View Full Version : Suggestion about assassin characters

The Educated Fool Gr
08-27-2016, 01:18 AM
Hello Troopers!

My team mainly consists of a maxed Soldier Eddie, a maxed Blue allied soldier and the green allied bomber boy or the green dog of war. I've had no luck having any special characters so I'm now focusing on developing a red pharaoh sun spirit. But the purple runes and evo shards... I've literally stacked up hundreds of them so I'm tempted to develop an assassin ally as well. Please tell me your suggestions about which one I should develop and his optimal talisman set. My options are:

Artillery Dog
Newborn of light
Soulless Demon
Death Dog
Axis bomber boy

Thanks in advance!

08-27-2016, 09:59 AM
Caveat: I have a bunch of purple characters but not those ones so I can only go by what I've played with from troopers.

I'd go for the Soulless Demon