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11-02-2018, 06:53 PM
Reasons That Are Slowly Killing The Game

First and foremost this sudden projectile vomiting of new characters every month. Six new characters in the Blade of the Samurai event alone.
YES we are not stupid. We understand perfectly well that you are trying to make money with new characters, with power-up bundles to level characters up, talisman sets and bundles to max those out...But it has already been stated that there are not enough of those being sold (Was no need to fire Spartan...as I said we're not stupid..us players DO talk to one and another..we already knew that a lot of players are not throwing down money on the game) So why continue to flood the game with new characters ?

Another thing that makes flooding the game with new characters a mistake is the fact that the percentage of actually pulling 4 and 5 star characters are extremely low to begin with, never mind pulling event characters. Therefore players that can't get the new powerhouse characters are left behind, never mind those that work jobs, have families to take care of and therefore are forced to take breaks from the game and are not as active.

Which leads into another point that is slowly killing the game.

The game has become more and more geared towards players that can afford to be as active...children...when in all honesty a large percentage of the demographic is adults. Those die hard fans that have followed them throughout their career. As I stated before, those adults have jobs to work, bills to pay, families to support and therefore can't remain as active as school kids.

Yet another thing that is slowly killing the game, is that there is nothing worth doing for us old farts that have been with the game for them start.
We've done cleared the Cosmos, Time Rift, Missions, knocked out huge chunks of the Achievements (Some of the rewards for the achievements are a complete joke) so there isn't a whole lot left to keep us interested. There is nothing to pull us back towards replaying the levels and worlds we completed so long ago. The events are now a grind-fest, working towards goals that offer little to no payoff for the extreme amount of effort. The Arena is pretty much broken...There are huge power spikes in the A.I. causing weaker A.I. controlled teams to take down a players fully skilled, maxed talismans and relic heavy teams. (I once had a 3 star Mummy Eddie completely destroy my team...and Yes I ALWAYS check enemies relics...was NO account for that much power) Glitches in the Arena where Talisman effects are triggering for characters that both do NOT have those abilities themselves OR enough talisman slots for that many effect combos...example..a Beast Eddie that has Shroud from Eclipse talismans, and yet also has buffs being triggered like it also has Destiny or Primordial talismans equipped.

And to some extent the same thing is happening in the Gauntlet

Speaking of which..there is the Gauntlet it's self. Great addition...up to a point. From the start it was and is geared towards players that have hundreds of characters in their collection. Players that are just starting out, or the causal player which makes up a large part of the demographic is completely left behind. They have to look forward to months on end grinding for characters from souls, and even longer grinding to evolve and level those characters out, PLUS collect and max out tons of talisman combos before they even have a hope of taking the Gauntlet on.

Now lets go back to the Arena. Besides needing a serious overhaul because of the bugs, glitches and strange power spikes (We're not fools..we know the A.I. is getting boosts, both in stats, buffs and debuffs) We know for a fact there is manipulation going on in both the points and rank system. A player grinds hard after weekly reset to climb higher in both points and rank and sometime during mid week they're dropped drastically in their standing ! And this happens in the space of finishing one battle and starting the next ! Then to is the fact of the points manipulation for those top 3 to 5 players getting bonus points for having finished the week in that rank positions....making it damn near impossible for other players to catch up and compete.
There is also the huge gap between Duelist & Warlord ! A Player may gain huge amounts of points, but doesn't climb any higher then Duelist in rank, or the flip-side they somehow climb higher in rank without the points to breach and finish in Warlord !

Now lets move on to the "Grind" Yes Auto-Replay is a great addition to the game. But with event goals as they are now, the sudden flood of new characters...never mind trying to grind to work on your resources or collection of characters, be it a small or large collection...has become not only overwhelming, but also extremely boring. There was a time not so long ago when this wasn't the case ! When players had the time even during events, to both grind for their resources and work on their characters. Now days that is not the case...players are forced to choose between the extreme event grind or the grind for resources, character & Talisman building.

11-02-2018, 06:54 PM

Now lets move on to the long term grind for the Eternity, Gods, Lilith's, and Alexander Eddie.
Yes we get that these are meant to be long term goals...but what isn't understood on your end of things is the fact not every account acts and behaves them same across the board.
Lets take the Lilith characters shall we ? It was and is meant to be a long term goal, stretched throughout multiple events in order to earn just one Lilith. BUT because the drop rates are not consistent across the board to all accounts, a lot of players can end up earning two sometimes three Lilith's in just one event, while others are having to do multiple events like it is meant to be in order to earn just ONE Lilith.
Therefore the long term goals for grinding and saving Frontier Coins in order to earn the Gods of Powerslave, any Lilith's a player might lack, or even Alexander Eddie are not only excessive...they're not consistent across the board to all accounts.

And consistency is something this game sorely lacks. It needs to be consistent to all players across the board. Lets take "Player A" this player is always lucky, the player have consistent drops for resources, as in talismans, Ironite, Skill Shards, Rare and Legendary Souls be it from sacrifices and Skull Quests, has consistent pulls for earning 4 and 5 star characters.
"Player B" on the other hand no matter how much time is spent grinding away, hardly ever earns those resources. This player hardly ever earns the 4 and 5 star characters for the different souls...and has NEVER earned an Event Character during an Event..and "Player B" has been a player from day one of the game.

And this consistency leads me straight into my next to last point.
Lately the game is loosing the balance between consistent, yet fair and challenging game play.
There needs to be a challenge in the game...that is something we all can agree on...but lately with some of the Events, Limited-Time Dungeons, ect ect the deck is being stacked in the favor of the A.I. making it go far beyond challenging to just outright to hard.
Over the course of gaming history I have known many, many games have had their released dates pushed back because the developers were finding it hard to get the right consistency in game play...to where it was still challenging to the player, but not overwhelmingly stacked in the A.I.'s favor !

And the last thing that I want to point out that is slowly killing the game is this.
Yes..we all can agree that game needs to make money. If for no other reason then to pay those that run the game, but also to make sure the game is still around a year from now, or two years from now.
But the prices on the extra content is excessive in the extreme.
It's simple marketing...You charge less, you sell more, then more you sell, the more you make.
Yes it has been pointed out that the game is only following the example of other mobile app games...that being said, just because everyone else is jumping off a bridge, doesn't mean one has to do it also !
Take console games. A Player only has to throw down $40 to $60 on a one time purchase of said game, and then they are set...almost all resources, earnable characters, and equipment is pre-packaged within the the game. IF the player wants to purchase the extra downloadable content they can usually purchase that content individually for far less then the price of one content bundle on this game...or they can purchase a "Season Pass" for $30 to $40 and have ALL extra content that is available for said console game.
What is not being understood by those behind this game is the simple fact that why should us players have to throw down cold hard earned cash in such excessive amounts over and over again to get resources and new characters, to compete at top level in the game....when in all honesty...this game is NOT going to be around years from now !
Think about that....a gamer can throw down money on a console game, and they have that game for as many years as they have the console on which to play it on (plus any extra content purchased) compared to a mobile app game that is only good for the amount of time the game can be kept up and running.

Gamers are not fools...we've been at this for long periods of time...we've seen the best and the worse come and go. We've seen where and how some games, be they mobile app or console games have succeeded and others have failed. We've both seen and been through the great console wars...we all know just where and how some of those consoles either succeeded or failed.
We as a community are trying the best we can to help make this the best game it can be ! We are loudly telling those behind the game, just what both us and this game needs in order succeed !

So please...listen to us !

We're all not a bunch of whinny, vulgar, people complaining just to complain ! A lot of us do know what we are talking about.
All of us are not saying what we are saying all the time because we think you are all a bunch of evil developers, that can never do right an win in our eyes. We all do appreciate the hard work you guys have put in the game...NEVER forget that ! We are all just trying to help you the best that we can...sure...some people are not as articulate in this regard as others...but in the end...that is all we're trying to do !

So again, please...listen to us !

I know for a fact that sometimes you guys do in fact listen to some of us. Some of the ideas I have personally pitched to you guys have in fact showed up in the game ! And I take great personal pride in that fact that in some small way, I have contributed to the continued growth of this game based on a band I dearly love !

Thank you, for both your time and effort put into this game, and for the time spent reading what I have to say !
It is much appreciated !
Much love and respect !
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11-02-2018, 07:29 PM
they can't think for themselves folks!

11-02-2018, 08:50 PM
they can't think for themselves folks!

Lmao 😆😆😆 😆😆😆

11-03-2018, 12:33 AM
I agree that the prices should be lowered and the sales more limited to keep items or whatever from saturating the game. I like facing characters I donít have with talismans I donít have etc. Itís fun. What I donít like is to be beaten over and over by said character/talisman combos with no chance to win like youíre saying happens to you.

They might work to somehow (at least slightly) narrow the gap between the paying players and players that donít pay. Theyíd still make money and the game would be more fun for everyone. But money talks so I donít know if thatís going to happen.

11-14-2018, 02:06 PM
Be careful what you wish for. "Fair and balanced" often times turns into boring really fast. I prefer to have some up-hill battles from time to time.

11-29-2018, 05:39 AM
LOTB is "pay-A LOT-to-win". Hehehe But i like it. Hahahaha