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10-27-2018, 09:11 PM
A couple of weeks ago Woody asked me some questions about the arena, he let me know he was not that intested in finishing in the high ranks on a regular basis that the time and effort involved for him was not worth it. But he'd like to finish high just once to see what's it's like.

Well I don't know what happened inbetween but there ain't no one gonna stand in his way this week!
It's a few hours early but Congrats Woody what an awesome effort! Not only have you become an eternal but you have joined just a few in the 10K club.
You're defence team is certainly a force to be reckoned with, how far you have come in just a few short weeks.
Congrats also go to Gremlin & Stormseye too (Simex right on your ass but you should be right).

What do you think now Woody? I am really curious that must have been an enormous time consuming effort and ironite consuming too, would you do it on a regular basis? I have never finished 1st or 2nd but the time involved in keeping even a third place rank, for me the times I've managed it was quite stressful.
Always having to watch my rank, how close the next below me is etc I'm just happy with a top 25 spot more often than not.

Still on Arena has anyone become annoyed with the times for e.g Magis Lillith gets an invincibility buff and all your team is left with multiple goes that must be played but will have absolutely no effect?
I think there needs to be a forfeit turn button in an obscure spot on the screen to let the came return to the defence team, it's such a time wasting exercise playing out all those mute attack moves if you can't steal or remove the buff... even worse if you have echo effects or M Lillith turns that have to be played out...

Has anybody else encountered this?

10-27-2018, 09:21 PM
Wow, congrats Woody! And thanks rags for being always recognizing the work and effort of ohers :)

10-27-2018, 10:23 PM
I cannot say any better what you have stated Rags. Congrats to everyone who pushes themselves for the sake of achievement as we are all well aware the rewards are of little value.

I will add two words for your Magus distresses though.Wide Arc. It has been key to defeating many a solid, albeit common, defensive build. Once the Magus is removed you can destroy the team little by little.

10-27-2018, 10:33 PM
Wide Arc? Who carries that? I know I should know that but ....

10-28-2018, 03:42 AM
Hey thanks Rags I just saw this post. I had some time on my hands and needed something fun to focus on. I also had the ironite to buy SOW and I donít mind supporting this game because it really is fun. (I think the reason itís called Eternal is because it feels like youíre literally in the arena for an eternity). :)

Seriously though i had a lot of fun but I couldnít do that again. At least not planning on it any time soon. If I had to guess Iíd say I averaged approx 5-6 HOURS a day and about 200 or so battles a day playing the arena. It was engrossing and was a valuable escape for me at a time when I need it for personal reasons.

The rewards given for the weekly winner are cool but not super important.

The iron coins I earned to buy relics were nice.

But I guess I really just tried to see if I could place first for a week just to see if I could do it. Iím not an idiot or anything but Iím not really a great gamer or strategist like some players here (Stormseye for example) I didnít know that much about strategy a few weeks ago so I asked for advice. I stuck with just 2 defense/attack teams and just used them as best as I could situationally.

I never felt any stress about keeping the first place spot. In fact it helped me de-stress to play and was a welcome time killer. I donít think Iíll play pvp nearly as much for awhile but Iíll still play the game and of course always use my troopers.

Thanks again for the shout out Rags! Itís always nice to feel like youíre accepted by a great group of people like the ones on this forum.


10-28-2018, 04:26 AM
Yep it's the only game I play too, I never got into the whole PS4/Xbox thing, too many buttons too many button combo's to learn and it's not Iron Maiden related.
I have played other play/pay to win games on the phone but never gave up any dollars for them. LOTB to me is justifiable expense for the escapism and fun and most of all the fantastic bunch of people I find myself yacking with on the forums and battling with in the arena (in a sense anyway).

10-28-2018, 08:49 AM
Unfortunately the forfeit turn button would add a whole other dimension of strategy its not a light thing, skipping your turn or just part of your turn is actually a huge benefit in some fights. Just run it on autoplay if it gets tiring lol

Are people still having a lot of trouble with M Lilith though, I only run Breeg most of the time anymore his power skill basically neuters her instantly and is a free turn so try that

10-28-2018, 08:51 AM
Wide arc is Hallowed if no one else said it

10-28-2018, 09:01 AM
Congrats Woody :)

10-28-2018, 11:34 AM
Woody-great effort. More invested than I have ever done. I finished 9 once, no where near 10k club like some of my troopers. Last week I did 7 arena battles, only 1 a day for reward. Gauntlet appeals to me more now.

I know a couple of my troopers relate to this. Lucky for me I can play this game many hours each day for escape fantasy. Married to a bitch I dont get along with and 2 teenage kids-yeah I have reasons to crave escape. A boring as fuck job than I am so grateful for allowing me to sit in my office and after the 1 or 2 hours of work I can spend lots of quality, distraction free time switching talismans and strategize Gauntlet battles.

Woody-I have a snoozer on my trooper list I will boot and am sending you a request now if you still got space. Up the Irons!

10-29-2018, 11:18 AM
Well done to all the arena folks who battle for the top spots - it shows commitment that is for sure. Maybe one day I can find time to do it but farming and an hour a day is about all I can fit in most of the time - but it's fun mostly and crtainly not stressful which is the way it needs to be for me as not playing somethign I dont enjoy....well done to all current, past and future arean podiums