View Full Version : Game Update - May 9th, 2018

05-09-2018, 06:43 PM
A monthly update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

Character Tuning

Changes since preliminary notes in blue.


Store Changes

The Trooper Store is now accessible via the Trooper feature instead of the normal Store button (but can also be accessed by tapping the Trooper Badge currency bar where it is visible)
Improved legibility of prices by adding thousands separators
Increased the size of the store item image for various store entries

My Team Changes

Added additional feedback to clarify you’re getting an XP Bonus for using XP Shards/Runes that match the color of the character/talisman you’re powering up
Added a new Colorless XP Shard (which has an XP Bonus for all classes), to be earned from future events and promotions
Improved the loading process for entering the My Team screen from the End-of-Battle Results screen

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Revised portions of the early experience to better guide players on using skills in appropriate situations
Improved initial loading of the game for new players
Fixed an issue where the enemy occasionally had a delay before taking actions in the early experience
Revised the Trooper Badge currency icon to be a coloured flag
Adjusted art for tabs to better indicate which tab is selected
Adjusted the Auto-Replay feature to still show the Auto-Replay button in the Pre-Battle screen even if you lack the Sands of Time to start a battle
Adjusted the Arena Introduction tutorial to guide players to experiencing the feature when it is unlocked
Added a badge to direct players to the Trooper feature when it is unlocked
Fixed an issue which could cause a hang in the Brave New World
Fixed an issue where packs in the Offers feature may not represent being purchased until the Offers popup is closed and reopened
Fixed an issue where certain characters would have some sounds play even if the SFX in options is reduced to 0%
Minor improvements to wording of the following skill description(s): Alexander Eddie’s Pitched Battle
Adjusted the server infrastructure to improve stability

Hot Fixes

May 9th Hotfix: Challenges involving actions in the My Team screen will now track progress and be completable again
May 9th Hotfix: Achievements for the unreleased Gauntlet feature have been removed