View Full Version : PvP (Arena) reward tiers need tweaking

04-20-2018, 11:23 PM
The reward tiers in the Arena currently have a big hole in them for many players between Duelist I and Warlord III.

Currently (as I post):
2100 points puts you at approximately #3000 or lower. (Points needed for Warlord III->Warlord I)
2300 points puts you at approximately rank #2500. (Points needed for King III->King I)
2500 points puts you at approximately rank #1850. (Points needed for Eternal)

And the current #1 rank as I post is 21733 (last week was 13162).


Move the current levels from Warlord up higher in point requirements, and insert new tiers between Duelist I and Warlord III. Also make sure to add in at least 1 achievement in there relating to these tiers.

My current suggestion (probably def need tweaking, and just guessed values on my part):
Eternal: 3200 points, Rank #1
King I: 2800 points, Rank #5
King II: 2800 points, Rank #10
King III: 2800 points, Rank #25
Warlord I: 2500 points: Rank #50
Warlord II: 2500 points: Rank #100
Warlord III: 2500 points: Rank #250
Champion I: 2300 points: Rank #500
Champion II: 2300 points: Rank #1000
Champion III: 2300 points: Rank #2000
Knight: 2100 points: No rank req'd
Duelist I: 1900 points: No rank req'd (as current)

I think all the point values are still very achievable for those that currently reach the ranks above, so I don't think this will affect players currently consistently reaching those ranks, only those below them (Anyone below rank #250).

Note: As for rewards, they'll need to be scaled as appropriate. I might suggest though that perhaps consider making Iron Coins part of the Arena rewards once you get over a certain tier? In my example above, I'd suggest at least putting them on all tiers from Knight (last tier you need before rank counts) upwards, if not at even lower tiers.

Note: Don't give away a crap-ton of IC on the top levels, maybe 150 IC at the max. It's just meant as a reward/supplement for those that regularly play in the arena.

04-20-2018, 11:42 PM
The worst problem is making the minimum points for the tier but not making the rank. Eliminate that and simplify it. Points determines rank. Tier is based on a range. Then reset everyone every week.

For example I'm currently dualist I, 3100 points, rank 568. BUT warlord III is top 250 rank, the 2100 point threshold is useless, for me, as I'm over that

04-20-2018, 11:49 PM
The problem there is that the points change week from week.

In my suggestion above, we add at least 1 more tier that has no rank requirement, and then we start into what should be somewhat achievable rank requirements today.

Also, by adding the "Knight" rank, this can be expanded later as the game gets bigger (eg: change Knight to Knight I and add a Knight II, then maybe later a knight III).

Also of note: I think that maybe even my suggestion of a max of 150 IC per week for reaching the top tier is too much. However, a reasonable amount of IC (say 100-200) might make the perfect once-off achievement reward for hitting certain levels (eg: Knight, Champion I, Warlord I, King I).

04-21-2018, 12:07 AM
Doesn't really matter since now, relics make the top 5-10 hit the 20K mark of points.

I absolutely did post something about 6 months ago stating the 2100pts/250 rank was LAUGHABLE at that time. It's even worse now.

04-22-2018, 12:23 AM
I've noticed.

The only other thing I could suggest is that the points tiers get totally separated from the rank tiers. eg: Have rewards for reaching a rank, and have separate rewards for reaching x points.

Sure the top people will still get a lot of stuff, but if the point tiers go up to at least 2900 (or more), then there's a lot more rewards and achievements that people can shoot for.