View Full Version : I found a potent combination.

09-22-2018, 08:56 PM
Okay, I believe I found a team in PvP that works very well against most other teams. Rainmaker Eddie (Shadow and Advantage Talismans), Horus (Eternity Talismans), Osiris (Strike and Blind Talismans), and Sentinel Lilith (any set of talismans works with her, but I use Assassin and Energy). This works against most teams, and here's the strategy. 1.) Use Rainmaker's past ability to gain Perfect Immunity and (hopefully) proc the Advantage Talismans. 2.) Keep Osiris and Rainmaker Ed alive until the next round at all costs (typically what I use Horus for since he can stun all enemies at full skill shards pretty often). 3.) Due to Osiris' passive, the Critical Chance will become 100% critical chance, meaning Rainmaker's attacks will be dealing double damage 100% of the time and also will be charged (which I don't know the exact amount of damage it increases by, but still). Rainmaker, with this, can easily begin striking down every enemy one after another. 4.) If you feel like your win is threatened, use Rainmaker's fury. It will grant shroud to the full team for the duration of the battle, making it extremely difficult to kill your team unless facing off against a Piece of Mind Eddie, in which case you should use Horus' fury.

This works very well for me, save for a few teams that cause some issues, but overall I just wanted to share the strategy.