View Full Version : New on forums, but back from a year hiatus

05-01-2018, 05:16 AM
Hello all! U.S. Central time zone here. I stated playing when it first came out, but quit for a while. I have a few random troopers, no one i know. There are a couple of 4/5 stars (one Nav Eddie!) most are 2, 3 star Eddies. Eddies i currently have are: Eddie; RTTH; Wickerman; SofL; Pharaoh. Just got Pharaoh with the 7 day login. . I never really applied any thought to sacrificing or leveling Eddie's. Ergo I now have a vanilla Eddie ready to take to 4 star when I could have waited and leveled better ones. My Pharaoh is level 40/80 with 11k hp. (thank God for the list of posts dedicated to each Eddie!!!). Is anyone willing to take on a casual trooper? Or even just help? I have a bunch of 3 star allies I've summoned but only one 4 star. Given the nebulous approach i applied to allies as well, the teams I can muster are random collections of barely mutually supportive characters.... Thanks for any help!