View Full Version : Game Update - October 2nd, 2018

10-02-2018, 07:49 PM
A monthly update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

New Performance Settings
Added new performance setting to Settings menu in our Options screen. This can be used to ensure that the game runs at 60fps on high end devices (iPhone 7 and equivalent and above).

This will give the game a smoother visual feel. Running the game at 60fps will use your battery a little quicker than before so you can toggle the feature off in the aforementioned settings menu, or leave it on automatic which will turn off the feature as your battery gets low.

Character Tuning
See full details in the October 2018 Turning Post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?10808-October-2018-Tuning-PRELIMINARY).

Connectivity Communication

Added connectivity feedback during story quests.
Added messaging to distinguish between server and device connectivity problems.

Arena Improvements

Fixed issue where Arena teams would be overwritten by Campaign and Dungeon teams after encountering an inventory full message.
Arena reset game notifications are now fully localized.

Gauntlet Improvements

Fixed confusing problem where progress bar would animate when not filling up.
Fixed an exploit to the no duplicates restriction in Gauntlet.
Fixed issue where completed grade rewards sometimes populate the next grade.
Updated the display of player’s name in the Gauntlet leaderboard to match the Arena.
Improved matchmaking to encourage more variety in teams, especially at higher tiers.
Leaderboard sorting bug fixes.
Troopers tab in the Rankings section now populates reliably.

Store Improvements

Corrected the order of characters in Frontier Store.
Switching tabs is now more responsive.
Slight improvement to speed at which store opens for the first time on a new game boot.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

VFX fixes for Newborn of Light (Gunner) and Golden Son (Magus, Warrior, Assassin).
Fixed hang backing out to the cosmos after testing defense in PvP.
Fix for issue where player rank repeats on rank up instead of incrementing.
Fix for issue where player rank is stuck at 99.
Fix to ensure that all tiers display in the sacrifice rewards window.
Fix to prevent players becoming stuck if losing connectivity during the Book of Souls tutorial.
Fixed one issue where the music would drop out when too many sound effects play simultaneously.
iPhoneX performance improvements.

Book of Souls Changes
Fragment Event Characters Added to the Book of Souls character pool:

4⭐ Hellhound (Assassin)
4⭐ Corrupt Droid (Magus)

Known Issues:
Each player's Gauntlet Rank is currently displaying their Trooper Rank, rather than proper leaderboard standings. Our servers are correctly tracking this information, the display is simply pulling the wrong information.

We plan to release a patch to solve this issue.