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07-22-2018, 08:56 AM
Hello guys!

I play this game for a few months and try to play arena for a few weeks, but...
I found that arena is a lair of bugs or I'm jus a mad man!!!

I've earned eclipse and primorials talismans (cost me a lot of work and time) then bought destiny talismans and want to reach #250, but:
- primorials sometimes doesn't work after revive (shroud too)
- primorials works strange against other primorials
- permdeath/doom don't cause enemy to die permanently and sometimes they could even be revived (how?!)
- shroud is usually removed by Prisioner (but not always)
- shroud could don't even work in battle (some battles enemy hit me normally, even without debuffs and any negative effects on me! - I'm destroyed without a reason in 2 hits)
- destiny talisman sometimes don't even work (same - no negative effects on my lilith and she don't get any buff on receiving hit)
- magus lilith with destiny talismans can die by single hit, even when I have angel of mercy next to her with his passive
- one of the craziest ones: magus lilith can die, get revived and die another tame in a single hit... How did it even get happened? She dont receive any damage and only get revived and dia without a reason?!
- my magus lilith sometimes get revive (from angel of mercy) and revive with only a few hp points, sometimes with 1/4, 1/3 sometimes with 1/100...
- beast eddie or iron eddie can deal sooo hudge damage and can destroy whole my team in one hit, I dont even know how?!
- playing against top 250 players is a horror for me, sometimes my team can be killed in single move from one enemy (lilith can die 2x or even 3x in single hit)
- fightning agains Prisioner is a pain in my ... my blocking is removed without displayed icon, shroud doesnt work, angel of mercy passive doesnt work and EVERYTHING without a "remove passive" icon displayed, I dont even know if my passives are ON or OFF in battle...
- those who had Prisioner can kill my whole team with single turn... I dont have Prisioner so I can only watch a rape of my build team... :(
- the pvp is about Have Prisioner and win or dont have prisioner and watch your loss...
- that thing with Magus Lilith dying, reviving and dying one more times makes me cry... It's my blocked and get killed by one hit, revive and die one more time without receiving any damage!!!

I play with 7son(eclipse), angel of mercy(energy+cyclone), GCoD(primorials), lilith(destiny+immunity) and had battles when my 7son was destroyed by single hit from enemy, THROUGH blocker, THROUGH shroud On. No "disable passives", no ANY negative effects... Just one hit and go fight withou eddie... Beast eddie killed my 3 chars in single attack at the first turn of the battle.

Is it normal? Or I'm just a noob who dont know how it works? I build team thinking that they can survive even one turn from top players and I'm WIPED OUT by AI on attack/revenge...

What am I doing wrong?!
This game is great, people here are awesome, but PVP... I dont even know how situations like this can even get happened. Or is it having such a lot of bugs or I'm just an unexperienced player?
Sorry, that really pis***d me off...

07-22-2018, 02:13 PM
I too use the Eclipse Talismans on Seventh Son eddie and notice his survivability hasnt really increased much or sometimes it seems like they havent helped at all. Im not sure if these talismans are bugged or just underpowered right now. I feel like a guard shield for 2 turns is more effective than than shroud for the whole battle. Just my observation though, Iíll keep an eye out for any updates regarding the eclipse set.

07-22-2018, 02:39 PM
Aset can easy remove eclipse

07-22-2018, 03:14 PM
Every talisman that works as a passive buff (Schrod, angel, eco, primordial, valor ecc) once the toon who was wearing it die, even after reborn lose the buff or beneficial offered by the talisman. Gimp is a clear example with primordial. Cheers

07-22-2018, 08:56 PM
But what about that situation:
- enemy attack my Magus Lilith
- my Lilith die with one hit
- she get revive
- she died one more time

Everything is done after one hit from enemy and within one turn of one enemy character, is it a bug or a damage after a damage or something with delay.
How even is it possible?

Characters should die from damage taken not from being revived or die without any attack/any reason? Bug in animations or in a game?

07-26-2018, 10:16 AM
- primorials works strange against other primorials

Are there any infos here from the devs how these talisman is working or ... should working against another or more than one toon equipped with it?

I tested my own defence so many times with 1 Prisoner vs 1 Prisoner. On my defence team the buffs from other talismans are sometimes removed and sometimes not (1st round at the start of the fight). When and why they are removed should be answered from the devs (maybe they know what they are developing...).

Is this happening because of a special yellow buff and not because of the Prisoner's passive?