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04-03-2018, 05:56 PM
Nightmares… spirits calling me. / Nightmares… they won’t leave me be.

New Character: Piece of Mind!

Piece of Mind Eddie may have lost touch with reality, but he creates and imposes his own with his debut in Legacy of the Beast. He has many skills which help keep his team buffed and safe from negative effects, including Cleansing, Reducing Duration of negative effects, and Perfect Immunity, while also providing a newly-improved Trap status effect and an entirely new MAX HP Up effect, which increases the Maximum HP of characters with that positive effect by 100%. Finally, use his Mad World fury to completely change the shape of battle by dealing an additional hit of random damage for every beneficial effect active on all allies and all enemies, while also removing all beneficial and negative effects from both teams!

Piece of Mind Eddie is a 5 star Sentinel available now in all appropriate souls, including a limited time Insanity Soul. Check out more on Piece of Mind Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9999-Piece-of-Mind-Eddie-(Sentinel-Type)).

New Feature: Auto-Replay

To help make the daily grind easier to manage, we’ve added a new Auto-Replay feature.

The Auto-Replay feature, when enabled, will automatically tap you through the End-of-Battle Results screen. This will let you spend Sands of Time to repeatedly clear a level until you run out of Sands of Time or you turn off the feature (with an option available mid-battle and at the end of the End-of-Battle Results screen). All of this occurs without you needing to tap the screen after you’ve started it, allowing you to more easily get Trooper Badges from using troopers, complete Event Challenges that require clearing a quest multiple times, etc.

At launch, only one option will be available, “Trooper Auto”. If enabled, each battle will slot a Trooper’s Champion into a team slot you have left open; if disabled, it will not use your Troopers and will continue to replay battles until another end condition is met. In the future, we will add additional options to this popup to allow you to tailor your Auto-Replay to better meet your needs.

You can access Auto-Replay on Cosmos or Time Rift Pre-Battle screens. It will only be available for quests you’ve already cleared at least once.

Character Tuning


PVP Changes

Fixed an issue where players could win an attack against another player, but victory points for players change as though the attacker lost

My Team Screen Changes

Improved the speed in which UI responds/when characters are visually loaded when selecting characters
Stat changes are now communicated when talismans are equipped/unequipped
Added visual effects when changing character selection and for equipping/unequipping talismans
Added visual indicators when viewing talismans for when an equipped talisman is 5★ and level 50, and an additional indicator when all 6 talismans are 5★ and level 50

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Improved load time when starting the game
Improved load time when switching from one feature to another in-game
Improved speed which game synchronizes information with the server at the end of battles (to reduce end-of-battle pause)
Improved stability in Store screens that include many options (including the Relics tab in the PVP Store)
Improved error handling for the Store relating to purchases failing due to wifi connectivity
Improved grammar in story dialog in various languages
Increased the UI element and font size for story dialog panels
Slightly increased battle speed while Auto Battle is active
Fixed an issue where the quest list in a Cosmos world could take longer to load after multiple instances of opening a quest list
Fixed an issue where a button to view your Relics was visible when visiting a Trooper’s team
Fixed an issue where empty slots for Troopers in the Pre-Battle screen were not populated correctly when first entering the screen on certain devices
Fixed an issue where the News button would be badged after it was viewed even if nothing had changed since last viewing
Corrected status effect name “Lower Fury Reduction” to “Lower Fury Generation”
Updated the English skill descriptions for the following: Cyborg Eddie’s Time to Lose, Navigator Eddie’s Roaring Wave, Iron Eddie’s Healing Music

April 12th Hotfix

Fixed an issue where the MAX HP Up status from Piece of Mind Eddie and Warrior Allied Soldier could leave a character with that status with 1 HP.
Fixed an issue where Piece of Mind Eddie’s Disturbance’s Trap positive effect would stun both the character with Trap and the character removing it if the Trap is forcibly removed
Fixed an issue that caused players’ VP to drop or jump dramatically, either at reset or mid-week (Note: this fix is not retroactive)
Fixed an issue where Troopers used with Auto-Replay sometimes weren’t assigned to a team correctly
Fixed an issue which could occasionally case load times for various features to be longer than necessary

April 19th Hotfix

Fixed an issue where players were getting incorrect VP for winning/losing in the Arena based on the delta between their VP and their opponent's VP