View Full Version : Help with Focus on Defense/cohesion

08-13-2018, 09:22 PM
Hello all. I need some help now that my roster is starting to look pretty good. The past two weeks have seen me pull quite a few good toons, and I need help whittling down who to share and give talisman priority. I've been running basically an All Warrior team with Samurai, Heavy, Sekhmet (all 3 fully sharded) and Wicker/+1. However, I have also added many new additions to the roster including:
-Red Troll
-Death Dog
-Allied General
-Blue Lilith
-Purple Flame thrower
-Undead Crimean Assassin
-Blue Mayan Priestess
-Golden Pharoah Dog

In addition, I recently pulled 7th Son Eddie too. I don't come across skill shards too often, so guidance on who to focus my team composition and cohesion will be appreciated.
Thanks! (My first post here)