View Full Version : Legacy Support- Seeing much higher Crashes at Night-Is this Server capacity issues?

08-22-2016, 05:40 PM
We have noticed a significantly higher game crash/bomb out/disconnect rate at night say 8-11p EST US and much less crashes and disconnects during day time play.

Anyone else notice this difference in play time and crash/disconnect frequency?

During past 3 days playing during day saw 1 crash/disconnect per 7-8 fights

During last Saturday and Sunday night (~8-11p EST US) could barely play 2-3 fight before crashing to IPAD icon desktop and having to re-load program in all cases losing borrowed trooper and sandglass play points.

My IT days tell me maybe this is a server end issue around handling load and maybe very short timeout setting....seems logical as most crashes happen while the spinner is lagging and loading a fight.

Playing on IPAD 4 128k device.

Legacy Team Support: Have you noticed capacity, high traffic handling or server end issues particularly at night that may be attributing significantly to user disconnects and crashing at a high rate?