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  4. German Clans
  5. What is Clan rank, how is it determined, how can it be viewed??
  6. Order of Eld
  7. Clan Soul
  8. One more clan-trooper needed
  9. Romero's legion sweeps the arena!!!
  10. 2 spots available in RiseOfEddie
  11. Two spots open, join the BloodBrothers
  12. Most of clans are total dorkwads..
  13. Clan store problems
  14. clan contributions
  15. Seeking Active Clan
  16. Legion 666 clan / clemnt666
  17. RiseOfEddie Clan info.
  18. BigIronOnHip Info
  19. Earn Karma points, help a dummass- Clan edition
  21. How many clans have full participation?
  22. Clan Rosters
  23. The LightBrigade Clan
  24. Clan looking for members
  25. Never give up clan free slots
  26. clan level
  27. Clan challenge rewards
  28. Looking for a 100% active clan
  29. Teplar OS
  30. Clan leader stopped playing the game. no way to remove
  31. Flemish War, our Clan needs new members willing to go for it!
  32. Never give up clan recruiting NOW: second call
  33. stoners inc slots open
  34. Clan Hot Beast Switzerland
  35. I'm looking for a GOOD clanmates
  36. Soulreaper Clan
  37. Looking for a warm space near the fireplace in an active clan
  38. Brahami clan
  39. BloodBrother3 clan looking for active players
  40. Raid reward frags/souls still not showing up.
  41. The Guild...
  42. Seventh Sons Clan Looking for New ACTIVE Members
  43. Clan Chat....
  44. Troppers666 Recruiting Active Players
  45. Can Silver Soul....
  46. Looking for our 30/30 clan member In RiseOfEddie
  47. Super Elite clan looking for a member - come join us!
  48. To all member of Maiden Greece - ATTENTION
  49. Clan Fear the Dark
  50. The Frogs Of War - There's room for YOU!
  51. L D Runners (Ex maiden Greece) now recruiting
  52. Down Under
  53. Never Give Up Clan want you
  54. A briefcase, a lunch and a clan on the edge, looking for members for blazitiers clan
  55. Wrathchild Clan looking for members.
  56. Order of Eld has an opening...
  57. LV 19 clan "FinalFrontier" is recruiting new members!!!
  58. Merging of clans
  59. Inner Sanctum Clan
  60. Maiden Poland
  61. Open spots at IMLOTB 2
  62. join a clan
  63. Troopers666 Recruiting
  64. LudusCaesarus now open for members
  65. Maiden Poland Recruting
  66. BigIronOnHip is Back Up and Running
  67. Warlords Clan looking for 1 new member.
  68. Clan Run2TheHills
  69. The Mofo Cult - Opening(s)
  70. Caesar Inc is recruiting
  71. MaidenMN clan is recruiting !
  72. Warlords recruiting for an Active player
  73. Troopers666 Recruiting
  74. New clan "The Fallen"
  75. Looking to help out a helpful clan
  76. ELITE Francophone Recrute
  77. Started a new clan but need info
  78. 12 spots remain in The Fallen
  79. Looking for a laid back Clan
  80. New Opportunities At Little Caesars!
  81. Seventh Sons Clan Looking for to Add Troopers
  82. Why you should be interested in clans
  83. Looking for an active clan
  84. East End Eddies
  85. Elite Zomba clă seeking new blood
  86. Bulgaria 681 are recruiting
  87. EyeOf Horus is recruiting!
  88. Sea and Sky
  89. The eternals
  90. Want to join an active clan
  91. Iron Clan is recruiting
  92. The EXORCISTS Clan is recruiting Troopers.
  93. Rise Of Eddie is recruiting!
  94. LadiesofPain in search of new members!
  95. The Frogs of War want YOU!
  96. SPANISH TROOP CLAN is recuiting
  97. The Guild...
  98. First Clan have 8 spots available
  99. Reclutamiento Malaga Maiden
  100. Bloodbrother2 is recruiting
  101. Open Slots at Childs Play
  102. Troopers666 is recruiting!
  103. C(h)AoS is recruiting
  104. Caesar’s Gladiators open the doors for you
  105. The EXORCISTS Clan Needs You - JOIN NOW!
  106. Warlords recruiting for Active players
  107. Orion
  108. Eternal Fear is Recruiting
  109. RiseOfEddie clan has openings!
  110. Jomsvikings looking for members
  111. Warlords Clan Recruiting new members
  112. BeefTornado - Looking for Members
  113. Order of Eld needs reinforcements.
  114. L D Runners clan
  115. Spanish Language clans?
  116. The FLAMMA clan is waiting for new fighters!
  117. Pretty Girls from your town - Genuine Ladies
  118. Womans from your town - Real Women