View Full Version : Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash...

08-24-2016, 06:10 AM
This game gets worse everyday, the crashing is pathetic, no point in even having troopers anymore because you can't use any of them. The guys in Iron Maiden would be embarrassed to have their logo and their mascot in this game if they tried to play it right now. It's a bad joke, the bugs go unfixed and the support team doesn't respond to emails, likely because they are flooded with messages about how buggy this game is by thousands of pissed gamers and Maiden fans. This game is a sham, we are obviously the beta testers and nothing is going to be done about the horrible, horrible problems with this game. It seems obvious to me this company wasn't ready for hundreds of thousands of Maiden fans to download this game at all. They sure want you to spend your money on store sales, but the bugs go unfixed for weeks and weeks. This is a piss poor app from a company that can't handle the volume of fans that want to play. Maiden should have went through a professional company that could have seen this awesome concept through correctly. I don't blame my favorite band, I blame this company for taking on more than they can handle and doing absolutely nothing to fix the problems or compensate the players like myself who have lost countless hours and loot on this app. Give it up guys, your work ethic and customer service absolutely stinks.