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  1. What Characters/Team Combo Will Be OP Going Forward
  2. True Damage
  3. The Bots are taking over the world...or at lest this forum
  4. Where are you now in the game ? What are your tops chars ?
  5. The rewarding system is highly unfair (devs if reading this feel free to comment...)
  6. Soldier Lord of light help
  7. Extremely lack of luck vs bug?
  8. My avatar is not showing, when i post something :-(
  9. Lord of Light music?
  10. LOTB on Cyanogenmod
  11. farming gunner dungeon lvl 7 for 45 times
  12. 3* Evo shard
  13. Talking about DoT, how it works?
  14. From last week till today did you get any 3***Evo?
  15. farming assassin dungeon lvl 7-10 for 46 times
  16. Trooper Preference Poll: Eddies Vs Allies
  17. Where do you farm for Rainbow 2*-3* runes currently?? No more in underworld i guess?
  18. iOS users, should we be concerned about updating to iOS 10 today?
  19. Level up and no rewards ??????
  20. Question for the devs if they still read this
  21. iOS10
  22. Devs for Eddie's sake disable Revenge/Revive skills untill fixed
  23. Let's be honest about AOE vs Single attack
  24. A funny bug at my team screen - have you seen it also?
  25. Extra Characters
  26. Beast defead in madness without respawn and very easy.
  27. Just finished 3 starring underworld madness
  28. Redeemed 99 regular souls. NOT. A. SINGLE. EDDIE.
  29. The RNG of this game is seriously broken
  30. Dumb Question
  31. Game Down?!?
  32. Weird Farming experience : 2* red evo runes are pain in the neck
  33. Introducing LOTB's Lead Designer + Upcoming Features and Fixes
  34. How many rare souls can I save
  35. Question?
  36. Crashes with latest patch
  37. Did anyone notice this before?
  38. Changing my Trooper points spending strategy from souls to skills.
  39. Red bomber boy and broken mechanic?
  40. Just a random thought....
  41. Murderers row...
  42. For the Devs any word on the next update
  43. 3 star evo runes...
  44. So is anyone gonna do anything about the ads in the announcements?
  45. Group system?
  46. Join "SorryImSwag" Today!
  47. Someone create some drama
  48. level 100 question for admins
  49. Swag needs your help
  50. Questions, Questions, Questions
  51. Introducing LOTB’s Senior Designer + Upcoming Tuning Discussion (Preliminary)
  52. Upcoming Character Tuning
  53. 4 Evo *** stars on madness underworld secret location
  54. Since the game launch...
  55. SHOCKED !!!!!! I pass A game and Got A legendary soul !!!
  56. Legendary soul is like "The Ugliest Thing Man Created"
  57. Now according to the story...
  58. [so]found metal
  59. LOTB - Wallpapers
  60. Skill Shard - Increase Effect - Does it Work for Talisman?
  61. 3* evo shards
  62. Luckiest caracter....
  63. Some silly questions.
  64. How many souls have you got saved?
  65. Is this normal???
  66. Where are the moditrators?
  67. LG Phones 64Gb all have stupid reboot loop issues
  68. I wonder why bots bother with going to the announcements...
  69. Hightest level you can do in auto-play
  70. Legacy of the Beast Crash Improvement Survey
  71. What's your favorite type of damage?
  72. Let's talk about Skill Shards
  73. Anybody else a here a "hard-luck player?"
  74. Comes to an end
  75. Project Econo Eddie
  76. Why no 3*Evo Boxes??
  77. Ironite: Hourglass upgradeso for farming, or rare soul packs?
  78. Stats seem to go down when I level up
  79. First 5* drop sentinel pharaoh eddie
  80. I wanna take one for the team!
  81. What the heck?!?! Whole 5 star team just got killed with one shot.
  82. Where does everyone get mats to level their toons?
  83. Open 80 rare souls or not?
  84. Team Picking Help
  85. Visions Eddie just got an awesome new rework!!!!!!!
  86. Just bought 100 slot
  87. Hardest level ever?
  88. 3 star rainbow evo runes
  89. This Should Not Happen
  90. Lord of light X (Gunner) defeated without being touched
  91. You are 1 SOUL over your inventory limit....
  92. Sorry Troopers, unable to play
  93. Vote with me for a an employee of the year! (Or month)
  94. Toys of death help
  95. Vote with me for a helpless loser of the year! (Or month)
  96. NOW Vote with me for a helpless loser of the year! (Or month)
  97. Slauki! Employee Of The Year! (Or Month)
  98. Jonesing for the new update. What are your concerns?
  99. Talisman sale & other noobery
  100. Please help to recommend a good phone to play LOTB!
  101. FAO Sparton and/or Kaz
  102. Anyone else experiencing an unusually high # of crashes today?
  103. Wow!! 5 3* Evo shards in a row!!!
  104. 2 * Red Evolution Runes (Talisman Upgrade)
  105. Children of the Visions! Join me!
  106. Usernames/Nicks... Why???
  107. Can somebody run this "soon-to-be" Sacrifice Option down for me?
  108. Is it just me or are the drops op today???
  109. Tuning and Drop Rate Update
  110. PVP Sneak peek
  111. Using two of the same character in battle
  112. which of my chars should I evolve to 5 Stars ??
  113. Beast Madness
  114. Shards limit reached?
  115. My kingdom for a 3* evo rune!
  116. Sorry troopers, Can't open. Says, "connect to wifi for additional download"
  117. So why is everyone mad/sad/dissapointed???
  118. Positive changes observed in the new tuning/drop rate update
  119. Did you Get the October 14 Update?
  120. Reached lvl 99 and not earning experience?
  121. Do NOT buy gunner/assasin souls with trooper points
  122. Developers - for those of us that received the update...
  123. so deep that even common
  124. Where are the Spam Police?
  125. Shard inventory full.
  126. Behind the scene - Bug Fix Releases
  127. Does the "AI" piss off anybody else?
  128. Move account to another device
  129. Compromise on nerfed talisman issue
  130. The other end of the spectrum for drops?
  131. What do you think about the new update?
  132. Great tuning thank you
  133. Assassin barrier talismans
  134. Rare souls on time rift dungeons -How many are you getting?
  135. New bottle neck after the update
  136. Translation issues
  137. Nekro face reveal!!!
  138. Celebrations and salutations!
  139. shambolic
  140. 5* Character Decision
  141. Please add some more forum moderators to get rid of the spam
  142. Why are 2* red evo runes rarer than 3* red evo runes?
  143. Forum is rekt :/
  144. Is 50 troopers too many?
  145. The spam is getting out of control...
  146. Hey Admins!! Add a Few Regulars as Mods to Control Spam
  147. Multiplayer Defense Teams
  148. More Gold, MORE Gold
  149. undocumented changes in the october character tuning update
  150. Blue/Green XP Runes
  151. 5* Warrior CoTD Pull!
  152. The luck is real!!!!!!
  153. 3* green evo shards
  154. [Poll] Are you having more fun or less fun since the Oct. tuning update?
  155. THe time has come for Nekro to go...
  156. LOTB Lv101
  157. On my way out the door to buy a lottery ticket
  158. When the pvp hits
  159. Halloween event splash screen
  160. Iron Maiden Game wiki
  161. Did that just happen? Holy Halloween batman.
  162. Look at that new game update!!
  163. Opening 99 Rare souls and recording it
  164. Archivement bugs I cleared all lord of light dungeon but not getting thr archivement?
  165. Skill shards may not be that random
  166. What exactly are "Beneficial Effects" ?
  167. Achievements
  168. Is an Increased ATK All-or-nothing?
  169. Land of Light?
  170. 'Suspiciously' crappy Fear of the Dark rewards???
  171. Iron Maiden maidens
  172. Brave New World...
  173. PVP thought
  174. Max characters
  175. What are all of the new Characters that came in the new update?
  176. Great pull, but pissed
  177. Confused about extended seasonal deadline
  178. My Team, who to get next?
  179. Why have I done this? :-)
  180. "Expand inventory I" achievement. How to do this?
  181. too much awesome eddies but no good allies ??
  182. cheaters?
  183. downloading new content loop
  184. Nodding Frog and 50cc Games board meeting
  185. Let's demand a free legendary /rare soul!
  186. Anybody able to play their LotB account on TWO or more Devices?
  187. As a result of the expansion to four teams
  188. A very BIG thank you to all my Troopers!!!
  189. Skill Shard Cost - Pretty Funny
  190. I can't get in Align Kingdom
  191. Suggestion for the Daily rewards.
  192. Rare souls gone?
  193. update aftermath ??
  194. Red and blue evolution runes
  195. LOTB on recent Moto phones, how does it run?
  196. How did you get your Assassin Golden Son? With Rare or Regular G&A Soul?
  197. The LotB "grandfathered gallery"
  198. What is your Skill Shard Strategy?
  199. Viking Eddie LOTB
  200. Maintenance at 4pm PST?
  201. No more bonus stage rare souls?
  202. Game size 1.68 gb??? Wtf?!?
  203. Noone has ever been nicer to me than this...
  204. What DOES it take???????
  205. What's with the servers
  206. Can't log in
  207. Just pulled Fear of the Dark Eddie Sentinel
  208. Who to evolve - 5* magic character
  209. Rank up
  210. somebody please guide me to play with
  211. Pending updates?
  212. Skill Shard Question: How skill levels does effect on characters?
  213. Powerslave Madness
  214. Store "Special"
  215. Please Fix Power Up Rune Droprate
  216. Here's my money-give me Eddies!
  217. Vampiric Talisman
  218. What should I do now?
  219. Newborn Of Light (Magus), Skill not working.
  220. Need a veteran trooper advise
  221. Legacy of the Spambots forum!
  222. Search farm Spot for one Star Red Evolution rune
  223. Can you talk me out of CR skill shard project?
  224. Hitting Assassin Mark
  225. Spam Control Update
  226. Runes
  227. Just dropped 16 million gold
  228. Regular runes
  229. Rules for inventory limit
  230. Deciding between two teams (CR or Soldier)
  231. How to record a LOTB gameplay
  232. Bottleneck - 3 star rainbow evolution runes?
  233. The Beast's Stun ability needs to be removed.
  234. More Boss Toons - making Minions Great Again!
  235. Rank up limit?
  236. New additions next week ?
  237. What is going on with the game stability NOW
  238. Madness hidden spot / madness ends in a drawn
  239. What about rankings?
  240. The sensibility of removing shards from the game
  241. 1* shards in Underworld Madness
  242. Devs, increase drop rate of runes, please!
  243. Possible error solution
  244. Boring but simple strategy
  245. Game dynamics...
  246. Skill shards or class souls?
  247. My RNG is so f*cked
  248. Servers Going Down soon....
  249. New Update
  250. 125 characters slots opened !