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  1. Metal Talk
  2. Rhapsody Of Fire!
  3. Alternative soundtracks for playing - what works and what doesn't
  4. Have you heard, have you heard?
  5. Black Sabbath Tonight Hollywood Bowl
  6. Which is your next Concert?
  7. Ozzfest SoCal
  8. Metallica
  9. This day in history: Black Sabbath plays its last US concert ever
  10. Christmassy Songs to Frighten and Amaze!
  11. Say hello to heaven, Chris Cornell
  12. We still buy CDs
  13. Gimps new job
  14. Goodbye Chester Bennington
  15. Anyone into stoner/psychedelic/doom?
  16. Megadeth and Scorpions show Oakland Ca 10/4/17
  17. Ride on, Malcolm Young
  18. Top Maiden Song on Spotify for you...
  19. Happy Wednesday the 13th!
  20. Judas Priest in Ottawa tonight
  21. The Iron Maidens, an all female tribute band
  22. Summerbreeze
  23. Any Lordi fans out there?