View Full Version : Night City: The Sound of Sacrifice - Increased chance for Bass Eddie + Banshees!

01-18-2019, 12:07 AM
The second part of the Night City Mega Event has just begun! Get Shrieking Souls for an increased chance of 5* Magus Bass Eddie, and 4 Banshees from Sacrifice!

From now until January 24th, 4 PM PT, Shrieking Souls and Shrieking Soul Fragments are event rewards that appear as a bonus from Sacrifices, in addition to normal sacrifice rewards:

Tier I sacrifices have a bonus of 3 Shrieking Fragments
Tier II sacrifices have a bonus of 13 Shrieking Fragments
Tier III sacrifices have a bonus of 65 Shrieking Fragments
Tier IV sacrifices have a bonus of 180 Shrieking Fragments
Tier V sacrifices have a bonus of 3 Shrieking Souls
Tier VI sacrifices have a bonus of 5 Shrieking Souls
Tier VII sacrifices have a bonus of 8 Shrieking Souls
Vortexes have a bonus of 5 Shrieking Souls (in addition to normal Vortex rewards and normal sacrifice rewards)

The second way you can get Shrieking Souls is from the store for Ironite. These are available in 1, 3 or 10 soul bundles.

The Shrieking Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class. It also gives an increased chance of receiving Bass Eddie, and the Magus and Sentinel Banshee, as well as an EXCLUSIVE chance at earning the Gunner and Assassin Banshee.

Each Shrieking Soul summoned will also grant bonus rewards of 10 Bass Eddie Fragments, and 5 Blood Fragments.

Collecting 750 Bass Eddie Soul Fragments guarantees Bass Eddie!

Blood Soul Fragments can be used to purchase exclusive items, including debut characters and talismans, in the Specials Store for the duration of the Night City Mega Event. You can find out more in the Night City Mega-Event thread (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?11065-Night-City-Mega-Event-Info-and-Discussion).

Shrieking Souls contain the following highlights:

Exclusive Chance of:

Banshee ( 4★ Assassin) - A hybrid damage reviver that grants her allies a chance to avoid all damage when hit.

Banshee (4★ Gunner) - A powerful negative effect caster capable of removing beneficial effects from opponents that deal damage to her and inflicting devastating debuffs on the enemy team, while buff her allies.

The Assassin and Gunner Banshee are ONLY available in the Shrieking Soul. While these characters will occasionally be featured in Heroic Soul Rotations, they will NOT be added to any other Souls, making the Shrieking Soul your best shot at securing them.

Increased Chance of:

Bass Eddie (5★ Magus) - A team enhancer that removes a beneficial and golden effect from the enemy with every action and grants Perfect Accuracy Up to his allies, increasing their chance of landing effects by +50%, and Perfect Accuracy down to enemies, reducing their chance of triggering effects by 90%!

Check out more on Bass Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post. (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?11243-Bass-Eddie-(Magus-Type)).

Banshee (4★ Sentinel) - A self-reviving, tanky, party healer that can grant DEF and MR Charged buffs to her team, while removing shields and dealing enemy Max HP damage.

Banshee (4★ Magus) - A high damage ability disabler that can inflict a new debuff called “Stop”, which prevents the enemy from gaining extra turns!

These 3 characters are also earnable from all other souls that can drop a character of their specific rarity and class

SPECIAL EVENT ADDITION: For the duration of the event, there are also new event challenges based around Sacrifice. Meet the requirements to earn Final Frontier Eddie Fragments, Epic Souls, Frontier Coins and more!

Finally, we have a few deals available in the store to help with getting and gearing up Bass Eddie

We have 2 Power up deals on offer! These packs provide Ironite, a bit of gold, 5★ XP Shards, and Skill Shards to power up a new Bass Eddie, or any of the 4 Banshees!
Need an extra boost to help you get to the next Sacrifice Tier? Grab the Essence Chaser Pack! This pack contains 20 Rare Souls, Ironite, a bit of Gold, plus 5 Skill Shards!

Note: Shrieking Soul Fragments will be added to the Specials Store a few days after this event ends (keep your eyes peeled!), and will be available until the end of the Night City Mega Event.

Blood Soul Fragments will continue to drop throughout the run of the Night City Mega Events (running all winter long). We strongly recommend you hold on to these fragments. Learn more in the Night City Mega-Event thread (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?11065-Night-City-Mega-Event-Info-and-Discussion).

Because this event is part of a larger event that spans across the season, this event thread will be closed for discussion. To discuss this and future Night City events with players, see the Night City Mega-Event thread (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?11065-Night-City-Mega-Event-Info-and-Discussion).

Did you know you can double your rewards for a sacrifice? Doing a sacrifice with a higher amount of essence than the minimum required gives you a chance of getting double rewards based on how much you’ve exceeded the essence requirement. If you double the essence required for a tier, you’ll be guaranteed to get double the rewards!