View Full Version : Which lilith should I choose as a second?

07-21-2018, 08:19 AM
Hello guys!

I'm creating team for pvp and don't have a lot of experience, could you help me with choosing Lilith perfect fitting to my team?

I'm using:
Sharded VHEddie / now 7th Son but unsharded (eclipse talismans on active character)
Gunner Child of the damned (primorials)
Magus Lilith for blocking / previously the Warrior Undead Rescuer with steel talismans
Angel of Mercy - THIS character I want to swap (team need more firepower)

All chars are fully sharded except 7Son.

Usually my team is lacking of firepower, which Lilith should I choose to get to #250?
I've earned 750 frontier coins and can choose one.
I have 9 skill shards on board.

Or should I use shards on 7son instead of sharding new Lilith?

I'm thinking about Warrior or Gunner but Sentinel will be good too but defensive, Asassin seems to be nice to...
I have no idea and too many options. What should I do?

07-21-2018, 08:54 AM
I recommend Sentinel, she doesn't hit very hard but she brings alot of utilities to your team, going off of your build you can benefit from healing in addition to your Eclipse set, that way, any minimum damage that SSE would take would most likely be healed right back up in thanks to her passive. Plus you have revive, immunity to health reduction, and an easy way of getting rid of perfect Immunity. I always pair the green Lilith with Blue and give blue a set of Destiny talismans.

My personal setup for Sentinel Lilith is Fate+Power Talismans. That way it's more energy for you and when she gets Ascension+Critical Strike (From your CotD) she can reliably one-shot many opponents.

07-21-2018, 12:24 PM
For fire power i believe warrior lilith with echo talis is the best but to be honest i think she performs better if paired with beelzebub or any other toon that can inflict multiple burning effects at multiple targets.
If your goal is to climb the ranks i'm sure sentinel is the way to go. She's a game changer at defense and highly increase your survivability on atack as she can make your blue lili and GCOTD tank a lot specially if she has crit from primordials.
G Lilith after the nerf is still good but i now only use her against teams with 2 or more sets of primordials since her damage without the bonus against golden effects is now very low.
The assassin one i don't like at all, sacrifice two of them and i have no regret.

Anyway i recommend you to not spend those FC, i bought the gunner lilith with FC with exactly the same goal as yours in mind (get to #250) and i managed it, got into the #50 actually but to remain there it's really demanding on time and resources. You drop very fast from ~200 back to ~1000 if you don't keep playing all day long and buying SoW refills (or sacrificing). If i had a little patience and waited till the next fragment event i would now have 1000+ FC and still have gunner lilith. But i totally understand your hurry to buy her.

07-21-2018, 12:34 PM
I have both of these Magus Lilith for blocking / previously the Warrior Undead Rescuer with steel talismans

I am also building a defense lineup for PVP and wondering which of these is more promising?

WuR with stell + strike talismans or blue Lilith (no idea on talismans)

07-21-2018, 01:41 PM
Thanks guys!:)
I'm thinking about Sentinel Lilith now too. To focus on defense and use 7son as an atacker.
If I swap Anger of Mercy I'll struggle with no revive (only 20%) and someone with revive will be helpfull.

I have Energy + Cyclone talismans on Angel of Fear but when I will swap to Sentinel Lilith I'll try with Void + Energy talismans (for greater defense).

@Leano - how can I get more FC? Im buying trooper fragments - use them and get 100 FC, same with Eternity fragments but it take a lot of time to get any... Is there a way to get them faster? Obtaining a Lilith from event same gives +100 FC.
- trooper souls +100FC
- eternity souls + 100FC
- using 500 lilith fragments on events +100FC
- any more ways instead of buying them?

@Noventa - On WUR I used a full health Mystical and iron skilled talismans to boost HP, MR and DEF. Then I swap them to Steel + 3x health mystical.
I dont try steel + other stealable (3x) buff (cause on defense lot of guys use steal beneficial effect so... dont want to give them too many buffs to steal:D).
I only boost hp on him for survability and defense.
On Magus Lilith I saw that best talismans are Destiny + Immunity, I'm using Destiny + Warp Will to have more hp and magic. Lilith is more about luck and RNG (random buff while receiving damage) and some bugs (dont get any buff after true damage or after death etc...)
Magus Lilith > Warrior Undead Rescuer but it depends on enemy team :)