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06-11-2018, 10:38 PM
Found an amazing combo for exhaust if you don't have one of the characters that inflicts this negative effect, and your only source for using it is from a Trooper.

The below works if you have someone who has Magus Lillith as a trooper (assuming you have the other chars).

The team I used was:
* Aces High Eddie (mine was fully sharded)
* Gold Idol (any, pref max lvl, no need for sharding - could probably play without this character)
* Magus Lillith (Trooper, was unsharded).

You need to play this manually (no auto play).

The goal of the team is that ONLY Magus Lillith does damage (and can inflict Exhaust every attack). By doing this you prolong the game a lot, but stack up a LOT of exhausts.

Any talis that reduce/stop damage (not reflect), raise HP, stop you dying, heal or remove negative effects are good for your characters in this method (eg: Force, Angel, Immunity, Steel, Endure, Heal, Immortal, etc).

Depending on the power of your characters, choose either:
* Powerslave (Last level Kingdom of the sands)
* A Matter of Life and Death (Last level Battlefield)

Use whatever level hardness allows you to get through the whole level without dying.

These levels have 5 rounds of opponents, which gives you more chances to inflict Exhaust.

Each round was basically this:
1. Aces High: Roulette (Basic, Future) - Heal the whole team.
2. Gold Idol: Greed (Power, Cost 1) - Steal power from opponents.
3. Magus Lillith: Quell (Basic) - Magic damage, inflicts Exhaust, 50% chance of another attack.


The goal is to inflict Exhaust as many times as possible WITHOUT killing the characters.

Spread your Lillith attachs across the enemies to avoid killing them as much as possible, especially when you get multiple attacks per turn. eg: Target the enemy with the most HP.

Beware of your troopers Lillith dying, due to all the enemies hitting her at once. If that happens, either let the whole team die and spend the ironite to continue, or if you don't have the ironite, finish the level with the remaining characters as fast as possible and try again with another Trooper.

eg: I got all the way to the 4th round of A Matter of Life and Death before Lillith was killed (4x Pyros, maybe take out the Green and Assassin Pyros first, as they did the most damage to Lillith). I probably could have inflicted quite a number more Exhausts if I'd killed at least one of those characters off first.

As it was, I got 71 Exhausts in just one battle(!), which was enough for me to complete the Challenge (I was at 116 going in).

Got other strategies using different troopers and your own toons? Post them below.

06-11-2018, 11:22 PM
You can also Soldier Eddie as he also has Roulette. If you don't need the heals you can also use Eddie or Pharaoh Eddie as they both have Hunt as a basic attack that does no damage. Pharaoh also has a heal revive that does no damage for a power ability.

06-12-2018, 05:31 AM
Cef clear your inbox....

06-12-2018, 08:01 AM
Rags: Done, do the same. :P

06-12-2018, 01:19 PM
you can also replace aces high eddie by storm eddie.