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  1. Daily Rewards
  2. Angel of XYZ bug - enemies don't die - known issue, we're working on it
  3. Samurai Eddie attack bug - known issue, we're working on it
  4. Starter Pack Purchase Loop....
  5. Powerslave [Madness] - timed objective bugged
  6. Zoom in issues after upgrading heroes
  7. Bug
  8. App Opens But Game Won't Load
  9. Lost characters?
  10. stuck on title screen - please reinstall & try to login
  11. Reflect Shield bug when both teams have reflect - known issue, we're working on it
  12. accidentally sold Eddie - not a bug. lock characters you want to keep
  13. Server disconnect after completing a battle - known issue, we're working on it
  14. game loading problem
  15. Levels Resetting?
  16. Samurai Eddie attack bug (follow-up)
  17. Angel of Strife Bug - known issue, we're working on it
  18. Compilation of Reported Game Play Bugs
  19. Game won't load. Keeps trying to load face book
  20. Store showing question marks instead of icons
  21. Pharaoh Dog not doing damage?
  22. Missing or Dead?
  23. Underworld Normal
  24. Content mysteriously locked - clear cache / reboot device
  25. Uninstalling - Reinstalling (after issues)
  26. Encountered an error when contacting the server
  27. Meathead +64xp
  28. Game has problem on startup, keeps telling me to restart the game
  29. Total reset of all worlds on every level. ...........!?!?!
  30. Sudden extreme decrease in talisman drop rate
  31. Massive Increase in data consumption
  32. Every character waits in the battle
  33. Cant load the game on bluestacks2 anymore
  34. Sands of Time not reflecting properly - known issue, we're working on it
  35. I can no longer get into the game
  36. Unable to levle up talismans
  37. Shards don't all give bonus experience - known issue, we're working on it
  38. Question on Health Talisman at 5*
  39. Powerslave mission(boss encounter) zoom
  40. I can't remove Troopers from "My Troopers" list - known issue, we're working on it
  41. Not receiving awards.
  42. Power lvl stuck?
  43. Game not working on Bluestacks2 anymore - BlueStacks is not supported
  44. Almost impossible perfect timing with pharaoh dog.
  45. Game restarting upon connection loss
  46. Rocket Dog Passive Skill Question
  47. Progress reverted
  48. Problem finishing Battlefield world
  49. Lost access to area 1 in Underworld, normal
  50. Unable to buy "Trooper" crystals after weekly reset
  51. Soulless Demon evolved from from 4-star to 1-star - known issue, we're working on it
  52. Sound volume Bug
  53. Underworld - Dark Figures (Normal)
  54. Unable to remove Troopers
  55. Angel of Strife (4* green character) does not kill
  56. Screen distorts after evolving some charecters
  57. Reflect Shield bug
  58. Skill doesn't work?
  59. Server Maintenance!!!!!
  60. Server drops me 100% @ boss battles now
  61. The beast is glitches
  62. Ascension Talisman Set Bonus Does Not Work
  63. ERROR (Problemas na linguagem e jogo travando)
  64. language translations missing accented characters - known issue, we're working on it
  65. Summoned using Gunner / Assassin Soul - got a physical troop?
  66. Kingdom of the Sands, Madness, Strange Believers - undead?
  67. 1 star Evo shards dropping in the Underworld.
  68. Server crashes when selling characters
  69. game gets stuck on Beast's Wrath - known issue, we're working on it
  70. Point of No Return Freezes
  71. Game won't open on iPad Air 2
  72. Power Up is not powering up as much as it says - known issue, we're working on it
  73. Children of the Damned freeze - known issue, we are working on it
  74. Lost all my progress (lvl42) - Facebook connected.
  75. Complete objectives,, not receive stars
  76. Post update Freezing.
  77. Server error in secret levels
  78. A bag of bugs
  79. Class-specific souls in Store not resetting - known issue, we're working on it
  80. Unable to buy Rare Gun/Assassin Soul or Rare Warrior Soul
  81. Underworld Madness Web of fear freezes
  82. The game doesnt load anymore.
  83. Infinite reflect bug
  84. iPhone - Account Will Not Load
  85. Chains of Misery 180 seconds trial not working
  86. Freeze augment freezes battle
  87. Pharaoh dog king bug(s)
  88. Can no longer load my game - AKA Facebook Loop - known issue, we're working on it
  89. Lost all progress, help here?
  90. How long does it take
  91. can't sell characters - game crashes
  92. Green Talismans not providing bonuses
  93. (Hearsay) Bug: Talsimans not providing multiple effects on multiple targets
  94. Game Freezes at CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED battle
  95. Lost 125 TROOPER BADGES
  96. How to get back my progress?
  97. Number of the beast freeze - known issue, we are working on it
  98. Various game crashes
  99. Angel of Fear bug/glitch
  100. Zone Talisman (4 Set) Glitch
  102. Bonus Energy lost after playing a battle.
  103. Daily rewards
  104. Angels of Fear, Strife, and Pain - "torture" attack bug - known issue
  105. Pharaoh Dog King Doesn't attack
  106. I don't appear to be getting the trooper badges that I earn
  107. So Many Crashes During Battle
  108. Stuck in "Miss" / reflect shield loop - known issue, we are working on it
  109. stats in Rank Up screen info - known issue we are working on it
  110. WiFI to LTE potential bug
  111. Black embrace dose not seem to raise the stats of all allies
  112. Iron Fist I reward not given
  113. Underworld Hard Burdens of Sin Freeze
  114. can't purchase in the Store - ticket closed in Support
  115. Battlefield - A Matter of life and Death - Hard 300 seconds
  116. Samurai Eddie 5Stars Level45
  117. Game crashed when completing secret level: battlefield madness
  118. Game Freezing on stage Underworld - Burdens of Sin
  119. Colo-appropriate Runes Not Giving Proper XP
  120. Facebook login, can't play anymore
  121. Wayward Path Objective Not Recognized
  122. No Daily Rewards After 24th Day
  123. Weekly rare class souls not being reset - known issue, we are working on it
  124. Souls in store on permanent cooldown
  125. Warrior soul purchase locked for 2nd week in a row
  126. Weekly Trooper Rewards Locked for Second Week in a Row
  127. Bug with Ascension Talisman
  128. Thorn Shield Not Working!
  129. Weekly reset just reset the timer on my skill shard
  130. No special effects when number 666 is displayed
  131. example of freeze, always at the same time
  132. [Support / Devs] Feel like I'm being Ignored
  133. Window not on position
  134. Trooper and Secret Mission usage
  135. Ally passive ability does not work after being revived
  136. Game locking up
  137. At least the crashes are becoming more interesting
  138. App hanging?
  139. can't sell characters - known issue, we're working on it
  140. Disappearing Eddie
  141. Error when crunching souls
  142. evolving glitches
  143. Garden of Aset 3 skulls BUG
  144. Reflect damage Glitch
  145. "no buttons" so can't play - known issue, we're working on it
  146. Point of No Return bug - known issue, we're working on it
  147. Invisibility Talisman - not a bug. you are invisible until you attack
  148. Skipped ever single mission in underworld to the beast
  149. Are you currently locked out of the game too?
  150. Dark Figures (Underworld hard)
  151. "Encountered an error when contacting the server" - after level - known issue
  152. Game crash
  153. Bug Report: Music error - Blood Brothers (Hard)
  154. BUG - Bullet Trace Reset
  155. Soldier Eddie Special Freeze in 2x Auto
  156. Game Freezes
  157. Blue Allied Soldier Reflect All - known issue, we're working on it
  158. Powerslave camera angle - known issue, we're working on it
  159. Problem with runes and talisman upgrade
  160. Health shield + Reflect shield problem
  161. Lost my three best troopers to a glitch
  162. Shard affinity?
  163. reflect shield loop / inventory upgrades - known issues, we're working on them
  164. "You are 1 runes(s) over your inventory limit and cannot do quests"
  165. Physical charge increasing magic attacks
  166. Number Of The Beast (Madness) - Game doesn't freeze - it just waits forever...
  167. Pending review....Game unplayable very frustrating and now cannot move on
  168. Lost all progress
  169. August 9 Server Update - Bug Reports - no conversation please
  170. Mummy Eddie freeze
  171. What the hell?!? Stucked at the Beast
  172. Auto mode and eddie Auto changing to future skill
  173. Running to the Hills Eddie level max bug
  174. Talisman Upgrade roll back
  175. gold
  176. A little song for the devs. Keep going !
  177. Angel of Strife bug - takes damage while invincible
  178. Supported Devices
  179. Can't buy my skill shard this week?
  180. cleared levels shown as uncleared
  181. Don't spend money On the game
  182. Problems since revieved Angel of strife (green)
  183. blocked on the home screen : fog
  184. Current game issues
  185. Android 7.0
  186. Can't enter to the fights, game close when music start
  187. Request from Support: Update your forum profile to include your OS (Android or iOS)
  188. New Talisman Sell Screen Does Not Update With New Drops
  189. Talisman level loss
  190. Standard-Eddie doesn't deal damage every time
  191. Sound effects
  192. Talisman roll back - possible workaround?
  193. Stuck on the 180 seconds objective
  194. Server connection error when using a Trooper
  195. Soldier Eddie's Skill Shard Lost Upgrade
  196. Is there exsisting usersupport for this game?
  197. Secret Worlds -Countdown timer never starts
  198. Trooper purchases unlimited until bug is fixed
  199. Still Can't Log In
  200. Pharaoh Dog King missing wings after 8-15 update
  201. Game freezes third wave of the beast, any work arounds?
  202. Random crashes
  203. Anyone/Support-Why are some having lots Problems (crashes, lockups) & others are not?
  204. Game Freeze/Champion Trooper Use Coincidence?
  205. Lord of light bugs
  206. Bug Report following aug 17th
  207. Public bug tracker ?
  208. Ehhh.... What?!?
  209. Broken / missing Runes results from 2 platforms
  210. The Game does not start with my Profile
  211. Auto mode and missing buttons
  212. Child of the damnednot getting extra trurn
  213. Talisman Upgrade Bug
  214. Carriage Rider Eddie Accuracy Down Problem
  215. Accuracy Down Bug - known issue, we are working on it
  216. No Store
  217. Permadeath debuff doesn't work
  218. Characters using abilities they do not have.
  219. Kingdom of the Sands Madness level 2 Freezes
  220. Rare Soul summon
  221. 5* child of the damned won't take skill shard
  222. Um... anybody speak German?
  223. Axis bomber boys healing foes?
  224. Inventory error
  225. Web of fear underworld always a server error
  226. Legacy Support- Seeing much higher Crashes at Night-Is this Server capacity issues?
  227. Almost I crashed my ipad
  228. Unable to play on Android 7.0 Nougat - known issue, we're working on it
  229. any idea of when I will get a response?
  230. Assassin Lord of Light vs Tailgunner Eddie
  231. 5* child of the damned level 76 wont power up
  232. Extra Turn bug - game team is working on a max limit for extra turns
  233. Guardian Talisman Fierce bug
  234. Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash...
  235. Game stops
  236. Invisibility Talisman and purple harpy
  237. Golden Son revive bug = Game locked
  238. Stone Talisman not working
  239. rare souls mixup
  240. Evolution runes disappearing from inventory?
  241. Axis Bomber Boy 'Mark' heals enemy instead of damaging
  242. Green Soulless Demon
  243. touchscreen clicks not always registering...
  244. Child of the damned extra turn and reflect shield
  245. Not starting on Android N
  246. Game won't load
  247. Bug on dungeons???
  248. Issue on Level 7 Gunnar Rift
  249. Crash on starting a lvl
  250. frequent freezes/crashes in assassin dungeon