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02-19-2019, 06:42 PM
Assuming that the gauntlet is static for all players, I was thinking that it would be useful to post the SS/SSS chars+tals each gauntlet to make it easier to know which toons you should save for specific battles.

Can anyone confirm that the builds are the same?

SS 1: FFE, A Derby, M Lillith, Prisoner
SS 2: IME, W Lillith, Redan, Prisoner
SS 3: BBE (Guard, Flash), Charlotte (Strike, Explosive), Horus (eternal), AoS (thief)

If this is the case, I'll update this as I go; feel free to reply with opponents (and preferably talismen) if you can

02-20-2019, 12:40 PM
Teams are different for all players as far as I know! But maybe someone who is already in SS can share his opponent teams, so we know if this is still the case.

02-20-2019, 01:00 PM
You are right Blade, they are different. There have been some posts with screenshots some time ago, don’t remember which thread it was. Were wondering about this, cause it’s kind of unfair, as there should be the same conditions for everybody. And when reading some posts concerning this subject in the past, it seemed like even „older“ players couldn’t pass some Levels sometimes cause of really hard defenses, what would confirm that it is unfair. Imo devs should change it tot he same teams for everybody. Or do I miss a point in setting up such variety of teams? Maybe they want to avoid copying the defense?!?

A propos, where is Ruby? Didn’t read anything from her since she showed up ;) Maybe a good time to jump in :D

02-20-2019, 01:11 PM
Oh yes I remember that discussion. The confusion was hilarious :D "I used this and that team in fight number 3 in AAA" - "What? Makes no sense as you need a counter for that" - "For what?" - "Are you stupid?" - "show me the screenshot".... oops, different teams, end of the story ;)

In my understanding a real competition - and especially if it is about win % - is bound to the fundamental requirement that the challenges must be the same, otherwise one cannot compare results. Therefore, I hope that this will be changed some day!

02-20-2019, 02:32 PM
....how is it different teams for everybody? That is *terrible* design. Last week I almost drifted out of the top 100 because my first fight in SSS was next to impossible

02-20-2019, 03:52 PM
we have same team pool of opponent (you can tell by the names and teamcomp), but depending on your RNG, you could get more teams with FFE while i could get more teams with SSE

i just had 2 KP+FFE fight in a row in the first 2 batles of sss - it drained me hard and now this run is looking pertty tough

02-20-2019, 06:15 PM
Last week my first SSS was FFE, Ferryman, KP, M Lilith.

I beat it once, but on the next time round I failed 7 times. I relied on that hard battle stopping other people to keep me in the top 100, but I guess I was just unlucky

02-21-2019, 02:55 PM
i really hate Gauntlet more and more shitty...