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08-05-2018, 04:46 AM
I know this has been a huge debate on the forums for a while, but I think I want to throw my hat into the ring: the new four star Eddies are much more powerful than the 5 star ones. Iron Eddie and Doomsday Eddie trump Seventh Son, Clansman (in some cases), Piece of Mind, and last and certainly least: Beast Eddie. The last one upsets me the most because I love Beast Eddie's design, animations, and ability names, but they simply don't stack up. Iron Eddie can consistently bring extreme devastation to an enemy team with his future Basic Ability and his Fury, and Doomsday Eddie is just unstoppable in the arena. It's just so annoying to face off against these characters with PoM and Beast (since they're the new Eddies I've skillsharded the most) and then get annihilated by Doomsday Eddie. Maybe I'm just bad at making Arena teams, which is entirely possible, but I just feel like I keep getting knocked down by the enemy team. I know Talismans also play a huge role in the fighting, hence why I hate Primordial Talismans so much, but I just feel like I'm being screwed over every time I don't get a certain new Eddie. I thought I was genuinely lucky to receive Beast Eddie from the Cathedral souls, but it ended up being worthless in the end because Beast Eddie kinda blows.

08-05-2018, 05:00 AM
I could not disagree more, what you need to do in my opinion is just keep doing what your doing.
I thought exactly the same way some months ago, I had no Beast Eddie, no 7th Son, no Iron Eddie still no POM and no Clansman.
My champion Eddie was Pharoah and I did remarkable things with him just ask some of the regular forum troopers who faced me in PVP.
Right now I use Cyborg Eddie prior to that I had a short stint using Iron Eddie, but me being me wanted a different look team to all the LOTB lemmings(forum members excused).
So just keep going, build up your relics in particular, I keep a spreadsheet with all my relics listed so I can see how many I have acquired out of the the possible 360 there is.
Like you said keep trying different combo's of toons and if you see someone else with a winning formula copy it if you want and play with it, tweak it to suit your personal tastes and playing formula.
I don't have Beast Eddie either and would probably swap out Cyborg and give him a go in PVP so don't give up on him brutha!
Just keep going!

08-05-2018, 09:30 AM
I actually have more fun with Beast and PoM Eddie than I do with Iron and Doomsday Eddie. Beast Eddie is a phenomenal team healer and enemy disabler, and his damage isn't half bad either. I like to think that his A.I. isn't really that clever though.

Piece of Mind Eddie has been my favorite ever since I got him with his health buff and his insane fury. I mean, double health for someone like Horus? That's like 80k health with 6 green Talismans. Even more counting relics.

And between Iron and Doomsday, I prefer Doomsday because he is just a damage monster. I don't really care for Iron Eddie though, maybe I just don't have the right talisman set on him.

08-05-2018, 04:33 PM
I am still trying to find the right build for Beast Eddie. He has some great potential especially with his Fury ability to remove all negative effects including silver. To really make him shine you need to be able to remove immunity fron the enemy. You also have heal and revive plus bloodlust all to support your team. IE and DDE are damage dealers with no doubt but with exhaust on them they are held at bay and guess what Beast can do that.

PoM is still one of my favorite eddies. His versatility is unmatched in the game. Cleanse/perfect immunity, invincibility,heal,extra turns and if that doesn’t help...level the playing field with fury and start again. When I received him he took a back seat to Clansman that I had received two days prior. The next week I looked at him more closely and he took me all the way to the podium. He has a counter for almost everything that a team can throw at you. Mayan Priestess/Gunner Lillith stealing your buffs...enjoy this Trap (this is my personal favorite cause I hate a Mayan Priestess as most of you know). Negative effect caster? No problem Perfect Immunity for two rounds and a heal! Big damage dealers? Here is Invincibility and and extra turn. You cant ask for a more rounded support eddie.

Its all about building to their strengths. Pick your battles. Yes the 4* eddies have specialized power but they have weakness too. I think that is the main difference between the 4* and 5*. IE and DDE are great at what they do but that is all they do. Keep looking at the opponents. Look for a way to make your team have the advantage. It doesn’t take long to figure out the meta and unhinge it.

09-03-2018, 02:33 AM
I'm more upset about past event talismans than new toons. As mentioned before, for every eddie there're lots of toons for supporting it. I used Trooper eddie for a long time since he can cleanse the entire party including silver buffs, heal, and endure with his fury (plus the song during it) , and after getting doomsday and rainmaker almost at the same time I had to change my entire team to adapt to those new eddies.

It's not that you have to use the same team for every battle also.