View Full Version : Game Update - October 30th, 2018

10-30-2018, 07:05 PM
A monthly update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

Quality Settings Feature

Fixed missing button text in the quality settings in the options menu.
Fixed problem where the Low setting would be incorrectly highlighted when the mode is set to automatic.
Solved text not appearing in non-English languages.

Character Tuning
See full details in the November 2018 Turning Post (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?10896-November-2018-Tuning-PRELIMINARY).

Connectivity Communication

Connectivity indicator will now appear while game content is downloading additional content.
Improved connection recovery during campaign and dungeon battles.
Fixed missing strings in some server errors that can occur in the Cosmos.

Arena Improvements

Fixed a number of game freezes, often also causing a black screen.
Fixed an issue where opponents are being incorrectly displayed as Acolyte III and impacted reward calculations.
Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck in the Arena HUB screen after testing their defense.

Store Improvements

Fixed multiple problems with the store in the Book of Souls tutorial.
Fixed a bug where sometimes 3 star Evo Runes in packs would display as 2 star before purchase.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed an issue where Relics may not have displaying properly when inspecting characters in battle.
Fixed issue where Rock Golem may not appear in battle in tutorial.
Fixed a bug where players were not correctly warned about their talisman inventory being full, sometimes incorrectly mentioning that the player needs an Eddie to battle.
Solved another bug causing players to repeatedly earn the same rank rather than progressing.
Bug fixes to ensure that new data is received by players when pushed live.
Fixed visual problem where Visions Eddie, Baroness Redan and all Liliths would disappear during battle wave transitions.
Addressed more circumstances where audio is likely to cut out due to multiple sound effects playing simultaneously.
Optimization pass on all basic attack visual effects for better game performance.
Cyborg Eddie’s visual effects have been improved.
Carriage Rider Eddie’s scythe no longer clips through his cape.

Book of Souls Changes
Fragment Event Characters Added to the Book of Souls character pool:

4⭐ Allied Soldier (Warrior)