View Full Version : new playing style and new content

04-30-2018, 08:14 PM
New playing style leads to easy new content. I have an idea of how to create a league (guilds) that would immediately lead to more content without a lot of new coding. Make groups out of sets of troopers. Each group will be treated as 1 player on a leaderboard. The groups compete against each other and are ranked on the leaderboard. Have a weekly event where players gain individual event rewards for competing event objectives. Have additional rewards based on how your guild ranked on the leaderboard. These challenges would be objectives, AND also achievements. Rewards would be shards, soul fragments, whole souls, iron coins and frontier coins. There can be exclusive characters earned in these weekly events along with chances to get older characters. There can be free and paid offers that will help complete the objectives of achievements during the event. Adventuring can take place in different areas and with different teams to complete objectives and achievements. Then perhaps once a month a new zone could be added (like lord of light 11, or powerslave zone2, etc.).