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  1. What do I do with all these souls?
  2. Randomness on getting Souls
  3. Getting 4* or 5* Characters
  4. Legendary Soul Pics
  5. Legendary Soul Offer
  6. Rare soul pricing way too high?
  7. Can i get every possible character with the standard soul?
  8. Question about Souls and the Book
  9. Question on The Nomad
  10. Wow
  11. Legendary Shard, what did you get?
  12. Is it possible to get 4* or 5* using the store?
  13. How?
  14. Insane Luck!
  15. I keep getting 3* characters. Nothing higher even with rare soul gems
  16. Best way to get Blue Soldier?
  17. trooper souls reset?
  18. Results after opening 53 rare souls
  19. Need Eddie Recommendation
  20. Tutorial soul is 5* Nomad
  21. Aces High & Tailgunner Eddie
  22. Pharaoh Dog King
  23. Rare souls drops?! My drops: Legacy of the petshop :(
  24. Can you get another holy smoke?
  25. Trooper Souls
  26. Where do you drop Rare Souls at Dungeons?
  27. Can't use trooper points.
  28. An Interesting Observation...
  29. Character drops per soul
  30. Rare soul drop experience : 12 Magus + 6 regular rare souls = ZERO 4 & 5 chars :(
  31. "legendary soul" from beating underworld madness
  32. I cry every time...
  33. Sentinel rare soul doesnt like the general...
  34. Has the Rare Soul RNG Been Tweaked - or should I Play the Lottery?
  35. Finally, a little luck from the book of souls.
  36. Rare assasin/gunner soul.
  37. And my legendary soul is ...
  38. The anticipation of my gunner/assassin rare soul coming soon...
  39. Desert Golem
  40. Can't purchase rare gunner/assasin soul?
  41. Cyborg Eddie
  42. Fear of the Dark Eddie
  43. Should I buy 10 Rare soul pack for FotD Eddie?
  44. Buy souls rare and 7 times i get harpias
  45. Pharaoh Dog King x2?
  46. Physical charge
  47. i'm done
  48. The irony of souls...
  49. The anticipation of my rare soul coming soon...
  50. Do [regular] souls make sense anymore?
  51. Something must be done about Rare Gun Assassin Soul
  52. Completely useless normal souls....
  53. Officially Done W/ Souls
  54. Wait for better odds to open Rare Souls
  55. The BNW promo scores thread
  56. Brave New World Souls
  57. BNW souls very good to me !
  58. Can you get storm eddie in a one/two or 3 star gunner assasin soul?
  59. free RGA soul bug?
  60. Rare souls: A way to put the RNG in your favor?
  61. Rare Soul Stack Question : Holding for Christmas Event or Rolling them out rightaway?
  62. Random character??? book of souls
  63. Results after opening 1000ish Common Souls
  64. Best Idea ever for Book of Souls RNG
  65. 20 almas guerrero para nada
  66. Prisoner regular class rare soul from?
  67. Are rare assassin/gunner souls worth it?
  68. Rare Souls Drop... when was the last time?
  69. What have you got of legendary soul ?
  70. How do I get common soul shards?
  71. Share your collection of dupes
  72. Which are no longer available?
  73. Is anyone else sick of grinding and getting nothing?
  74. Lousy drawing ratio on book of souls
  75. The Irony of Souls, Continued
  76. Birthday luck... (generic *I got crap from souls* spiel)
  77. Sacrificial Souls : What did you get ?
  78. Wow. I'm done
  79. 139 days, still nothing...
  80. Dropchance estimation of Rare, Rare GA, Legendary Souls
  81. Luckiest summon streak you ever had?
  82. Its okay if you dont get the 20k eternity soul.
  83. Is the summoning system rigged or something?
  84. Immortal Soul, What Did You Get?
  85. Immortal souls fragments
  86. Precious Soul Fragment drop rate
  87. Eternal soul, what did you get?
  88. Warrior new born soul, what did you get?
  89. Soul "RNG"
  90. Soul hoarding.
  91. Seer Soul, what did you get...
  92. Did that really just happen?
  93. G/A Soul, what did you get... ???
  94. Holy Smoke Eddie from a Soul
  95. Anniversary week drops
  96. Opened a bunch this AM and wanted to post
  97. Gut Punch
  98. Legendary soul the way to 5*?
  99. Grand sacrifice rewards?
  100. New event= actually paid off big time for once.
  101. Sacrafice Reward Breakpoints
  102. G/A Souls
  103. Holy Smokes!
  104. Opening 3 legendary souls and did I get crap or what? read on
  105. 3x Magus soul
  106. Petition to NF re dupe Eternals
  107. Question About those who have Eddie Cyborg
  108. Looking for Corrupt Rescuer
  109. Hoping for Pharaoh Eddie
  110. Lesser used toons you like
  111. Luckiest pulls chain ever for me so far... Red Eyes (almost) everytime!
  112. BNW soul, what did you get?
  113. Tier 6 sacrifice= 1 legendary soul
  114. Stacks in Book of Souls
  115. Aces High, Viking and soulless demon green
  116. A good RNG streak
  117. Today is now awesome
  118. Rare g/a-rbage souls or Another bad day...
  119. Warrior/ Magus/ Sentinel soul fragments
  120. Ritual souls
  121. Sacrifice strategy
  122. pulled an "event exclusive character" from a rare soul
  123. Trooper Soul
  124. Sometimes Luck comes with Risk
  125. Frontier Coins -- Who should I buy?
  126. Worst luck with souls?
  127. Keeping Rare souls for future event
  128. 10 souls 1000 gold and only 1 character
  129. Can't believe my luck!
  130. Did I miss something in the update?
  131. Lilith soul
  132. must be jugment day
  133. Limits on Souls
  134. Heroic soul's rewarded soul fragments
  135. Destruction Souls - What's You Get?
  136. soul skull quests and drops
  137. Nile Soul?
  138. Warrior Liith information please
  139. Tour Souls: What have you gotten?
  140. Sac event pulls
  141. Question abou souls
  142. It is possible to undo a sacrifice?
  143. Soulless drop rate for Beast Eddie
  144. ranking souls
  145. Different souls, same character?
  146. Legendary soul error
  147. Alchemist soul
  148. Maximum Souls?
  149. Best Christmas soul drop
  150. I got Redan
  151. Gunner Golden Son extra essence
  152. Leftover Soul Fragments
  153. Alexander Worthy?
  154. Fragments from Commons/Rares/Epics
  155. Catalyst Soul
  156. How can I get Sirius (cosmic wolf) ?
  157. Characters available from class specific legendary souls
  158. Esoteric Soul drop rates
  159. Sacrificed wrong character... ?
  160. Heroic advice needed.
  161. Common souls piling up - any suggestions ?
  162. save or spend heroic
  163. Which souls give frontier coins when summoned ?
  164. Magus Crimean Soldier
  165. NF summon cheat proof thread
  166. Trooper Soul Frontier Coins
  167. Final Results of October Events
  168. Any point saving Catalyst or Talisman souls for summoning event?
  169. Trooper souls
  170. Where is Ingami, Dog Spirit?
  171. Clan Soul Rewards
  172. Clan Soul Rewards
  173. Heroic 5* Summon Ratios
  174. Warrior Banshee