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01-18-2019, 08:22 PM

Happy 2019 Troopers!

We’re dropping another State of the Nation to share some of the exciting things we’re working on for this year!

2018 was our best year yet, and saw the inclusion of our Auto-Replay system, the Gauntlet, Night City, tons of incredible new Eddies, plus a new look for the Arena to match Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast Tour which was inspired by this very game! We have plenty of exciting new content, features and events coming your way over the next 12 months that we can’t wait for you to see.

One of the major focuses this year will be on Quality of Life Improvements. Our team is planning on overhauling the Talisman Inventory and Team Management systems in future updates. We’re aiming to make these systems more welcoming to new players, easier to manage for veterans, and more informative when gearing up for battle in the various game modes.

We also plan on improving our Sacrifice system which will lead to a larger variety of rewards, as well as revamping the Arena. Currently, our planned Arena changes will see players competing in more divisions, gaining better feedback as they progress, obtaining rewards for successful defensive wins, and earning updated ranked rewards that will make the Arena competitive with Gauntlet. Speaking of Gauntlet, we will also be refining the matchmaking to reduce the chances of running into the same team setups multiple times, as well as adding more unique restrictions and rewards for the Special Tours between seasons!

Along with this, we will also be launching our in-game help catalogue (previously known as the wiki). We’re in the final stretch of putting together this specific feature. Once we’re done, players will be able search for information on specific character, talisman, and status effects with ease, which will be a great help for ability based event challenges! Here’s a little preview of what you can expect from just the surface level information on a given character’s page:

Our team is also working on improving the starting game experience. This includes introducing new difficulty levels, which will be gradually added to existing worlds, and giving the Ailing Kingdom a facelift. The Ailing Kingdom is one of the oldest sections of the game, and while we did some environment updates in early 2018, we thought the world and characters could use a little more love. This includes a full revamp of the Ailing Kingdom world map, as well as reinterpreted designs for the Wicker Cultists!

As for new additions, there is plenty on the horizon, such as Cosmic Talismans - a new type of talisman which will debut next month! Cosmic Talismans can go into any colored slot with a limit of one per character. Each of these unique talismans comes with a full Set Effect! These talismans will be featured in an upcoming event, and will allow for a lot more flexibility when it comes to character and team builds.

One of the biggest features launching this year is our Guilds System. Guilds is a new game mode that will allow players to create and personalize a Guild and face off against other Clans to compete for the power of the Gods! In this feature, we’ll be drawing from Medieval Maiden and Dark Ages lore for the theme and will also include the ability to chat in-game with other players live, in real-time.

We’re also following up on the progress we made on Silent Planet last year. This monthly resetting tower of challenges will test your team’s might and offer incredible rewards.

Both of these features are deep into development so you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming months!

Finally, the second leg of the Legacy of the Beast Tour is starting in Summer 2019. Just like last year, you can expect plenty of new tie-ins to support the tour, including tour related events and character updates.

We can’t wait to show off this and more in the coming months. Keep your eyes on the forums for all our event and feature announcements.


The Legacy of the Beast Team