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08-31-2018, 12:07 AM
I'd like to hear some opinion on which Eddie use skill shards: Doomsday vs Rainmaker.

Thing is I don't have primordials and this far I've using trooper Eddie so as to cleanse my team from silver debuffs (specially since iron eddie seems to be among the favourites in higher ranks). My only good talisman set is Eternal.

So I was wondering which Eddie should I use skill shards on. Since Doomsday removes all buffs, though I have to wait untill my rage skill. Or rainmaker that has 2 skills to contrast golden buffs from a single target.

Both need a high amount of shards (30 and 33) so I'd like to read some opinions on the matter. On my allies side I have: Sekhmet, corrupt rescuer assassin, horus, miss azov, warrior and sentinel lilith, undead rescuer (warrior), Osiris, gunner pharao dog, desert sniper and marauder, gunner valkirye. That's pretty much the best I have.

Thanks for your help!

08-31-2018, 03:32 AM
I don't have Doomsday Eddie but if I did he would be my next Eddie to shard - no brainer really he causes me no end of grief from other teams top 100 based.
I don't think I have seen a serious Rain maker based team since Arena began, I still haven't sharded mine....

08-31-2018, 05:02 AM
Rainmaker is great but he's a single target Assassin, plus he dies easily if you don't already have shroud on him. Doomsday is basically an AOE version of him who does insane damage to multiple targets. You can inflict grevious burn and crave with his basic. Grevious burn is a stupid good debuff and crave is useful for fighting a sentinel Lilith. Also, his future basic will give everyone echo if you use it on someone who has crave. His fury is a literal nuclear bomb that just wrecks the other guys.

In short, I'd pick Doomsday over Rainmaker.

08-31-2018, 05:40 AM
Rainmaker might be Assasin by nature but not by class just to clarify....

08-31-2018, 07:50 AM
Rainmaker might be Assasin by nature but not by class just to clarify....


What do you mean?

08-31-2018, 12:50 PM
I would definitely go with Doomsday Eddie. His damage is well worth it. Looking at your list I would pair him with Osiris , Sentinel Lillith and Horus with the Eternal set. You could use GPD for heals but Osiris can heal and Doomsday can heal pretty well if need be but I almost always use Doomsday for pure damage. Sentinel Lillith will also help with heals on passive as well as putting perfect Corruption on pesky Magus Lilliths with Destiny. I prefer Strike Talisman on Osiris with Energy as he can steal and heal with counter plus revive if the opponent has Immunity which most builds have in the current meta. Horus spot is flexible in that you can use the GPD with the passive to slow damage since you have no blocker or you could use ACR as his passive can help lower the opponent defense. You have some good options but it will really fall on your talismans, relics and luck as always.

08-31-2018, 03:28 PM
Thanks for the advice guys!

Horus spot is flexible in that you can use the GPD with the passive to slow damage since you have no blocker or you could use ACR as his passive can help lower the opponent defense. You have some good options but it will really fall on your talismans, relics and luck as always.

Sorry for my ignorance but... What do you mean with GPD and ACR ?? :confused:

As for the talismans there's nothing I can do untill more options come out in next events, and btw, I will get phantom talismas with gauntlet AAA rank reward.

Relics I have global health at LV 8 , and single class health Lv 2, which I aim to level up these days before dmg and def relics.

infinite dreamer
08-31-2018, 03:42 PM
They're just abbreviations. GPD = Golden Pharaoh Dog and ACR = Assassin Corrupt Rescuer.

08-31-2018, 04:51 PM
Always choose a new 4 star Eddie over old, old 5 star Eddies. The 4 stars are overpowered and put the old 5 stars to shame. The main thing to remember in this "game" is that the last 5 characters released (especially Eddies or "specials" like Lilith/Gods etc) will be WAY more powerful than ANY previously released character.

The only time weaker characters are released is during those "farm LOL for a 4 star character" events.

08-31-2018, 05:03 PM
The last couple of 4 star Eddies are stronger than most 5 stars, Doomsday and Iron both severe and the Bregg one also tough. You should power Doomsday because of overall versatility. My Rainmaker team is great but I really need to be driving in order for me to make use of his power. AI does no justice and as Rags pointed out is not a popular choice in PVP, even though he has lost to my Rainmaker team on several occasions. My Rainmaker team is in the +90% win bracket with Shadow talismans and a perfect hit granting ally running immunity talismans to counter the ever present Prisoner with Primordials. This setup works better if I do not go first and get power so the Stab skill removes 4 effects including yellow, then I get another turn to use Darkness which has a 35% chance for another turn. Each of these hits is pulling hi 5 figure to 6 figure damage. Basically kicking ads. Defense has been acceptable but perhaps a Doomsday team yields better numbers? 4859

02-28-2019, 11:55 PM
I don't have Doomsday Eddie, but I do have a few troopers who let me use him so I'm somewhat familiar with his abilities. From my limited experience using him, I have to admit he's probably the stronger of the 2, but I'm a huge fan of Rainmaker Eddie as he was my main guy for arena fights until I got Hallowed and Breeg Eddie, but I still use him for many battles depending on the team I'm attacking. As such I'd like to point out the benefits I've seen in Rainmaker, aside from the obvious high damage.

•He has extremely high ATK/MAG stats, which means if you don't have Eclipse talismans you can use 6 Resilience talismans to give him a reasonable amount of health without having to sacrifice damage <-- this might be his greatest advantage

•His fury move deals devastating damage, especially if there are a few marks on the target, plus puts shroud on your whole team
•He has an inexplicably high Special stat and gain extra turns, which helps him to build up to that (potentially game-changing) fury move quickly
•His 6 power-cost move Stab can remove 4 effects including golden ones while applying permadeath, which is great to use against teams with a particularly dangerous damage/debuff dealer and one or more reviver (plus it gives him an extra turn, as Edsel pointed out)
•If you have another character that can stack a lot of marks, Rainmaker can double those marks with his Rain move (which I believe costs 5 power)
•He has a basic attack that is guaranteed to give him perfect immunity, which is nice for dealing with primordial teams, or douchebag stunners like Horus
•Another basic attack has a decent chance at turning golden effects into marks, further improving his ability to counter primordials or eternals

•His main (possibly only) weakness is that he is pretty easy to kill unless you have eclipse talismans or are able to fill your fury bar before he gets 1-shotted. Full resilience talismans or immortality help to mitigate this, but its best to have a strong reviver to back him up. I usually run him with The Clairvoyant carrying destiny talismans to keep him up, and The Alchemist carrying avenger talismans to make it difficult for enemies to apply permadeath