View Full Version : Best of the best Eddies for PVP

07-21-2018, 02:03 PM
Hello guys!
I'm thinking about best pvp Eddie in game.
Currently I have:

7th Son
Vampire Hunter (fully sharded)
Grim Reaper
Speed of Light
Aces High
Run to the hills
Fear of the dark
Carriage Rider
Wicker Man
Holy Smoke Eddie

Which will be best for PVP? I consider about some posts here that 7th son is one of the best. Rainmaker, Vampire Hunter and Eternity Eddie too but from my list should I swap 7th son for Rainmaker?

Who will be the best from the list? I don't have a lot of great eddies - this a list of all my eddies.

But who is best Rainmaker now or 7th Son?
Could you tell me which eddie which is not on my list will be will be BEST? Iron, beast, cyborg, PoM?

07-21-2018, 09:05 PM
I'd I had to personally rate them from worst to best... I'd go like this

D-Tier: Useless

18. Wicker Man

17. Carriage Rider

16. Mummy

15. Holy Smoke Eddie

14. Run to the hills

C-Tier: Not recommend if you have someone better

13. Storm

12. Soldier

11. Fear of the dark

10. Grim Reaper

B-Tier: A big cut above the rest, but not quite there yet

9. Tailgunner

8. Pharaoh

7. Vampire Hunter

6. Eternity

5. Shaman

A-Tier: Very good for PvP with a good supporting team

4. Speed of Light

3. Aces High

2. Rainmaker

S-Tier: Among the best you can have around

1. 7th Son