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  1. Extremely low 3* evo rune drop rate
  2. 75% Loading bug still occuring
  3. Not sure what to call this bug
  4. I have less tropper badges than I won
  5. Android 7.0
  6. Endless battle on Warrios rift dungeon
  7. At 100% but not leveling up.
  8. Free Ironite- not redeemed
  9. "Crumble" ability (Gunner Voidling and Wicker man eddie) broken.
  10. Freeze duration can't be extended
  11. Kingdom of the sands, madness, powerslave error
  12. Game still crashing..
  13. LEGACY OWNERS: Requesting Full Refund tomorrow from Apple- Done waiting 4 IOS stable
  14. Skill Shards...
  15. Stone Talisman's Ward set bonus not functioning
  16. XP increase vanished
  17. Two of same ally, only one gains experience
  18. Problems Today (09-08-16) only with me???
  19. Carriage rider eddie's talismans don't proc
  20. Can't buy skill evo shard
  21. Experience Shards not "sticking"
  22. freezing time rift
  23. Game freezing in assassin time rift
  24. Problem 14.09.16
  25. Thief talisman
  26. Energy talisman
  27. Weird shop item?
  28. Server error
  29. Fights now randomly stalling out at high rate suddenly
  30. Pharoah Spirits basic attacks bugged
  31. Revenge vs reflect bug
  32. Login issue
  33. My trooper being used - game crashes EVERYTIME
  34. Deleted troopers cannot be added again.
  35. Skillshard upgrade bug
  36. After the uptade game unplayable!
  37. Thief & Energy Talies buged
  38. The Prisoner passive in Time Rifts
  39. Pops/Crackling while running on PC?
  40. Dungeon VI Bug
  41. Character Super Rank Up
  42. Bug Magus Dungeon with golden son
  43. Carriage rider Eddie fury healing bad guys.
  44. Daily rewards
  45. Keep hitting bugged objective, anyone know a fix?
  46. PDK's Wings Are Missing?
  47. Now what.....
  48. missing trooper badges!?
  49. Sentinel Golden Son Bugs
  50. Barrier talismans not dropping
  51. Store window blacked out or not showing anything
  52. Allied Soldier in LoL dungeons, freezing game
  53. Golden Son Magus in Dungeon (NPC) Super Healer
  54. Website issue
  55. Sands of time missing
  56. Sentinel Corrupted Ox Skull Bug
  57. Level 99 stuck
  58. Game in to a dead poin
  59. Sentinel Corrupted Ox Skull Bug, Pt. II
  60. Secret level normal... WTF
  61. Every secret level opened up!
  62. All Secret Levels Are Open... Forever
  63. Carriage Riders Fury healing enemies
  64. Anyone Else Prevented from Using Trooper Badges in the Store
  65. damage charge not working on Assassin Troll
  66. Sanda of Time not registrating in secret location
  67. Character bugs (please address before PvP)
  68. Severe drop in damage output
  69. Can't buy half the items /w Trooper badges
  70. Deleting the game...
  71. Why always you have to mess up the game?
  72. Weird vanish angel bug
  73. No more gold, XP or Ironite for wins??
  74. Game Crashes every 4 round! I cannot play 5th.
  75. I convert my 3750 trooper point into a Gunner Soul, get Cyborg Eddie and....
  76. all button disappear in the game ?
  77. War Thorn atk scaling removed
  78. Skill shard
  79. Half damage with some toons
  80. Fake random stat bonuses on character selling screen
  81. Possessed Rockets - timing issues
  82. Preserve (Assassin Mine) on auto
  83. Blue Allied Soldier Damage Scaling Description
  84. XP Problem again?
  85. Game says: error connecting to server after a talisman power up with runes and quits
  86. Guard Talisman set bug
  87. The Sands of Time Have (Not) Been Replenished
  88. [ipad]login issues
  89. Life seal does not work now.
  90. Dancing Sun no longer working as of Halloween update
  91. Can't upgrade talismans to level 4.
  92. DEVS!!!! The store doser work
  93. Can't make purchases using trooper points.
  94. funny extra turn bug with grim reaper eddie
  95. Consistent server error crash starting a level
  96. Talismans not working on Grim Reaper Eddie
  97. Lol not loading
  98. A few issues after update...
  99. Lol7 boss has infinite fury
  100. Random Damage Values
  101. I Paid for 2 of halloween special pack it took 12$ but I got 1 pack ?
  102. Iron Talisman set bonus issue
  103. You are 1 shard over your Inventory
  104. Server issues
  105. I still have no store
  106. Golden Sentinel issue
  107. Game broken? The fuq?
  108. problems locations dungeons
  109. Green evolution rune 2-stars drop rate is very weird
  110. Can't buy any skill shard
  111. "You are 1 shard over your inventory limit and cannot do quests" error
  112. Daily Quests grants 1 completion per item and 1 completion for 3
  113. Bug with assassin troll charge
  114. SoL Eddie's COMPILE
  115. Wicker man skills not triggering
  116. The drop rates again V3.1A
  117. Talisman rework v2.4b
  118. Inaccurate sand indicator
  119. Lord of light level x error
  120. Wrong colour drop in worlds - bug or not?
  121. Challenge system bug
  122. Server incapable of handling talisman development
  123. Server not available....
  124. Profile Picture
  125. The Nomad's Affinity Advantage
  126. The crashes are getting bad again.
  127. Underworld Secret Level (Madness) 75% Health not working
  128. Damage decreased after setting skill shard ?
  129. I am not getting Trooper Badges
  130. No specials in store?
  131. Character evolved into a different character
  132. cant buy skilled shared ??
  133. LOL Dungeons locking up
  134. 11/14 server crash - what now?
  135. Lord of light (Warrior) X level freezes
  136. mummy/pharaoh eddie bugs
  137. 11/16 crash?? Is this going to happen every day?!
  138. Store Broken?
  139. Plenty of Server Error in LOL X
  140. Server Error
  141. Lost Account
  142. Server not working again...
  143. Negative soul stack
  144. Stuck at loading screen
  145. Grim reaper eddie's fury bug
  146. Game crashing
  147. Sands of time and daily achievemnts
  148. Troopers problem
  149. Post 22-Nov-16 update bug
  150. Lmao this takes me back.
  151. Can't use trooper points
  152. CotD Gunner not displaying in the loot window
  153. Achievement spend sands of time 4
  154. Gunner Corupt Rescuer Titan Shield Issues
  155. Marks don't do damage when consumed
  156. Book of Souls showed 5* animation but My Team shows 4* Hellhound
  157. Max skill shard exploit
  158. Pharaoh Dog king buff lasts only 1 turn
  159. Daily rewards missing...
  160. Pharaoh Eddie Fury Skill Bug
  161. Expire (the move) blocking Beneficiel Effects
  162. Unlucky as hell
  163. Infinite miss
  164. Game down???
  165. Complete under under 240 seconds
  166. Starter Pack Spam
  167. Comet talisman
  168. 1 rune over laugh my fucking head off
  169. Evolving talismans causing menus to break
  170. Daily rewards glitch
  171. Pharoah's Flail broken
  172. Shield passive ability removed effects entirely; persists after caster dies
  173. Skill buffs and debuffs that are on at the end of a battle persist for the stage
  174. Gunner Child of the Damned Chance Grant
  175. beast level bug
  176. 'siege' passive very very bugged?
  177. Game 100% broken for over 48 hours
  178. Allied General, Thief Talisman, and Accuracy buff.
  179. Is game down for everyone?
  180. Invincibility Bug: Warrior SD
  181. Meteor talisman earned but not given
  182. Trooper Store bugged
  183. Basic attack "Melt"
  184. LoL server error!
  185. Loading Screen Bug
  186. Memory Issues with Samsung Android Phones
  187. If you're not too busy making more characters unplayable...
  188. Skill shards are ignored in Autoplay after Dec 12 update
  189. Sands of Time all sorts of messed up.
  190. Warrior CotD Extra turn repeatedly triggering
  191. Additional content needed
  192. There's some kind of glitch where the skills for the wrong character are displayed
  193. Galo3
  194. Apma2
  195. Can't evolve talisman
  196. Dead eye Cyborg eddie - is this right ?
  197. Pvteo error
  198. Trooper issues?
  199. Crashes are back
  200. Gunner corrupt rescuer broken after update
  201. Corrupt droid sentinel wrong kind of damage
  202. Purple Pyro consume burn bug
  203. BLocked at level 99
  204. Sands of time/war bug and more crashes
  205. Trooper Badge notifications not showing up
  206. Comet talisman attack freezing game
  207. Sorting issues
  208. Legacy of the BUGS
  209. Legacy of the beast not starting
  210. Viking Eddie's fury bug
  211. Grim Reaper does not count as a five-star character
  212. This can't be right...
  213. New Year and two new observed Bugs
  214. Underworld Secret Area MACLO Crashes
  215. Runes disappeared!
  216. Daily rewards
  217. Where did Rush talismans go?
  218. "Not enough Ironite" error
  219. Daily achievement bug
  220. Gunner Corrupt Rescuer Nerf or Bug ?
  221. Phone freezes
  222. Daily Rewards or lack thereof?
  223. Red Bat damage is glitched
  224. Alliance General basic ability glitched
  225. Some bugs I've found recently
  226. Health Talismans not dropping
  227. "Inventory changes not saved" error is back
  228. "Maximum trooper removal reached" WTF blizzard?
  229. Error Messages & Crash Reports
  230. Game failing to load unless freshly installed.
  231. New Notification.
  232. MACLO without duplicates ?
  233. Starting out the game with a char that isnt eddie... wth
  234. Can not claim achievements
  235. The Prisoner vengeance bugged ?
  236. Completed campaign on my alt, here are all of the bugs encountered...
  237. Help me please!!
  238. Game won't launch unless it's a clean install
  239. Install Google play loading loop
  240. Dual achievement reward
  241. Store bugs...
  242. RnG broken
  243. Comet talisman on snowman
  244. MACLO and other errors
  245. Xperince stuck on 99 rank
  246. Angel of Fear's First Blood Passive
  247. Golden son not reviving properly?
  248. Game not loading
  249. Sentinel undead rescuer not healing
  250. Security Issue