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09-19-2018, 12:52 AM
According to Twitter: "Swap hoarded souls for high value rewards"

Will it be worth it..?

09-19-2018, 01:15 AM
The image shows 3 itens being sold by a new currency, some kind of blue cristal.

Then I guess:

And IF, and there is a big if, the event will be about swap souls (all kind) for this special e limited time currency, whose the only use will be to purchese those 3 itens posted on twitter.

One of these itens could be The Beast.

09-19-2018, 01:55 AM
To me, those crystals appear to be regular and rare souls. IMO, you'll trade a certain number of each for a specific item. G/A souls may not be eligible to use...4888

09-19-2018, 02:01 AM
not everyone falls for the Facebook "give us all your data, your family, your friends, your interests, so we can sell it" model :)

09-19-2018, 02:03 AM
Good thing this is on Twitter then... :rolleyes:

09-19-2018, 02:16 AM
Is it for the new 4 star warrior eddie ?

09-19-2018, 02:17 AM
Good thing this is on Twitter then... :rolleyes:

yeah.. like that's any different :)