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  1. Requiring an internet connection makes the game unplayable
  2. Legacy of the beast for Windows phone
  3. Feature Request: two things to do with troopers
  4. Important feature request : sim battles
  5. Trading as a Game Feature
  6. When game crashes or server connection is lost, please refund lost Sands of time.
  7. Feature request: Sell directly from the Book of Souls
  8. Suggestion: Roster View
  9. Request: Group "Like" Talismans on Sell Screen
  10. [Devs please read] The grinding system is beyond broken. NOT A RANT.
  11. Suggested Ideas (for the dev team)
  12. Events
  13. What new game features would you want the most?
  14. About autoplay mode
  15. Suggestion - Ability to buy Ironite on the Revive screen
  16. Support broken or over worked? Ways to improve
  17. Color Blindness Assistance
  18. Change profile picture with e-mail log in?
  19. Forum Suggestion: locked threads
  20. Suggestion: Get Sands of Time Back when Game Crashes
  21. Feature Request: Allow unwanted loot to be sold at awards screen
  22. Positive Feedback on the August Time Rifts Update
  23. Legendary Support Package for $30. I'd buy that.
  24. [feedback] about the grinding, again
  25. Suggestions for next update (after bug fixes) PLEASE READ DEVS
  26. list of rewards
  27. Android Emulators in Terms of Service
  28. Suggestions for future updates - automatic mode
  29. Add Weekend Time Rift!
  30. Increasing the number of character slots available
  31. Accidentally Sold Character
  32. Upgrading Runes and Shards
  33. What new characters would you like to see?
  34. Feature Request: Stand Down (skip turn button)
  35. Make Crashes Costless
  36. Rune colours etc are a nightmare if your colour blind
  37. LEGACY OWNERS: Requesting Full Refund tomorrow from Apple- Done waiting 4 IOS stable
  38. Sell Menu: Talismans
  39. Pack for make eddie 4 star to 5
  40. Suggestion about souls
  41. The drop rates, again.
  42. Dungeons (Rifts) timing
  43. Some easy ways to make this game fun & rewarding while we wait
  44. Training Dummy
  45. Expansions Would Be Cool (Best Suggestion EVER)
  46. Open all special areas daily
  47. Suggestion -Communicate more
  48. Eddie Soul!
  49. Was there an update? Game ran as smooth as a tin can today
  50. Pvp ranking system rewards!
  51. Suggestion: ADD MORE MODS
  52. Why can't LotB count higher than 99?
  53. Let the rare gunner souls drop in the dungeons too please
  54. Sands of Time Daily reward - can't be used for most of the players
  55. Evo Shard Idea
  56. Push PVP to after Sacrifice please
  57. Fury special music...
  58. Generic soul drops
  59. A compromise on the nerfed talismans
  60. Skill shards
  61. report on thread
  62. new idea for auto-attack mode...
  63. report button on thread and keyword blocks
  64. Are Points Necessary?
  65. I volunteer myself to be minor mod in the forum here
  66. Too many runes, shards, evo?
  67. Make the game more social?
  68. More character slots?
  69. please turn dupe souls into power ups
  70. Using runes and shards.
  71. Opening souls.
  72. Sort by trooper activity on round start page
  73. Time for a break ...
  74. Make Talismans purchasable
  75. Suggestions for Achievements
  76. Low phone memory and SD card issue with Legacy
  77. Trading Characters! Make it so!!
  78. Leval 100 nan%
  79. My post-October Progress Evaluation
  80. Raid feature for farming
  81. Please email account # on activation
  82. Limit new forum accounts until game ID is entered
  83. Sell screen character order
  84. Suggestion Compilation
  85. Is the game challenging enough?
  86. How do irremovable skill shards kill the game. Plea to the mods!
  87. Double trooper points
  88. A smorgasbord of quality-of-life suggestions
  89. Devs, make runes drop in dungeons instead of shards, please!
  90. Talisman upgrade kits
  91. Stop holding us back
  92. What about a trooper status?
  93. Sands of Time
  94. The Daily Secret Bonus Location!!!
  95. What should be the bottleneck at high levels?
  96. Character trading
  97. Trooper Recommendations
  98. Optional Pvp
  99. An Everyday Player's Suggestions
  100. Suggestion for talismans
  101. Toons selection screen
  102. Legendary difficulty
  103. New characters
  104. 5 soul hatch option
  105. Unslotting skill shards
  106. Have a Staging Server for Community Testing
  107. Daily rewards status?
  108. Talisman Groups
  109. Character shortlist
  110. This game may be violating truth in advertising laws
  111. This will be required for the short term success of this game...
  112. Summoning souls - choose character
  113. can't play, 1 over on x = force quit
  114. What's in a MACLO? A thought for the future
  115. Soul Converter.
  116. Auto-Play option before launching battle
  117. Trooper list exposing information about badges
  118. Skills as rewards?
  119. My suggestions for updates
  120. Choice for trooper between an Eddie and a toon
  121. x8 battle speed?
  122. We need higher droprates for skill shards
  123. Dealing with the APMA3 and other errors in Arena
  124. Get rid of VP requirements for Arena rewards
  125. Theater mode suggestion
  126. Rare Coloured Souls on Lord of Light
  127. Trade.
  128. only one Eddie
  129. Revenge manager.
  130. Show Log
  131. PVP Defense Testing Suggestion
  132. Upping the limit on Sands
  133. attack order
  134. Balancing PVP
  135. Non working passive ability in PvP
  136. Character Passive Suggestions
  137. New feature - combine of evo shards
  138. Increase total character slots
  139. Extra loot
  140. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Trooper communication)
  141. The case against Counterstrike Talismans
  142. Life Talismans
  143. Easy AI improvement: preferedded attack
  144. Can we have some more songs in the soundtrack?
  145. Achievments circle
  146. Factions
  147. Statistics
  148. LOTB Merchandise Stuff
  149. "Sweep" feature
  150. Another solution for dupe characters.
  151. Raising up sand of time to 120
  152. Use troopers in pvp
  153. Hallowed Eddie
  154. Talisman Horde (previously Lightbringer Madness) rewards change
  155. Eternity Souls as Daily Login Rewards
  156. ¿Virtual XI Eddie?
  157. Instant battles
  158. [Inventory] Inactive / useless stash
  159. New event ideas
  160. skill shard recovery
  161. Change to daily login rewards
  162. More character slots?
  163. Testing PVP Defense improvement
  164. Christmas event 2017 suggestion
  165. Story Eddie Missions
  166. More value for Eternal Soul dupes
  167. New characters
  168. [Troopers] Discussion and suggestion
  169. My Idea for Balancing the Arena
  170. Improvements to talisman management
  171. Talisman Modifier Swapping
  172. Please, Please Fix the Game
  173. Buffs/debuffs covering up attack circles and health bars
  174. Dragon King's Doom
  175. My ideas
  176. Levelling up and SoT
  177. 8 Day Arena Reset
  178. Sacrafice Reward Transparency and Balancing
  179. NF, please lower the SoT costs for BNW (temporarily)!
  180. Some More Character Ideas - Dark / Spiritual
  181. A few modest suggestions of gifts and additional options
  182. Please consider increasing drop rate of 3 star evo stones...
  183. So I'm sitting on 110 Valkyrie shards out of 200....
  184. I just can't enjoy this game anymore
  185. Please fix the Gardens of Life/Dismay/Fear
  186. October Tuning
  187. Any new eternals?
  188. Reproducible bug
  189. Admins please read - Game testers
  190. PVP suggestions....
  191. Two suggestions for new features
  192. Boring RNG
  193. Useless fragments
  194. Sort Characters by Locked Status
  195. Differentiate between duplicate characters.
  196. Triple Shot ability...
  197. PVP achievements need adjustment
  198. Timing chance for counters
  199. Level up Talisman rewards....
  200. Trooper message....
  201. Locking the sorting system throught the game
  202. Navigator Eddie
  203. Double gold....
  204. Frontier Coins for scarce Talismans
  205. Please add more rare talismans to the Talisman Skull Quests
  206. Need "Dragonslayer Eddie" ....
  207. For the Love of God.. Turn on the "Quick Reply" Forum Feature please.....
  208. PVP Hall of fame/All time ranking
  209. Indicator for maxed talismans....
  210. Ideas for this game that I've had forever...
  211. Build an Eddie
  212. Dr.Necropolis
  213. Permadeath Indicator
  214. What exactly is preventing the developers from....
  215. Defense overview: First turn indicator / Defense test: choose turn
  216. Characters Song Based
  217. Character Design Contest
  218. Selected characters for PVP in the MY TEAM menu? The chosen one(s)!
  219. Ascension Talismans
  220. Defense Wins and First Strike in PVP
  221. How about a link between the BOS and the Sacrifice chamber?
  222. How about this?
  223. Armor/ Magic Penetration
  224. Special event chars for frontier coins
  225. Talisman type converter
  226. Xur for LotB
  227. New Achievements
  228. Autoplay suggestions
  229. Small Ideas' Den
  230. Reducing HP by 10% is not a good idea as it is
  231. Ability suggestions.....
  232. PvP (Arena) reward tiers need tweaking
  233. BNW freebie
  234. Autoplay using complimentary Troopers
  235. Two great ideas to improve the game:
  236. "666" An instant prize!
  237. currency exchange market
  238. Endure in arena
  239. Ok a big idea. What do you think.
  240. Character Ideas.
  241. Achievement Skill Shards
  242. Evolution runes on Brave New World
  243. Max Shard/Rune Auto Selected
  244. Trooper use in Gauntlet
  245. Soldier Eddie (+others) Recovery
  246. Colorless Runes
  247. Transfer talismans
  248. Dupe avoider
  249. Buying Souls
  250. PVP - 1st turn button for defence test