack - anyone done 7 or 8 ?
  37. Dungeon store is back.
  38. So tempted
  39. 600 Infernal Dungeon runs, no hell shards
  40. The problems with the clan chat
  41. FC Toon Advice
  42. arena bugs
  43. Pharaoh Dog Cosmic Compensation
  44. Returning veteran player needs help
  45. March Events
  46. Well that’s my luck gone for the week.
  47. How can I do the sentinel challenge?
  48. Some feedback for the devs about clan challenges
  49. Help wanted: Need a clan member
  50. Question about time limit in arena.
  51. The Clans in Legacy of the Beast
  52. Issue due to inactive clan leader
  53. Arena rewards, or lack of rewards
  54. Arena PVP stealing ironite again
  55. Bugs Champions
  56. Echo cosmics
  57. ODIN dungon cheat sheet
  58. Didn’t get raid rewards
  59. Odin feedback thread
  60. life or death ed
  61. Warning,dont buy fc in arena store
  62. Help with 10 power move skulls
  63. Question for the devs about new Clover talisman interaction
  64. magus FC dungon
  65. open slots character
  66. Trooper usage suggestion
  67. The EXORCISTS Clan Invitation- JOIN NOW!
  68. Covid-19
  69. The Legacy (song)
  70. To those who are now needing to deal with "self isolation"
  71. Best two of three PvP arena event
  72. Cosmic Lilith
  73. PvP is not worth playing anymore.
  74. Sluggish rollovers?
  75. Help to troubleshood the Odin crashes
  76. April Events
  77. Is there a better way to open/run frontier keys/dungeons?
  78. New talisman sorting question and feedback
  79. Is this a bug or April's Fool?
  80. clan mega event
  81. Nigh Unplayable... WTF?!
  82. Why Can't I Log In????
  83. Pop Up Ads only thing that work
  84. ways to improve the game
  85. Event no longer counting my wins/no more progress
  86. Clan Sea and Sky
  87. So no more Grimoire soul fragments or what?
  88. Are you Down?
  89. Need Suggestions
  90. Lack of support!!!!!
  91. Runic Talisman
  92. No Repeatable Clan Rewards Received...
  93. Awakenable viking Eddie?
  94. Is Forged talisman a reward in Einrhars dungeon?
  95. Open Letter: "Repeat Goal" Loses
  96. To the devs: what are the drop chances of Forge Talismans?
  97. Helsing or Bounty
  98. I found one reason why Odin gets stuck
  99. Bug on Gauntlet... one more time...
  100. Aww yeah, Magus Voidling
  101. typical frog greed or was someone high
  102. THE BEST ODIN GUIDE YET (No click bait)
  103. Freyja shards?
  104. Looking for a Clan
  105. What do 99+99 Devouring souls give
  106. 7 deadly sins pack
  107. 13th art clan seeking members
  108. eds edventure
  109. Legacy of the Beast bingo
  110. "Attack of the Frost Giants!"
  111. auto run insanity for eds edventure
  112. compendium & game updates
  113. There is 2 versions of Insanity in eds Edventure
  114. Thread for the funniest trouble tickets
  115. Danger: Odin in The Red
  116. Bug reports
  117. Differences between Odin types
  118. 25000 runs with key dungeons too high.
  119. Game keeps freezing
  120. Getting Freya and her cosmic
  121. new variants of toons/ new toon specific cosmic
  122. less back to back dungon grinds in may
  123. Odin
  124. F. awekened Viking is broken.
  125. Honestly about Legacy
  126. beast Eddie-awakenable?
  127. clan challenges
  128. Weekly reset in clans
  129. Vanquisher souls
  130. Clan store
  131. Missing Clan rewards. & Clan store reward.....
  132. Legacy Of The Beast Clans, (Negotiations? Can't find the right word)
  133. How i can find cube shards for the final upgrade lilith
  134. Autoplay issues
  135. May Events
  136. Next Greek Awakening shard event
  137. Current game version
  138. accidental purchases
  139. Help with roster
  140. Return of vampiric + labyrinth bug on moonchild
  141. Which Odin
  142. To the devs about the most recent care pacakge
  143. Trjegul the Skogkatt - fragment event too short?
  144. [BUG]tribute soul bug when we have blood sand in reward...[BUG]
  145. Is there some sort of glitch with new item prices?
  146. Typo on the T3
  147. New Free Eddie.
  148. Why do people make weak defensive teams in the Arena?
  149. [Devs] How rare is Powerslave awakening shard?
  150. NF should fix the autorun start at Raid battles.
  151. Eternal Dungeon-Pics/Rewards/Strategy/Teams/Achievements
  152. Fastest way to earn coins?
  153. Darkrebels666 clan
  154. Welcome one and all to my Server!
  155. Suggestion to Allow You to Negotiate Infantry ("Say NI")
  156. Mitglieder gesucht im Clan HOT BEAST
  157. Time To Eliminate Sacrifice Events???
  158. Which Odin to buy for Forged Fragments: vote here
  159. Servidor de Discord en Español!
  160. Run To The Hills Eddie
  161. New Update has crashed the server
  162. June Events
  163. Question to developers about Ragnar and Cosmic Lilith
  164. Clan Mythical Soul
  165. Conflict in game coding
  166. Overpriced sands
  167. Isle of Avalon, when?
  168. Number of clans in LOTB?
  169. Baphomet Boss Raid cheat sheet
  170. The TROOPER Frontier Dungeon Picture Guide
  171. cosmic talisman or bugged toon?
  172. Kids, don't do bugs (rant/life update?)
  173. Bug in gauntlet using the token "team reset"
  174. The mysterious missing bespoke cosmic
  175. How can I get an Inspiration Talisman?
  176. Black rain
  177. Store caps
  178. Help about lucifer
  179. Carryage Eddie awaken
  180. Mitglieder für Gods of NWoBH gesucht
  181. The Frogs Of War - There's room for YOU
  182. Want to be a top clan?
  183. Cosmic talisman frontier dungeon
  184. Where's the Final LOL shard cubes?
  185. The EXORCISTS Clan Invitation- JOIN NOW!
  186. gauntlet: current
  187. July Events
  188. Positive Trends on the Raid Front
  189. Rise Of Eddie Wants You!
  190. worst luck in redeeming souls.
  191. Raid Boss didn't restart
  192. if needing perilous souls frags
  193. Hard crashes
  194. what happened to the News Frontier?
  195. Anniversary souls are broken
  196. Next Eddie wanted
  197. Day 1 players
  198. Raid boss event
  199. mystic nights dungeon
  200. A support staff gone ghost
  201. Staff Incompetence
  202. Deutschsprachiger LotB-Server
  203. Why does the Gauntlet become so laggy ?
  204. Store overhaul
  205. Help getting started with clans
  206. I just received a bunch of Trinket soul fragments, is this supposed to happen?
  207. Opinion: “Until Death” Isn’t Good Enough
  208. Opinion devs can't decide if the game is PTW or not
  209. What characters can inflict Punishment?
  210. Don't Ghost Me, Bro!
  211. Talisman search function is pretty neat
  212. August Events
  213. My Wish for the next Awakenable Char.
  214. Martyr fragments/patch notes
  215. Forsaken
  216. Don't be assholes on the arena
  217. Secret Eddie
  218. New Events wanted
  219. In-game account problems
  220. Angel and gamblar
  221. Gauntlet now?
  222. Freya frags?
  223. Tali's that should be buffed next
  224. Any tips on how to counter this?
  225. In Search of Vikings
  226. Please Fix Blue 3* Evo Shard Drop Rates (They Are Awful)
  227. Out of sync
  228. September Events
  229. Clan mythicals reward update list
  230. The Envy of All
  231. Clan
  232. Introducing... The Hobbitses!
  233. What's the refresh timer on sands of blood ?
  234. The best BnW stages to farm specific Evo Runes
  235. A dash of stupidity and brain damage
  236. Opened the Soul. Got Persecution.
  237. The unofficial official lotb discord server
  238. October Events
  239. Infernal dungeon (hard)
  240. Airstrip dungon (hard)
  241. greatest experiences in the game
  242. Clan Run2TheHills looking for a few people to join the ranks
  243. Server Reboot Oct. 2020
  244. Heroic Soul Frags
  245. Heaven awakening material
  246. New insanity mode 930 skulls
  247. Ceeg, I extend my Branch
  248. Bug or glitch or something - anyone else get this ? LOTB restarting randomly
  249. Gunner Angel of Mercy and Maclo Robo Scout - How to get?
  250. November Events