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09-15-2018, 03:01 PM

I have just started here and have few questions if someone can help out :-

1. In PvP/Gauntlet arena -how is it decided to go first -like when battle start who will go first -me or opponent ?
is it according to the class advantage or who has better relics will go first ?
Cause in gauntlet -sometimes i got my whole team stunned in start so cant do much.

2. I cant go above rank 2000 in arena pvp -cause of opponents have gods & high relics.
Is there any way to get osiris or any other god now ?
Also where to get good relics like destiny,eternal ??

3. Which character stat to be increased for true damage ?
For eg,- i have golden pharaoh dog- he does true damage as basic attack so which talisman i should add on him ?

My id is - astro-8030


09-15-2018, 06:01 PM
1 - Pure coin flip. 50-50 chance. There's no rhyme or reason to it beyond pure chance. (Although it does seem at times some teams always get to go first)

2- Some characters are available with Frontier Coins (Osiris, Asset, Liliths, etc). You can collect Frontier coins in various ways. Currently, the only character which is actually unavailable is The Beast. After the current event, it's my understanding Daedalus will also be unavailable everywhere. So, barring those two characters, you can get everyone else via soul drops, fragments, or frontier coins.

You seem to be confusing relics with talismans.

Relics are available in the Arena Store for iron coins. Relics are essentially "invisible" once they are purchased. There's no direct stat change or "effect" that shows the presence relics. You merely see the benefits of relics when fighting. i.e you hit harder, you have more HP, etc.

Some talisman can also be purchased in the Arena store with iron coins. And some talismans are available in the Trooper Store for trooper badges (Destiny, Steel, etc) However, some talisman sets are currently unavailable such as Primordial, Eternity, Future, Necropolis, etc. You'll merely have to wait for these to be offered again. Some sets are offered as Gauntlet rewards which cycle to different sets when the Gauntlet resets.

3 - True damage uses some combination of BOTH the ATK and MAG stats. Increase one or both and the true damage will increase. Look at the character skills and see what the "damage increases based upon..." states. That's the stat that will be most helpful to increase. i.e. The Prisoner deals true damage, but the damage increases based upon his MAG stat.. so boosting MAG increases his damage.

09-15-2018, 09:48 PM
Thank you for detailed answer .
I sort of got confused with talisman & relic,you are right ;)

Again i have Questions if you dont mind -

1. How to get frontier coins ?
there is nothing mentioned for frontier coins.

2.As current sacrifice event - what is the best way to do sacrifice ?
like make every character to 5* fully levelup for it or 4* is ok as its hard to do 5* for me ?

3. For PvP i m using this :-

Beast Eddie +Daedalus + prisoner +Green Mayan princess(cause of steal +counter) .
I also have various Eddies,Blue & Green Lilith(both seems to die quick ),nomad etc..

Any suggestions for improvement or any talisman to get which are available in stores or doable?
you can check my ID - astro-8030

09-15-2018, 11:53 PM
For every Eternal / Trooper / Lilith soul you open in the BOS (Book of Souls) you get 100 FCs (Frontier coins). They are also available from different achievements in the Gauntlet.

Best way to do sacrifices in this event (like in almost all events) is throwing in 20k+ or 50k+ essence as you only get event souls from those sacrifices. Ofc you can also do lower sacrifices. The rewards are shown on the upper sacrifce screen. For best tactics to sacrifice characters you may take a look here:


It does make no sense to upgrade a character to the next star level only for sacrifice, cause the shards needed are way too valuable and the amount of increased essence you get from it is just not worth it. Nevertheless I try to level up 4* and 5* star characters, mostly by using them on daily auto replay in cosmos worlds, as much as possible to Level 80/ 100, cause that gives more essence for sacrifce.

09-16-2018, 12:03 AM
Daedalus suppose to be added to heroic soul cycle...

Ancient Mariner
09-16-2018, 12:20 PM
Hi astro,
if you tap on the frags, it tells you useful info about them, like how and where to get them etc..

For every Eternal / Trooper / Lilith soul you open in the BOS (Book of Souls) you get 100 FCs (Frontier coins). They are also available from different achievements in the Gauntlet.

Let me add that you get FC also from opening Alchemist souls (at least that's what the description in the game says).

09-18-2018, 01:57 AM
I haven't been paying attention ,was busy .
Today i followed the guide and did Tier VII Sacrifice -2 times and got Icarus as well,rest were trash.
pretty much satisfied with it.
Thank you for the help.