View Full Version : Hot Fix - December 10, 2018

12-10-2018, 09:57 PM
Hello everyone,

We've just released a hotfix to both Android and Apple. This update should be appearing in your App/Google Play store over the next day or so.

Download this update when it appears to address the following issues:

Fix for Skulls totaling incorrectly.

We discovered that some players had an inflated amount of Skulls on their accounts, making it look as though the account was qualified to access the Night City Skull Quests. Essentially, previously released dungeons which had Skulls that should not have counted towards the overall Skull total were being counted (i.e. Skulls earned from Limited Time Dungeons). This fix will ensure only Skulls earned through the regular campaign are being counted. Please note that due to this, some players may see a drop in their Skull total.
Fix for UI issues on iPhone X devices
Fix for selling Talismans earned from Satellite 15

12-10-2018, 10:55 PM
I have just updated the list of fixes contained within this hotfix.

Please note that we previously stated the fix for the Talisman and Character Slot expansion bug was in this release. This was not correct. The fix for this bug has not yet been released. We will update you when a solution for this bug is available.