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04-09-2018, 06:41 PM
So ... It is true that the topic probably will die in the depths of this forum under tons of posts about bugs and new characters, but I thought I would share some ideas that could add a breath of freshness to the game. There are all sorts of ideas and I did not want to spam like advertising bots about streams, which were the plague of this forum months ago, so I decided to create one topic with a list of all ideas that include, among others:


Crusader Eddie / Sign of the Cross Eddie


Clan Tabs
Clan Shop
Clan Raids

Market / auctionhouse

So without unnecessary introductions I would like to go to the mentioned ideas.


As we all know, we already have a lot of characters in the game from well-known mascots from favorite albums, through singles, and ending with Angry birds Eddie like creatures. Birds. Eddies. You know what I'm talking about. To the point: we already have a lot of 5* Eddies from every possible class and at least one for 4 *. Well, theoretically? Yes. In practice? Not really. Sentinels have Fear of the Dark, Magus' have Carriage Rider, Gunners have Navigator and Holy Smokes, Assassins recently got Iron Eddie, and what about Warriors? Only Coalgiver that is only available once per year (during Christmas), so basically that is not Eddie we can get from simple rare souls or G/A souls. I also thought that it would be possible to introduce a new mascot modeled on The Sign Of The Cross with some toons to spice things up.

Crusader Eddie / Sign of the Cross Eddie



Deals 3 hits of physical damage to all enemies.
75% Chance to inflict physical burn, flame or blinding burn on hit for 2 turns
Grant Counterattack to allies for 1 turn
Damage scales with enemies MAX HP
LV2/3 DMG+ 15%/20%
LV4 Effect (Counterattack's) Duration +1


Fiery Sword
Deals 2 Deals 2 hits of physical damage to a single target.
25% Chance to inflict physical burn
LV2/4/5 DMG+ 10%/20%/25%
LV3 Effect duration (burn)+ 25%

Defensive Stance
Reduce Physical Damage.
Reduce Magic Damage.
LV2/3/4 DMG+10%/10%/10%

Heals all allies
30% Chance to remove Negative Effects from allies.
Heal allies for 30% of your Max HP.
LV2/3/4 Healing+ 5%/10%/10%
LV5 Effect Chance+ 15%


Reflect Magic (2 PWR)
Reduces Magic Damage.
Reflects Physical Damage back to the attacker.
LV2/3/4/5 DMG+10/10/10/10%

Eternal Flame (5PWR)
Deals physical damage to all enemies
Applies flame on hit
LV2/3/4/5 DMG+ 10%/10%/10%/10%

Encourage (4PWR)
Increase DEF of allies for 2 turns.
50% Chance to grant Counterstrike to all allies for 1 turn.

3 Open / 2 Warrior / 1 Sentinel

As to his animations, since The Sign Of The Cross talks about Inquisition, which, welp, burned heretics at the stake, fury skill would look like this: Eddie lifts the sword upwards, a burning stake with people tied to it comes out of the ground, they look at the opponents, shout and goes crazy, stake goes under the ground (a bit similar to FotD's tree animation).

As for other toons, most of 'em could be 3* with simple basic attacks, what about Inquisitors? I thought to bring some more toons that could use flare really (not only pyro's), so 5 new 4* toons that could inflict flare on basic attack, 2 of 'em could heal on power skill, 2 could attack all and rip beneficial effect out, one (sentinel) could be support that could raise stats up. Of course some could attack single target, some AoE.


Guild, group, team, clan, concept easily understood. In reference to Iron Maiden's music it would be best to just call it a clan (reason why below) in reference to the song The Clansman. Clans could have from 20 to 30 troopers, and like the troopers list, they would be used to be characters marked as leader. Why? This is a good question, but it will be about that in a moment. First, the clan window/tab. Just like Sacrifice or beloved (hated) Book of Souls, the clan's tab would have its own music, namely - the intro of a The Clansman song (slow, nothing too agressive, just right). Of course the icon would picture the leader's leader. Sounds complicated, but it's easy to understand. Let's say, we have 5 troopers in the guild with: rocket dog, Val, clairvoyant, Cyborg Eddie (their leaders) and me with... Let's say PoM Eddie as my leader. And I am the leader of the clan, so the icon of our clan would be PoM. Next to the list could be options: clan's management (troopers that would like to join in, current troopers in the clan), clan shop (with new currency like Clan coins that you could get from activities or clan events) and clan chat, so people can socialize a little bit more. Shop could sell stuff just like trooper shop or PvP shop - skill shards, xp shards, talismans and souls of all kinds with brand new Souls - Clan Soul (some new 5* with, wait for it, Clansman Eddie, which... I really have no creative idea about, but that could be actually fun thing in my humble opinion). And what about activities? I'd say something like LoL / BNW style Dungeon that you can enter to only while being in the clan and use ONLY leaders of clanmates. If clan wins - Every member could get small portion of Clan Coins, bigger part for those troopers that were used in the process of clearing the dungeon.


Something small and simple. Auctionhouse. We put our talismans, bundles of skillshards, souls and characters for other goods that we can basically trade with other troopers. Tired of grinding for 2 years for your favourite Eddie that doesn't want to pop up during souls throwing into the Book Of Souls? Visit market and check how much of gold or Ironite that character is going for and simply buy him from someone who already have like six of them. That would also be a good idea to silence some of the, excuse me for that, whiny players (mostly those who constantly goes about not getting anything out of 1 soul).

04-09-2018, 07:01 PM
I dig the guilds being named Clans. Sounds perfect for the game. I think Clansman Eddie could be the "bonkers 5* warrior" Eddie. Kind of how the Assassin's have Vampire Hunter, the Gunners have Aces High, Sentinel has Piece of Mind, (or Visions depending on your preference) and the Magus has Seventh Son Eddie.

I could see him, reviving and granting revenge and Perfect Immunity to allies. Something like that.

04-09-2018, 09:36 PM
very cool ideas man, especially the clans would fit perfectly. and very impressive thoughts about crusader eddie, would also fit perfectly in the game.
don't like the market idea though since this would ruin the game economy. their business model is to let us chase, and we have to respect that, since that's the backbone of their economy. without income no game.

04-10-2018, 12:15 AM
As long as we aren't forced to join clans. I hate it when games force people to join groups for content. That's my favorite thing about this game, no forced grouping.

I don't think a player market would work in this game. They seem to want us to auto grind for stuff.