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  1. Store broken
  2. Feb 2 update crashing Android
  3. Maps aren't clearing when logging in/out players
  4. Fear of the Dark Eddie Fury Attack
  5. Grim Reaper Eddie's Slash attack hitting himself?
  6. Arena rewards problem solved?
  7. New bugs so far
  8. Chain Knuckles bugged since patch
  9. Carrige Rider Eddie bugged on scythe attacks?
  10. Game not working, only me?
  11. Bullet Trace not resetting
  12. Thorn Shield = Suicide
  13. I thought Death Mark was fixed?
  14. ...bugs...
  15. Game started me in tutorial, got stuck, now won't start at all
  16. So many bugs
  17. PVP - Fear of the Dark Eddie Controls Bug
  18. Warrior Angel triggers Extra Turn without kill
  19. PVP Freezing
  20. Some PvP bugs
  21. Arena Crashes (Galaxy S6)
  22. big problem with souls!!!
  23. SSD doesn't take void shield hits
  24. Rainmaker fervor doesn't keep charge
  25. CotD (Gunner) bug
  26. Red lol dungeon stuck in enemy turn...
  27. Arena fight stuck
  28. Level 99, No XP
  29. Seal not working in PVP
  30. Assassin Axis Soldier gives no extra turn to Party
  31. Store bugged
  32. No reset on items in PVP store again
  33. Energy talismans bug
  34. DOOM does not cause permadeath
  35. Souls opened on one device remain on other device.
  36. Wtf!!!!
  37. Help!
  38. PVP End of Battle Error
  39. Inventory Crashes
  40. Store not working?
  41. Massive stability problems
  42. Sentinel Corrupt Droid's shield & the block passive..
  43. Some more bugs
  44. Viking Eddie freezes own team
  45. Invisible visible Chars
  46. Book of souls bug
  47. Level up 99 after every win
  48. Skill shards locked for 6 days after reset?
  49. Corrupt Rescuer Titan Shield immediately replaced
  50. Game crashes with no error on sleep, notifications
  51. Odd behavior with Angel of Fear
  52. MACL0 is back
  53. Reflect/void shields.
  54. PVP - questionable effects.
  55. Child of the Damned (Warrior) PvP bug
  56. Siege not working all the time.
  57. GCR sacrefice less than 30% when reviving an ally?
  58. True shield of Horus.
  59. Return of the bots..
  60. PVP Event Rewards
  61. Speed of Light Eddie - Pilfer not working
  62. 99 Level Bug
  63. Death Talisman Button disappears
  64. some bugs after 16 rounds PvTFS
  65. Terrible bug after update
  66. Troubles logging into game
  67. Wheel O' Death in Arena
  68. Sacrifice update problems
  69. Seal bug
  70. Assassin CotD - passive not working
  71. Prisoner stealing Void shield
  72. Attack List Bug/Points bug
  73. Profound Offering achievement
  74. Fix the warp talismans please
  75. Corrupt Rescuer issues
  76. Killing a counterattack toon with reflect damage = frozen game
  77. Ascension\Warp talisman Set Bug
  78. Auto-activation of autoplay in PVE
  79. Bug or passive?
  80. Grand Sacrifice not rewarded
  81. multiple time hitters & talismans
  82. Iron talisman broken
  83. Loosing trooper badges
  84. My GS attacked my team!? Wth!
  85. they all feel perfectly normal
  86. Undead rescuer warrior
  87. Cyborg's Scan doesn't always work
  88. Login issues
  89. Certain basic attacks have a high chance to freeze PVP
  90. Viking's Loot does not steal ability
  91. Prisonner's passive bugged
  92. The Evil that Snowmen Would Like to Do
  93. Exclamation point on Ailing Kingdom and I can't figure out why
  94. Game crashed, now it won't load
  95. Bugs 19.04.
  96. account sacrificed....unintentionally.
  97. not run the game after upgrade
  98. April 19 Update Android
  99. doesnt work at all since update 19.4. (IOS)
  100. Hellhound immunity not working in arena?
  101. got every level on 3 stars on my alt account that hasnt beaten the beast yet...
  102. AoF bugged
  103. Strike Talismas broken
  104. back Macron and reject Le Pen
  105. the current favourite to win
  106. The game wont launch
  107. Goals completed apeears as not completed
  108. Arena No-load
  109. sacrifice bugged?
  110. Don't use reflect shield against the boss in warrior LOL X
  111. Samurai Flashing Blade AoE Bug......?
  112. Buttons disappear during Arena matches.
  113. Pharaoh eddie revive
  114. Warrior LOL getting stuck
  115. Connect to Wifi message when restarting the game
  116. Arena Saturday Bug
  117. So many problems with Cyborg.
  118. Assassin Newborn of Light Counter Attack Bug
  119. Invisibility Talisman Bug
  120. Doubt about "take" of visions Eddie
  121. Can't access Goddess of Destruction on Hard
  122. Broken arena win screen
  123. New bug after reinstall attempt.
  124. Well idk about this, but it doesnt allow u to play the game
  125. Gunner Corrupt Rescuer
  126. Invisibility ignored.
  127. Bug that reduces damage of trooper's champ?!?
  128. Prisoner bugged?
  129. MCR bugged?
  130. Stunned the unstunable.
  131. Can't log into game
  132. Http Server Error
  133. Bugged "Wither" skill on CRE freezes the whole battle.
  134. Glitch??
  135. Cannot complete objectives
  136. Server communication issues, game hanging and restarts (this week)
  137. Toon removed from defense after reset.
  138. I cant complete the objective
  139. Unable to open Fear of the Dark Quest
  140. Consistent PVTEO error on both "XP" skull
  141. Challenge Reset After Update
  142. bugged Bullet Trace
  143. Servers Down?
  144. Servers down?
  145. Multiple effects when fighting Navigator Eddie
  146. Android 7.0 and game stability
  147. Weird ranking in arena
  148. Crawford vs. Diaz live results and discussion on HBO Boxing
  149. the entire Gulf region
  150. expected to focus on combating Islamist militants
  151. Terence Crawford- Felix Diaz: Pre- Fight Report Card
  152. Limited time talisman locked
  153. Blue loading bar
  154. Coalgiver Eddie
  155. book of souls laggy
  156. everything is broken
  157. Gunner Golden Son's Heal
  158. Server error when trying to sell 2* evo
  159. Lord of Light effect removal bug
  160. Immortal soul fragments convert bug
  161. Game hanging
  162. Skull Quests
  163. Account google problem pay SPECIAL
  164. Bug with achievement
  165. Continuo sin Aceder al esenario
  166. MACLO's just a head!!
  167. Weird Prisoner talisman proc
  168. Arena store issue?
  169. AI Eddies not using fury in PVP
  170. prisioner able to stun even when not attacking
  171. Arena Rank Bug
  172. purchased 2 talisman packs of the same colour in the same month from the store?!
  173. investigation must determine
  174. trooper achievement stuck on 2k
  175. Clairvoyant's Fury
  176. WTF is going on with the Arena Devs?
  177. Resistance Talismans
  178. Past and future abilities
  179. Sands of Time aren't replenishing over time!
  180. Taunt issues in the PVP
  181. ARGGHHH!!! Server Errors
  182. Strange issue with Eddie eternal?
  183. Corrupt Droid (Warrior) Steal Fury - WAI ?
  184. Arena rewards locked.
  185. Undead newborn of light in arena fight
  186. Sacrificial bug
  187. hang up between screen transitions
  188. Defense-enhancing talismans
  189. Random crashing on Galaxy S8
  190. Lord of Light Freezing
  191. Mistake in description of an achievement...
  192. Missing buttons on screen...
  193. Never-ending f'n bugs!
  194. 750 Skulls
  195. 750 Skulls
  196. Strange recurring issue
  197. Magus Corupted Rescuer bugged when stealing GCR's shield
  198. changed soul costs
  199. Achievement bugs (not one)
  200. 2 bugs that occure way too often
  201. Book of souls bug
  202. Bug na arena PVP!
  203. Bug na arena PVP e jogo travando.
  204. game hang in arena
  205. Counter on own turn
  206. Cannot sell shards
  207. Had a PvE team complete with trooper end up in PvP
  208. Character skipping turns
  209. Phantom Soldier Eddie
  210. New Mission Bug
  211. CD force shield.
  212. Cyborg Eddie graphics bug
  213. Heal Block Wrath
  214. Lord of Light Mission Bug
  215. [Devs!] Soul bug...
  216. Fix the !'v?$/! Freeze ups!
  217. PvP ban
  218. Game freezes after using GR Eddie in PVP
  219. Invisibility glitch
  220. Mystic Eddie "dream" attack bug?
  221. Counter and revenge from non attack moves
  222. Last week's PVP offense stat bugged
  223. Undead Rescuer Warrior Detour
  224. Enduring Talismans
  225. GR Eddie Fury skill not reviving characters
  226. 35 precious souls for 150 ironite.
  227. Mission achievement bug
  228. Trooper playing bugged!?!
  229. 3* Blue Evo Runes not dropping
  230. Assassin Wicker Golem
  231. Cannot complete only use basic abilities quests anymore.
  232. No more bug fixes?
  233. corrupt rescuer
  234. Shell Talisman
  235. pvp match freezing up on me
  236. Warrior Undead Rescuer
  237. Two Today!
  238. Achievements Completed VI Reset Problem
  239. Wake up!
  240. Eternal soul fragments
  241. Issue with emulated version of the game
  242. Something I just noticed
  243. Bug List
  244. MCR Shield Stealing
  245. Magus Trial V not counting
  246. Storm Eddie- Tempest Skill
  247. SACR08 error
  248. Prisoner
  249. AoF
  250. Game error