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  1. Master Yoda- Somewhere in Time
  2. Latin american players! - En español aquí
  3. trooper badges and ironite souls
  4. Rare souls -open all at once or one at a time?
  5. Dungeon levels cleared?
  6. What can I do with my surplus of regular souls?
  7. Multiple hits in a row with warrior child of the damned
  8. Played time dungeon level 7 over an hour and......
  9. Need to upgrade to new version, but not sure how. Please Help.
  10. Going to need more character slots soon!!!
  11. What is the highest level you are comfortable AutoPlaying....
  12. 3* green evo shards
  13. New world question to the Dev team and all players
  14. New content available?
  15. Bonfire event?
  16. Removeable skill shards
  17. LotB I'm so confused?
  18. Thank you all!
  19. these drops... :/
  20. Any one loosing skill shards like I am.
  21. What about a bonus for members that make an effort to use all 50 troopers.
  22. Get well soon Troll.
  23. Enough with the in your face advertising
  24. What's with the music in boss wave of Magus LoL?
  25. Defence and magic resistance?
  26. Did the rng changed for the character drop with the january update ?
  27. Question, did they add more music?
  28. Exclamation Mark in Ailing Kingdom
  29. Unplayable after update
  30. players that are rank 70+ but have 4* chars and 4* talismans. Should anything be done
  31. Where do i get red runes...
  33. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast Soundtrack [the complete soundtrack]
  34. Which should evolve: Allied Bomber Boy or Corrupt Droid (Sentinel)?
  35. For my troopers, A little break
  36. Brave new world
  37. Weekly thanks to NF!
  38. HEY DEVS... Can we get a few answers?
  39. What to do with my pile of skill shards?
  40. Can everyone else see how much exquisite fragments they have?
  41. My LOTB loot crates have arrived!
  42. Does rented Trooper earn points if you lose?
  43. Comet talisman
  44. Shutting down
  45. Game doesn't even pass the loading screen since June 6th update
  46. Do some skills have higher odds than they claim?
  47. I've created a handy guide to LOTB Characters and their Effects!
  48. Need HELP for fulfill Benjamin Breeg event
  49. is legendary soul really legendary?
  50. Is this event worth trying for?
  51. The non-animated Eddie issue is back this morning
  52. Wow, there are lots of members online right now.
  53. How this is even possible?
  54. Ranking up question
  55. Is The Alchemist viable in PVP now ?
  56. Buy Horus now or save for Alexander ?
  57. 3* Evo runes
  58. Been playing with an idea about the game and characters
  59. Frontier Store
  60. Vampire Hunter Eddie
  61. Special packs dissappeared from store...
  62. Perfect Heal shield
  63. Devs, you just put the game out of reach for many players. I like a challenge but...
  64. Night city is actually pretty damn good so far
  65. Gold and Soul Vault Help
  66. 3rd Night City Event and Gates of Dawn
  67. 2* Evo Rainbow Runes
  68. Death Alley Madness
  69. Best Talismans for Alexander and Hallowed?
  70. Absent Dawn Event
  71. We are halfway through 2019, what has changed/been added to Legacy of the Beast?
  72. Trooper Dungron Keys
  73. New FC purchases and Sirius
  74. When are they going to pay attention to the players is the real question.
  75. Purchase Only Tour Eddie
  76. Redeem codes claiming issue
  77. Is this team setup worth to build???
  78. 4 star awakening shard. how do i get it?
  79. The Legacy tour is coming to the Netherlands
  80. Skill shard farming frontier dungeons?
  81. Tinys insanity still 0 wins help
  82. Happy birthday bakura
  83. Tribute soul
  84. 2019 Retrospective: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  85. Arena defence
  86. Talisman evo runes
  87. The Value of Your Grind
  88. Vamp cosmics
  89. Wtf another bug
  90. Dear devs,
  91. Question about Odin /Frontier
  92. World First 25K Challenge - The Exorcists Clan
  93. World First Boss Run Champions - Romero's Legion
  94. Chosen fragments?
  95. World First Frag Event Champions - Romero's Legion
  96. World first of nothing
  97. Insanity Clan Challenge: Blood Brothers Edition
  98. LOL final awakening shards
  99. 2 star evo runes
  100. Getting back into it after a year hiatus
  101. Legacy of the Beast 2020 Retrospective
  102. Thanks for the Cosmic Shinobi!
  103. Long awaited improvement - Display Innate effects - needed ASAP
  104. ISO: Advice from veterans, team setup
  105. Unbalanced rewards on Ama X
  106. How to get past the 'use 10 power abilities' quests
  107. 'Bargain'