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01-15-2019, 04:39 AM
Well.. its no destiny

destiny still out perform Fortune set at the moment after quite a few pvp tests

Fortune's mitgation doesn't hold up on a blocker unless the blocker has another damage mitigating set(shell).

Outside of blocking but in terms of team sustain and mitgation Oracle is better than Fortune

destiny already posess 20% reduction (for the whole team might i add) compared to the 40% of Fortune so the advantage of Fortune is quite low compared to Destiny

sure fortune perform well aginst multi hits, but destiny perform EVEN better aginst multi hits

the only niche is reduce pressure on blocker if player does not posess oracle talismen which does slightly better job than fortune in this reguard

I think the Fortne set should be changed to a 3 set and maybe reduce the damage reduction to 30% and heal to 3% to compensate

few fun ideas can be build upon a 3 set such as using 2 fortunes can result in 60% reduction and 6% healing making a tanky pure blue talismen set (would make it better than Oracle in single character tankiness suituation but Oracle better for team sustain)

or fortune + sacrifice set for a solid first turn blocker with weaker but consistant sustain (but less powerful) compared to destiny

01-15-2019, 11:20 AM
Was thinking about getting a set but I have a lot of detiny now so maybe wont bother - also got three sets (maybe 2) of Oracle so OK with that. Anyone else tried them out?

01-15-2019, 11:35 PM
I personally think getting 1 set is okay but donít bother with the 2nd set that u can get in the bundle with the power talismans unless you donít own a power set.

With 2 set I can see it as a fuel for warlord talismans, but destiny and sustain does the same

Only the 35% cleanse is the unique trait- but itís not the most reliable thing in the universe

01-16-2019, 06:42 PM
Does the 40% mitigation apply to all allies or just the wearer? I have a set but have not had time to test them. They may work better when paired with Sustaining though. I have tested Oracles vs Destiny on my Madam several times and I always go back to Destiny. The damage mitigation is just better from my experience. When facing FFE/KP damage the Oracle ally just can't handle the magnitude while the Destiny can mitigate and provide some buffer with Defensive effects. In addition KP will usually

If the damage mitigation from Fortune is only applied to the wearer do they also benefit if there is a set of Destiny in the group? We know that in general only the highest mitigation will apply if it covers all allies but if this set only applies to the wearer will it stack?

01-17-2019, 03:30 PM
The 40% is wearer only so destiny definitely is better as a 4 set.

Iím no longer talking about just talisman vs Fortune set anymore tho. Iím trying to find what makes this talisman worth while and so far it does not out perform destiny in any field what so ever

And as for if they are good with sustain talismans ? no they do not out perform destiny+sustain.

I also tried fortune on blocker and destiny on my Madam. I would still get obliterated by KP on second turn anyways. So itís always better for blocker to wear destiny because u may stop the damage if ur lucky and if wearer is wearing destiny then madam should wear oracle to provide health buff for blocker.

For a general case Itís possible for madam to wear fortune and have it heal blocker she gets hit, But itís not as significant 1.5kcrit heal. And because ur losing the health buff for ur whole team which can mitigate the damage better for the whole team not in the case of dealing with KP but I will elaborate.

As for the case of killer prime because he removes effect... he deals too much damage anyways. Ur best blocker interaction against him is either using a sacrifice set blocker instead and have eternity talisman on another to filter through the damage ur gonna take because the effect removal passive on KP does not remove golden effects on first turn(i tested this). Or just hope destiny proc force/titan/invuln anyways. In this case having oracle with madam is still better because oracleís heal is bigger- if ur blocker didnít die ur team get healed more and if blocker is dead then it wouldnít matter anyways.

More on Oracle talisman- if you desiide to add a Orsiris in ur team then oracle talisman way out perform the fortune set

In fact I think sacrifice + the new tower talisman will be a great combo on a pure green blocker (desert guardian, guard dog) if u wanna take on KP teams itís a sure fire way to survive first turn wipe.

For now I think fortune set is the sustain talisman for the heal+warlord set interaction for blue slot toons. It donít have the raw toughness of tankiness of sustain talisman but has better offensive effect generation if ur toon is gonna get targeted.

01-19-2019, 01:48 AM
I have tested Oracles vs Destiny on my Madam several times and I always go back to Destiny.

I think Oracle was designed specifically for the magus samurai chick. They came out at the same time IIRC (or at least their events did) and as far as I know nobody else gets team-wide benefits from increased health the way she does. Oracle can probably be good on other characters, but I have a hard time imagining it being worth sacrificing all 6 slots on anyone else.

01-19-2019, 04:03 AM
So with an increased 65% damage reduction, does it change the equation?

01-22-2019, 03:56 AM
personally i think 50-60% would be enough but 65 is a bit nifty

because i have not done legit calculation on how shields work but if my gusess are correct: this game reduce multiplictively and
for example:

we assume both destiny and fortune is present on the team and calculate damage after defence and resist

FFE hit for 20k dmg to all your team member (pertty decent hit on a magnus)
fortune reduce this damage to 7k (65%)
team has another member with destiny reduce the damage further to
5.6k (20%)
and then you heal back around 5% of your max hp (we gonna assume you have 30k health so you heal 1.5k)

so you suffered 5.6k x4 damage and healing 1.5k*4

you have taken 16.4k damage

lets do a fun calculation of something like Killer Prime hitting this team?

KP deal lets say~ 5.5kphys 5.5k magical and 9k true damage to your entire team(very generous hit assumption without any decent buffs)
the damage you would take is 22.4k damage while healing 12 times 1.5k (because triple hit)

End result: you have taken 4.5k damage

wow you just lived through FFE and KP

now lets calculate how much damage would one need to atleast deal damage to this thing
based upon 30k health (mid-tier ish relic+talisman)
the heal is 1.5k
reverse the multiplication of destiny and fortune you get:

so anything below 5.357k hits deal negetive damage to this thing?

so this is pertty much 5.4k flat damage reduction combined with a UNREMOVEABLE % reduction (81.25%) if destiny and fortune is present on team,
throw in some passives like the Madam, Assassin Banshee, GPD and then add sustain talismans and ur gonna live pertty darn well. it will be massively funny because there is absolutely no means for something like PoM to damage this thing what so ever unless craved or heal blocked hahahaha

basically. assuming myassumptionhold up, fortune+destiny interaction just went from the current 50% to the bloody hell 81.25% (you take 2.666 (this might be intentional) times less damage than the current version)

of course, if this game only take the highest reduction(i saw this thread somewhere before). then its not too bad~

01-22-2019, 04:25 AM
Zantarath, now if you want to throw a few more variables into the equation you can assume there may be at least one or more damage reduction shields. There may be a toon that has angel talisman or forbid they gain the dreaded perfect. health. Dont forget they could have MR or DEF up as a buff.

If you want to make it a little more fun, you can add negative effects such as Mark's, exhaust and burns. You can add MR and DEF down buffs. Class advantage, attack up and magic up can add to the damage as well.

You could go crazy with all the possible iterations, no wonder there can be bugs or what appears as bugs. The damage calculations are growing exponentially with all the new additions.

01-22-2019, 05:17 AM
i'm calculating the very minium mate

but in all likely hood
killing this thing in first turn is not very likely
i'm not counting on the defensive buffs because with what we are currently rolling in the arena now days non of the top toon reall play with the shield/damage reductions
in all likely hood - the destiny fortune interaction is performed by M.lilith and Madam and thus the only effect we can speak of on the current difficult defence teams are class advantgewhich does not really apply aginst FFE and KD anyways

i'm giving the resultant damage a large ish estimate because i have not come close to maxing my relics and i'm basically doing what likely would happen if i hit my self i guess?
the point of my calculating is- just like destiny, this talisman set require quite specific counterplay with the only similar part being that massive single hit damage is effective (buff block vs heal block)

also ya got removal for health/perfect health anyways

honestly i'm just glad i friggen bought a set of Fortune Talis since now that i have more options to work with~