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  1. Game not starting
  2. Problema al iniciar secion Facebook
  3. Game Crashes?
  4. invalid app id
  5. The Prisoner's "passive aggression" not working (sometimes)
  6. Weirdest glitch
  7. *sigh*
  8. Selling runes/shards.
  9. Can't add trooper
  10. Warrior Troll putting negative effects on own team
  11. bugs with Invisibility + counterstrike
  12. Disappearing soul fragments and evolution shards
  13. GCR needs to be fixed.
  14. Multiple counterattacks?
  15. Green Bomber Boy's passive refreshing
  16. Nomad Bug
  17. game went from arena to Ailing Kingdom by its own doing?
  18. Lots of little bugs
  19. PVP freeze
  20. Weird Bug
  21. Grim Reaper's Doom
  22. Green Bat (Angel of Strife) Passive...
  23. Guard talismans giving enemy fury not me!
  24. Can't Complete Gunner Trial III
  25. Game freeze x2 in GoD X
  26. Repeated Freezing, Mostly in Brave New World
  27. Bug or very bad luck?
  28. revive block not working
  29. Huh?
  30. Legendary & Rescuer Soul Fragments lost!
  31. Use 10 Regular Souls
  32. Gunner Trial III
  33. Losing at PVP because of game crashes
  34. Angel of Fear When is if getting fixed
  35. Lord of Light Warrior *** Red Evo shards: missing?
  36. Angel of Strife (Green Bat) not working
  37. Assassin Possessed Mine + Immortality set does not trigger passive upon death
  38. Achievement claim is erroring
  39. Stunners in GoL?
  40. Prisoner attack bug?
  41. Here's another bug...
  42. Invisibility = immortality.
  43. Fix for glitch where two teams just stare at each other
  44. 2 Eddie PVP BUG
  45. Error/Crash when selling Talismans
  46. Unfortunate New World
  47. Login Error?
  48. Passive Block ignores Prisoner's Passive Aggression
  49. Passive block redirects damage targeting invisible ally
  50. Freeze party
  51. Garden of dismay freezes on wave 4
  52. Lost 15 fights to Freezes and bugs in PVP in 18 hours...
  53. PVP Bug/Attack button not responding
  54. Rage Spear Bug
  55. Camera angle.
  56. Eternity soul fragments issue
  57. Trooper badge store locking rare soul purchase
  58. Gang soul fragments not counting towards Fragment Finder achievement.
  59. Garden of dismay III crasjh
  60. Noted bugs in GCR/Prisoner/VHE?Thorns and Crashes
  61. Silence not working.
  62. Gang soul fragment drop/Other bugs
  63. PVP - Win given to the losing team
  64. Book of souls - counter / put souls together
  65. Ghost bug?
  66. Garden of dismay X
  67. Server problems.
  68. WTF is going on with the game now!
  69. stuck at level 99
  70. Prisoner
  71. Mummy revive in mission
  72. Children of the damned/assassin and warrior arena
  73. Navigator Eddie
  74. Thanks Nicko..... Up yours Maclo
  75. Exalted Sacrifice with no Rare Souls???
  76. silence bug with Green Demon Spawn
  77. Corrupt Droid (Sentinel) and Grim Reaper Eddie
  78. More crashes
  79. MACL12 Garden of Fear lvl IX & X
  80. Missing daily rewards
  81. !!!HELP!!! detected "hacking" app???!!!
  82. Revival of frozen gunner NboL make game hang.
  83. What's the deal with the launch issues (iOS)
  84. Android stability
  85. Help! Game crash then no login
  86. Gunner Mayan Priestess
  87. Missions Bug
  88. Is server down?
  89. HELP. Facebook lognin error
  90. Angel of Strife - Green Bat
  91. No "ending" to the game when you beat The Beast (1st time beating him) ??!!!
  92. Freeze/revive hang
  93. Please fix the PVP bugs
  94. sat 15 bug
  95. Chain ability (Desert Marauder/Prisoner) not sealing a darn thing.
  96. Daily challenges bugged?
  97. Percentage freeze on level99 0%
  98. Fix this game!!
  100. GPD bug on remove negative effects
  101. Latent Ability IV
  102. Hey tadpoles!
  103. Resolution bug on iPad since update on 11/21
  104. Allied Bomber Boy ignoring heal block
  105. Garden of Life X Bugged
  106. Aces High Eddie Do or Die permadeath bug
  107. skull quest resets
  108. Fix please
  109. Death Dog's Charge Doesn't Apply to Itself
  110. Navigator Eddie's Roaring Wave
  111. VHE now can disable passive?!?!
  112. Lost trooper fragments
  113. App error stole my daily rewards
  114. Trooper Eddie freezes
  115. Reset Loot Issue/Loss?
  116. Cyborg Monday Souls Deal not working?!
  117. Game Freezing after revive after all characters dying
  118. Best bug EVER!!!
  119. Wicker Man Eddie mission help
  120. Event challenge reset
  121. Xp Boost not working as advertised.
  122. Yet another Arena Bug... Imagine that........
  123. Damage Bug
  124. Zone eater talisman mission
  125. Warlord passive not working
  126. Eternity eddie revenge bug
  127. Underworld access
  128. Troopers used for mission objectives
  129. Store countdown timer glitch
  130. 80+ SOT not adding
  131. Daily achievements not adding
  132. Immortal talisman bug?
  133. Garden of Fear bug
  134. Tailgunner Eddie Second Chance ability is broken a bit....
  135. SQ menu bugged
  136. Cannot refresh new trooper list
  137. Anyone else having problems?
  138. wtf is this!!??
  139. Beating arena with auto-attack (AI) counts as a loss
  140. Navigator Eddie - Roaring Wave timing bug
  141. Devs, Trooper soul fragments issue
  142. Clairs „Time to live“ not working
  143. Eternity Soul Fragments locked themselves
  144. Invisibility doesn't stack....
  145. Arena end screen broken
  146. Counterstrike glitch
  147. Defeat in Arena Attack list
  148. Memento passive not working
  149. Twisted Trade not maxing fury
  150. Seventh Son Eddie Fury Bug
  151. Some issues with damage, blocking, shields and invincibility
  152. Soul talisman
  153. Selling Souls from Reward Screen
  154. Error: Evtcldr02 and ERNP02 !! Can't log in!!
  155. Login problem
  156. Bugged Again!! EVTCLDR02 (I did nothing but run the game)
  157. No available opponents in Arena Defense?
  158. Arena Tutorial Bugged
  159. Miscalculation of rankings and resulting rewards
  160. Had to reinstall the game, and the initial pop-ups keep showing, everytime...
  161. Present / Past / Future Bug?
  162. Trooper Soul Fragments: only 10 per week?
  163. Warlord revive with perfect immortality
  164. LoL Magus X not dropping 3* Blue evo shards?
  165. Ghost effect not timing out correctly
  166. Some bugs...
  167. Warrior Child of the Damned Extra Turn
  168. GPD heals despite sealed.
  169. Sentinel Mayan priestess stealing too many effects
  170. Magus LoL game crashes
  171. Gunner The Cannoneer
  172. PVP win counts as loss
  173. Stuck at 0% level 99
  174. Power Drainer mission frozen after update
  175. Game crashes at cosmos
  176. Minor bug - Defaulting back to my last used Eddie after using a trooper
  177. Gunner Mayan Priestess reviving enemies
  178. Two minor bugs (PDK in Powerslave and "level-ending fury animation")
  179. Failed purchases in Apple Store
  180. Allied kicked out
  181. Prisoner blocks own warlords passive
  182. VHE Claim attack heals enemies when marked?
  183. VHE and Wrath healing other team
  184. Fate talisman effect returns
  185. The yellow lilith is bugged, surprise
  186. Certain healing abilities bugged.
  187. Constant restart required
  188. Trooper points from others not being registered.
  189. Skull credit
  190. Gold Achievement bug
  191. Soul Talisman + Monarch Eddie = BUG?
  192. Permadeath doesn't prevent revive on characters equipped with Soul Talisman set?
  193. Arena victory turns to defeat
  194. Soul talismans give immortality
  195. Assassin Lilith passive broken
  196. Arena event reward bug
  197. 3 abilities bugged!!!
  198. Mystic Eddies fury broken
  199. Problem at Fighting Spirits
  200. Sound bug Iron Eddie
  201. Question for Sparton or Dev
  202. stuttering frame rate
  203. 100% crtitical strike chance gold?!?
  204. Sentinel Mayan Priestess new bug
  205. Sentinel Mayan Priestess is still stealing multiple buffs
  206. Sound bug on all new characters.
  207. Visions Eddie - Shatter
  208. Angel Talismans
  209. Immunity seems to clear Perfect Corruption
  210. Broken (never ending) SoT
  211. Why buy items if game wont even load
  212. Typos
  213. Sound of new characters
  214. 3* Yellow Evo Shards
  215. Beast and Angel talismans
  216. Blue angel bug!
  217. Arena Points/IC Bug
  218. full vortex wheel and nothing
  219. 2 bugs!
  220. Some bugs found (maybe), about WD and AH Eddie
  221. Trooper Fragments absent from the store
  222. Masterpieces from the gods of programming
  223. Lockdown Seal on Assassin Corrupt Rescuer
  224. Challenges bug
  225. Impossible to connect since end of event
  226. Fragment broken and not given character?
  227. Runes Over Limit - But Cannot Sell
  228. Crashing since roll-over/new Arena event
  229. Error SACR08
  230. New Phone - No Problems
  231. Sentinel Lilith bug
  232. Death Dog bug
  233. Frontier coins amount display
  234. Talisman sell prices (display) error
  235. Fragment finder XII
  236. Child of the Damned (Warrior Type)
  237. Skull Quest and Golden Skulls Bug
  238. Child of the damned (Assassin) does not use its passive ability "shadow".
  239. Servers Down?
  240. Random freezes
  241. SFX always on?
  242. Pvp list gone
  243. No more soul drops from the Cosmo’s?
  244. Clansman fury bug
  245. Gold Bat power not working.
  246. game freeze on auto play
  247. Ghost don't work
  248. Primordial Talismans broken
  249. Things that piss me off:
  250. "Block Beneficial Effects" also removes existing effects