View Full Version : Counter (not talismans) Characters

04-28-2018, 04:37 PM
Well, over the time, we had several eddies and other good-great characters....

So i'd say, you can divide them (let's just keep it now for the eddies and characters with fury) in several categories:

Effect spawners (positive on self)
Effect removers (both)
Effect casters (negative on enemies)

There are several encounters where some eddie counters the previous released one:
Example: Trooper, Monarch and 7th son eddie were follow up effect spawners, while recent characters (especially the POM-Eddie, but also the beast and the Iron Eddie) are their counterparts. Whereas the POM Eddie is the remover, the beast and iron eddie can also be good counters to the POM. (especially the beast, if he hits Doom on POM or any of his toons)

POM > Trooper/Monarch/7th Son
Beast > POM

Do you any good counter finisher-character-combinations?