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05-23-2018, 06:21 PM
Thinking about having a go at the extreme difficulty level 10 BNW battles. I will definitely get all the other challenges, but need some advice on some talisman combos. I have a fully sharded alchemist, corrupt general, witch doctor, wickerman, lady azov. Also have Alliance general, all Mayan priestess (no gunner) all corrupt rescuer, sentinel and magus Valkyrie, trooper team and eternity teams completed. All tricksters, all choppers all angels...but never really dialed them in for battle. So I feel like I have some pretty good toons and talisman sets, but just looking for a bit of advice for some of these. Stands-2072 if anyone wants to check out my team, as Iím always looking for new troopers too. Thanks so much for help

05-23-2018, 06:38 PM
With BNW it's the Eddie that can be more important. If he dies just once, you lose and you don't get the chance to revive him (well unless you want to pay the 50 ironite). And some Eddies can die easily in BNW X.

What Eddies do you have that are sharded?

05-23-2018, 06:46 PM
Grim reaper. Mystic. Shaman. Piece of Mind. Was going to throw some shards on Trooper Eddie. The warrior team is going to give me trouble, as I donít have any that revive

05-23-2018, 07:38 PM
i used Grim reaper for GOL 10 and POM for GOF 10 don't know for GOD, i'm searching perhaps trooper eddie, i don't have the 2 best, clansman and alexander ;)

05-23-2018, 07:57 PM
I, personally, think Shaman and Mystic aren't powerful enough. Shaman's Warrior, so I'd focus on Trooper Ed.

PoM should be good with the Sentinel class team (that's what I used). I also used the S Mayan, the Green Lilith, the S Corrupt Rescuer on the Sentinel team with no problems.

GRE should do well for the Magus team. I did also use Lady Azov there. I tried the Corrupt General, on auto-play he was a problem because he kept using the Fury and not leaving it for others. Manually, he may be okay. But he doesn't really hit that hard (you can't tun the Dragon King). Same fury problem with Alchemist on auto-play, but manually he may be okay. I tried the Blue Lilth.. didn't work for me.

Trooper is okay on Warrior, but the Dragon King in GOD X is going to be tough with Trooper. Possible, but tough. If you have the Warrior Allied Soldier, he'll revive others.. but again, if Ed dies, that's it. No reviving Ed. I tried the red Lilith.. again, didn't work for me. The hard part about the GOD X is the "all must survive" aspect. Even with all the Eddies fully sharded with full talismans, and all my characters fully sharded with full talismans, it was a manual thing I had to watch and pay attention to hit order to make it work.

In terms of talismans, that's kind of stylistic. I prefer to boost heath when possible. So, I pretty much never use Mystic, Sorcery, Onslaught, or Skilled talismans in my main characters. After that.. check skills and see what boosts attack/magic. Then aim for powering that stat as much as possible. In cases of True Damage, or Random damage, boosting both ATK and MAG can help, but if you boost one higher than the other, you'll still get some power hits.

So, for example PoM deals random damage and scales it based on his Max HP. So boosting both ATK and MAG help, but boosting HP will help as well. Talisman slots are 2 green 1 yellow... I'd load him with a HP boost green set (Health set - Ward or Overwhelming), then yellow is your choice. I'd use a 3 set (Chance, Angel, Thief [I wouldn't bother with the Force set]) with a mix of Will and Bulwarks to boost ATK, MAG, and HP all at the same time. So that's 5 talismans.. that 6th slot is your call. You could do a 3-set green to boost health more (or just another random green), or throw a random yellow in there to boost special more so Fury comes more often. Or a random red to boost ATK, or a random blue to boost MAG.

For a warrior team, healing can help with the Dragon King.. Crimson Dog, or the Heal talismans on someone (which unfortunately are all Mystic).