View Full Version : Which Character to level next?

05-05-2018, 03:06 PM
Hi! what are some recommendations on which character to level next? I'm focusing on PvE to advance characters since I'm WAY outclassed in PvP.
My team consists of the following, including LOTS of Sentinel. What maps can I grind with only Garden unlocked?

Eddies: Pharoah (4*, lvl 51), Holy Smokes 3*, 60), RTTH (3*, 35), SoL (3*, 35), Wicker Man (3*, 26)

4*: Soulless Demon (S, lvl 50)
3*: Allied Soldier (S, lol 60), Wicker Dog Queen (M, 60), Desert Warrior (W, 54), Wicker Dog of Night (M, 37), Rock Golem (S, 25), Owl Cultist (M, 20), Demon dog (W, 13), Demon Spawn, Chopper (S,1), Axis Soldier (W, 1), Ox Cultist (S, 1), Allied Soldier (G, 1)

2*: all lvl... Dark HG (M), HellDice (S & W), Undead hunter (G)

1*: Ox Soul (W), Voidling (W), Pharaoh Water Spirit (M)

Thank you for your insights!!!