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  1. The Bell Tolls Event - Sacrifices not counting towards achievements
  2. Talismans souls
  3. Daily Dungeon Team Reset
  4. Event challenges for SQ event not showing up
  5. Newsfeed not working on IOS
  6. Labyrinth remove sleep
  7. Charlotte passive
  8. penance talisman
  9. One of the oldest menu bugs still persists...(full game crash)
  10. Game crashes at first login after reset
  11. Redeeming Dungeon Keys
  12. Necropolis - wrong stats
  13. T3 Purple Cosmic in store becomes a T2 Cosmic in inventory once purchased.
  14. PvP not working
  15. Incorrect Error Messaging; Too Many Soul Stacks
  16. Virtual Frontier Dungeon Time Expiring
  17. Virus Eddie - wrong stats
  18. Singularity Talismans not working
  19. Renewable frags not dropping
  20. "Inflict Fury or Power Down" event objective incorrect?
  21. Warlord bugged?
  22. Trooper Talisman bug?
  23. Connection issues?
  24. Hot fix maybe, now I’m locked out!
  25. Daily Dungeon not autorewarding
  26. Trooper Talismans not dropping
  27. Please fix the Prisoner and the Killer's Passives!
  28. Sleep, Freeze and Stun...
  29. Baroness Redan passive is not working when Angel Eddie is around
  30. I get stuck on gauntlet when running a "three-hit" power.
  31. Quantum Talisimans not working
  32. Endless attacking Raven Witch
  33. Amazing Flight Dungeon game hangs in autoplay
  34. Orbit Talismans
  35. can't play gauntlet
  36. Ripped off!
  37. Energy Talismans
  38. Serenity Talisman
  39. Gunner Anubis vs. Ferryman
  40. Talisman Dungeon Bug DO NOT ENTER Dungeon
  41. Screen cut-off and "my team"
  42. Gunner Minotaur
  43. No access to the book of souls iet any of the stores
  44. Cosmic key doesn't drop on BNW dungeon
  45. Double Daily Challenges?
  46. "Infinite" trooper use?
  47. Stats from talisman not showing on character stats tab!
  48. Beast Power Move Soft Locks the Game
  49. Warrior Minotaur
  50. Banner Talismans
  51. Bloodlust in Gold and soul Vault
  52. Gauntlet bug
  53. Malakhov Passive is bugged
  54. Revived toons
  55. Missions: Remove Beneficial Effects
  56. Raven Witch
  57. Light Talisman bugged...heals all
  58. AI regaining passive and talisman effects after revive
  59. Airstrip Dungeon
  60. Trooper Talisman
  61. Sentinel Shardborne Passive
  62. Arena rewards missing
  63. Bug of Permadeath, Perfect Death and Doom.
  64. Dark Lilith Passive Bug
  65. Ravens Alter Dungeon - not working
  66. Wrong opponents displayed
  67. Colorless EVO runes dropping from LOL, but missing in storage
  68. Lol XV bugged again
  69. Cosmic LOL Dungeon doesn't drop class specific evo materials
  70. Revive Passive/Madam/Stop
  71. Raven witch bug
  72. I can't conceive of doing this to me.
  73. Invisibility Bug ?
  74. Werewolfs
  75. Heroic Halloween Soul Pack Purchase
  76. Starfire Talis bugged?
  77. Lucifer in LOL XV
  78. Werwolfs got a peg in chest
  79. LOL Frontier Key is not working, DO NOT USE LOL KEYS!!!!
  80. Achievements tab broken since update
  81. "Remove Beneficial Effects" Challenges still broke?
  82. Shards, Runes & Caracters on Sacrifice show wrong value!
  83. Trooper Badges not accumulating?
  84. Every dungeon crash on ios
  85. Tribute Soul
  86. Week Long Maintenance
  87. Eternity frags disappeared from the PVP store?
  88. Devs please acknowledge this post
  89. Flight Of Icarus Eddie bugged
  90. Tribute Store
  91. Achievements tab lost gangland & labyrinth achievements
  92. Clan Gauntlet combined screen
  93. Lightbringer relics don’t work for LOL 15.
  94. Issues with Nov 1st update
  95. Awakening Not Working
  96. W. Minotaur does NOT crave enemies as listed. He cleaves.
  97. No arena rewards
  98. Can't log in
  99. F-ing wolfs with F-ing Brave. Don't bother with Crimson Blades (Insanity)
  100. Dungeon Auto-Replay Failure
  101. Various MACL errors when trying to play
  102. Perfect Glitch example
  103. Talisman Trial V Not Completing
  104. Lost legendary soul
  105. Dark Lilith and Yin/Yang talismans.....
  106. Gauntlet Achievement bugged
  107. Unplayable today?
  108. Losing ironite for no reason
  109. Bugged Awakening IX
  110. Awakening materials unavailable in game....
  111. Gladiator achievement...
  112. Arena battles freezing
  113. Cosmic talisman levelling costs differently depending on the xp rune used.
  114. LOL XV Freezing on final level
  115. Disco bug
  116. LOL Frontier VII achievment
  117. Compendium
  118. Awakening packs for purchase in the store....
  119. Can't summon a tribute soul
  120. Lol xv drop rates
  121. Daily Dungeon issues with rage spear talisman
  122. Wrong talisman slots on Gunner Onyx-Son
  123. Again unplayable - no connection
  124. Arena will not load - iOS...
  125. The game is unplayable!!!
  126. Crazy arena demotion
  127. Mystic Eddie sharding
  128. purchase failed
  129. Well that's a new one...
  130. can't play arena battle
  131. Missing purschase
  132. Can't buy Aces High Pack
  133. Server MACL11 Issues
  134. Talismans after death
  135. Compendium of Bugged Chars/Talismans
  136. Lol keys are not dropping
  137. Critical. bug in arena
  138. Disconnection errors cost SoT
  139. Cyborg Dungeon Issue
  140. Shock doesn't reduce power
  141. Talisman missing from inventory. Found randomly equipped on characters in illegal sl
  142. Oni Eddie Bug
  143. Fuck this game
  144. effect transfers when swapping out eddies issues.....
  145. Singularity Tali Broken?
  146. Refresh bug in the arena
  147. Yin/Yang Talismans applying to whole team
  148. Bounty Hunter Ed Passive stunning more than 1 character
  149. Cash purchase failed and Support ticket not giving confirmation
  150. Fragment tab blank on Clans' Store menu
  151. lilith moonlight passive not working
  152. Event shop in store does not work
  153. Beast basic attack bug
  154. Celestials vs Starfire
  155. Bounty Hunter Passive Serious Bug
  156. Passive disable prevention broken: Singularity and Necropolis
  157. Fully awakened Warrior LOL not applying permadeath
  158. Arena Rewards Missing
  159. possibly another issue with Labyrinth talisman (probably a repeat) or VH Ed not sure
  160. Clan Tribute
  161. Worst bug in Arena right now--Beast endless auto attack
  162. magus lord of light
  163. App Uninstall/Reinstall Advice, plz
  164. Inventory overflow conficts with each other
  165. Horus Talisman doesn't apply perfect healt.
  166. Servers...again
  167. Missions
  168. Clan store
  169. Store Cosmics during Powerslave event...
  170. Connection errors
  171. Ghost/Doom bugs
  172. Moonchild gets Titan shield
  173. Trooper respite
  174. LoL XV, 4th Wave freezing. Devs, PLEASE help. [Ticket # 49197]
  175. disappearing characters during battle
  176. yin yang talisman and doom bug
  177. Blight Talisman doesn't work!
  178. Problems buying packs and no response from support :(
  179. fully awakening prisoner is broken
  180. Musashi and his T3 are literally just another Beast Warlord+Lantern situation
  181. Alliance General T3 cosmic bug
  182. List of bugged features in the arena that make it a chore and annoying
  183. Pharaoh Dog Cosmic not working
  184. Troopers list Refresh is bugged
  185. A note about bugs
  186. Mercenary bugs
  187. Alchemist freeze
  188. Clan Chat Weird Censor Thread
  189. Ancient Mariner doesn't clean doom from allies.
  190. iPhone 11 weirdness
  191. Passive on Caria is bugged
  192. Max Awakened Prisoner Cannot Disable Starfire Talismans
  193. UI Ideas
  194. Game not found in Play store
  195. Banshee Talismans and Prisoner not working correctly
  196. doom effect not applying
  197. Arena team (Ramesses, Death Dog, Madame, Assassin Soulless Demon) hangs game.
  198. Expires 40 minutes earlier than the challenge deadline
  199. The return of problems thought have been solved...
  200. Max awakened gunner LOL
  201. No Gauntlet Reward
  202. BHE's accuracy reduction is affecting allies
  203. Shaman basic doesn't give new turn against Odin
  204. Account with facebook log in getting stuck today
  205. Missing in-game purchase
  206. Odin VII vs. Sentinel Banshee w/Cosmic T1 glitch?
  207. Lilith Cosmic
  208. A theory why some accounts get stuck on Odin
  209. Towerfall Talisman souls - pls change the look
  210. Fix it please!
  211. Where is clans!!!!
  212. connection errors
  213. Secret nerf of Angel T2 Cosmic
  214. Odin freeze
  215. Gun for the hills dangeun has been removed
  216. SOB earned by opening Tribute Souls disappear
  217. Einherjar‘s Clan Achievement
  218. locked out from odin x raids
  219. Entire Clan is missing 600 Vanquisher Frags from Current Event
  220. Bug or no in SS
  221. Missing rewards from the weekly raid reset
  222. Failed to download localization data. Please try again.
  223. No Raid Boss Rewards
  224. Gangland challenge not registering completions
  225. Odin vs Freya
  226. PvP win rewards
  227. Seems like corrupted data crashed my account
  228. New Talisman system takes longer than old one
  229. Didn't received raid rewards
  230. Sentinel Odin (VII} the reserector
  231. Temporary relics 🤔
  232. Odin ignores Moonchild
  233. (BUG) Edge of Darkness autofarm stuck at wave 1
  234. Cosmic Lilith Passive Bug
  235. Awakened Grim Reaper bugs
  236. Alchemist Passive Bug
  237. Wasteland Eddie
  238. Recommended Troopers Refresh not Working
  239. The bugged and broken mess called arena
  240. Talisman Evolving
  241. Event run counts
  242. Grim Reaper Eddie - Awakened Death grip bug(?)
  243. Max Awakened Daedalus + Siege Talismans
  244. Quit resetting the servers
  245. Wrath's basic attack doesn't trigger marks
  246. Ragnar is healing Odin
  247. Talisman upgrade hangs game
  248. Freya Cosmic Talisman bugged
  249. Moonchild vs Moonchild
  250. Wasteland Eddie's Fury is broken....