View Full Version : January 28th Update Loading Issue

01-29-2019, 04:22 AM
Hello Troopers. Thank you for the bug reports regarding the loading issues with today's update. We have identified the cause of these loading issues and are working on a solution.

IF YOU HAVE NOT CONNECTED YOUR APP TO FACEBOOK OR EMAIL - Please do not uninstall and reinstall. We are currently working on a hotfix that will be able to get you into the game without reinstallation.

IF YOU HAVE CONNECTED YOUR APP TO FACEBOOK OR EMAIL, please uninstall and reinstall the game to access the newest update (see update details in the newsfeed)!

Once reinstalled, you can log back into your account on the title screen:
- tap the profile icon on the bottom left (do NOT tap the Start button)
- tap 'Email Login' or 'Facebook Login'
- if you have forgotten your password, tap the 'i' icon in the password field to reset it.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REINSTALLED AND CANNOT REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN. Please contact our support team by tapping the Support button in the Settings menu, or email support@ironmaidenlegacy.com.