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09-10-2018, 07:13 PM
hello everyone, I was wondering if there's such option ... to auto-play the PVP
I don't have the auto-replay button or maybe I'm not doing something right.. can someone help me?
I read that 'who has time to play 300 battles' etc, which is true. I'm a new player and in the latest arena rewards I did have to literally play over 400 battles to get those x2 shards every 100. It's really tiring and it's not like I win every game. I lose countless times as well..

09-10-2018, 09:49 PM
See here:


But you really need the "latest and greatest" characters full powered.

As for auto-play as in it just runs through match after match automatically, no. That doesn't exist. You still have to pick the matches. The think about PvP is that is has ALWAYS rewarded the players with the most resources. If you have a ton of relics, full powered characters, all of them full of skill shards, you generally get the upper rewards. So the best, get the best. It's always been unevenly weighted that way. If you are a new player, then I'd really jsut focus on wins and only fighting teams you think you have a chance against, and that means refreshing the list every 30 minutes to get a few weaker teams to fight rather than trying to clear the list.

The key is to never have a character in your PvP team (ATK or DEF) that is lower than level 100 5 star.. and they should always have full skill shards... and when possible full powered 5 star talismans as well. Anything less than this and it's jsut a matter of cherry picking teams you can beat and avoiding the characters/teams you know you can't.

Eventually, you get the more powerful characters, and have enough skill shards... etc. and things progressively get easier. One thing about this 'game' is teh power creep.. newer character are often more powerful than existing characters... newer talisman sets are often more beneficial than older talisman sets, etc.

09-14-2018, 07:40 AM
thanks for the tips :)
I've wasted tons of heroic souls and ironites and I only got 3stars and 2 4stars (nothing special)..
you need a lot of luck to get the good material