View Full Version : 3rd Night City Event and Gates of Dawn

01-23-2019, 12:07 PM
Salute Troopers,
I Think with the last NC Event we will be able to buy the last Version of The Killer and Poison Cook/Gunner Convict for Blood frags.

Actually we have a Option to earn many of those Fragments. What u think, shall we try to get many frags as possible to prepared?

My thoughts is, the next Event is about buying souls.

Next is, the last january Event could be featuring a new charakter too. I want to be safe, that i have enough blood Fragments for the last NC Event and the Ironite for a new "75" Souls Event Charakter, so thinking about to sacrificing all my dupes for Fragments and safe the ironite.

Any opinions?

01-23-2019, 04:55 PM
Guys?:) what is your opinion?

01-24-2019, 03:52 AM
Guys?:) what is your opinion?

Itís always a gamble, so who knows. I never keep dupes anyways they are useless for the most part so I might be biased.

I will say this I used all my resources to get as many souls as possible during this event because I wanted KP. If another good character comes out soon for blood frags I will be SOL and I donít mean speed of light eddie.

01-24-2019, 10:37 AM
Well, I have 860 sitting waiting at the moment - I might go for more as got plenty to sack. I am hoping that there is a way to get some cool characters in the last section of the event as I am missing one or two from Night City - not got The Killer or Sentinal Banshee (got three or four of the other Banshees though!)

There is bound to be some big might character to get - this is the way the game is so no doubt there will be a new caharacter designed to nulify Assassin Banshee. I am pretty sure Gates of Dawn wil be to do with an enhanced Wickerman Ed - like the new Samurai maybe.

02-01-2019, 03:16 PM
Have just beaten madness twice in a row on auto with this team so thought I'd share.
Benjamin - serenity, guard
Icarus - holy, health, burning
Valkyrie - flash, heal
Corrupt rescuer - power, angel

Could probably tweak the talismans to improve, but maybe helpful for those without ffe, killer prime etc

02-02-2019, 04:29 PM
I win 9 out of 10 madness with
Sentinel Banshee
Magus Banshee
Assassin Hellraiser. (Auto-immunity has been key)
If not immunized still have cleanse from the magus. And the clear of silver effects (doom) by Breeg.
The sentinel event challenge was tough. I ended up doing it with Breeg, banshee, Elf of the damned and ichiyou, shenobi medic.