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06-27-2018, 12:27 AM
My GPD with Angels an Immunity got stunned from Visions Eddie Fury????

Lord Schmeb
06-27-2018, 04:11 PM
Oh ya, I havenít seen that particular one, but minor bugs like this are popping up every other fight for me. Sometimes they are beneficial, like when my Prisoner disables passives on the other team, even if no red buff is showing on any of the opposing players, but more often than not, the minor bugs hurt me. Off the top of my head in the last few days (300 Arena battles):

1) Opposing player has less than a sliver of HP left, yet when hit with what should be a final death-blow, not only does the health not go down and the toon not die, but they actually regen 10% hp or so. IF I have another turn and attack that same guy, even if it is a weak-ass attack, he goes down. If I donít have another turn, then I just get bent over.

2) Insane regen/heal for no reason. That is to say, last night I was up against a team and I had one of them down, two of them under 20% health, and one with a sliver of health left. I attacked the one with a sliver, killed him, then attacked one of the final two remaining with my last guy/turn. Not only did I not get the kill on that turn, which I absolutely should have (it was on a Clair, with no buffs, no Angel passive or regen of any kind (I went back and fought him again and manually checked all skills and talismen) and Iíd estimate she had less than 500 hp left - and I was attacking with a fully buffed KKKlansman), she and her teammate all of a sudden got 26k heals out of nowhere. She then used fury, brought back the team with 100% health (itís been a while since Iíve paid attention, but have they always revived with full health?), and proceeded to obliterate my team.

3) By far the biggest issue Iím having is my buffs from talismen arenít working. Itís my understanding that Passive Disable does just that, it disables passives - but it is sure good at disabling buffs and talismen effects as well. 75% of the time I face a team with Prisoner, I will inexplicably have zero buffs on my toons. It doesnít matter who he is paired up with, it appears to be totally random.

4) Buff icons showing up, but not doing what theyíre supposed to do. Immortality seems to be the big one here; I have the golden buff up, no permadeath, no perfect corruption, nothing else that I know of that would make my revive not revive, but sure as shit, one out of five times one of my guys dies with PI up and active, he stays dead.

5) On the flip side, Iíve had half a dozen fights in the last two days where I kill an opposing toon, who is buffless and debuffed to the core (been playing with Primordials), but yet he will inexplicably revive after I kill him.

6) Finally, this one has been bugging the shit out of me for some time now, but can someone tell me how/why a toon with INVINCIBILITY can still be DoTíd, stunned, debuffed, and even killed? Seriously, the point of being INVINCIBLE is that nothing can hurt/affect you, right? Maybe Iím off base here, but it is beyond frustrating to put a team together, to build it around a solid toon that needs protection (because heís as sturdy as wet toilet paper), only to have him be loaded up with debuffs, DoTís, and other such nicities (mostly from Mr. 4-Star Iron Eddie - FUCK I hate that guy!) and then stunned for two turns. Itís all sorts of fun to have my allegedly invincible teammate come out of his stun with 20% or less HP remaining. Sure am glad I put the time and effort into building a team around something that doesnít work as advertised/intended.

Thatís all for now, because Iím tired of typing.

06-27-2018, 05:57 PM
My GPD with Angels an Immunity got stunned from Visions Eddie Fury????

Posted this before on some other thread: This happens to me all the time. Not only with GPD but anyone with Angel talis. Angel talis seem to simply not remove the stun. Happens occasionally against other opponents too, but against Visions Eddie quite frequently. Definitely a bug there.

06-27-2018, 08:25 PM
Prisoner also stuns my PoM with Angels all the time. Been happening for months. I just learn to deal with it.